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Please Help!

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Please Help!

I found your site because I just received a Zogirushi bread maker for Christmas, so I have tried your recipe. I went to three different stores to get everything and measured and figured all that I can. (really how much is a pinch and a sprinkle?) It is very dense and does not look anything like your pictures. My friend says it does not look like the yeast was activated, but I put it on top in a dent in the flour like the instructions say to do. Totally away from salt/water/etc. Any recommendations? Here is a link to some pictures:

From Tammy: There are so many variables for homemade yeast breads, I think your best recourse would be to start with using all (or mostly) bread flour or all-purpose flour rather than 100% whole wheat flour. We've done this in the past after moving or changing types of wheat, or other factors which caused failures in our 100% whole wheat bread. In my experience, geographical location can make a big difference in yeast bread results -- and working with 100% whole wheat yeast bread is the most challenging one to perfect! :)