Easy weeknight dinner: Baked Teriyaki Salmon (new recipe)

I've said that salmon is my favorite fish, and it was is. (There was that run-in I had with sea bass last year... indescribable.)

Strangely enough, one of the first indications that I was pregnant this time around was that our normal 1-2 servings of salmon per week was totally not okay with my stomach.

I suddenly could relate to someone who says "I don't like salmon". Joshua's grilled salmon, which I normally love, was stomach-turning. I'd eat one bite and then fill up on vegetables or something else.

But! We did make Baked Teriyaki Salmon that I liked, even when all other salmon was a no-go. Hey, I practice the "take at least one bite" rule we have for the children. ;)

Baked Teriyaki Salmon recipe
Teriyaki Salmon, ready to be baked

Baked Teriyaki Salmon is super easy to prepare and has a slightly sweet teriyaki flavor and lovely brown color on the outside. I love salmon + teriyaki... they go together wonderfully! And while normally I prefer salmon grilled rather than baked, I really like how this teriyaki salmon turns out in the oven. It's just as good as the grilled version (see additional notes of the recipe for grilling instructions).

If you're on top of things, you can serve Baked Teriyaki Salmon with some rice (or rice noodles) and stir-fried veggies. So far, I've just served ours with steamed broccoli or carrots and rice.

Thankfully, I'm getting past the "I can't stomach salmon" ordeal. That's a very good thing since we still have 25 pounds of salmon in our freezer. Having affordable access to good fish is such a blessing! The Alaskan salmon we get here in Washington is just so much better than anything we ever bought on sale in Ohio or Missouri. As I've said before, good fish will NOT taste "fishy"! ;)

If you do have salmon in your freezer, Baked Teriyaki Salmon will take you about 5 minutes to mix up the marinade and then baking it is the only other hands-on part. (Do plan ahead so the salmon can marinate for a few hours or even longer.)

I pulled out frozen salmon fillets Sunday evening and put them in the fridge to thaw and marinate for dinner tonight (Tuesday). Super simple and the whole family loved it, as always! :)


Can't wait to try this salmon--we all love both salmon and teriyaki.

Somehow I missed that you were pregnant again! Congratulations! Your boys have such interesting names I can't wait to hear the new baby's name (I love the name Ruth so it's not that I skipped her!)

Lisa @ http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/

Thank you, Lisa! :)

And, I hope you enjoy the salmon. :) Perhaps before the baby's born, I'll try making up a few of the teriyaki marinades in bags, add the frozen salmon fillets, and stick it all back in the freezer so it's pretty much done except for baking! :)

My husband and I rarely eat seafood because of how expensive it is where we live, but we both love salmon when we can have it. I will have to try this recipe sometime for a "special" dinner!

If you do try freezing this recipe, I'd be very interested in hearing how it turns out.

I'll update the recipe notes if/when I try the freezer marinade idea for this salmon! :)

Thanks, Tammy! I was just thinking I needed a new way to bake salmon as I was getting tired of the way I normally do it. ;)

Oh, and salmon was not my favorite during the first half of my pregnancy, either! Such a shame, since it is so good for growing babies...

~Elizabeth in Alaska

Oh, funny. I wonder why that happens?! :)

By the way, we used teriyaki sauce from Costco (I know you like to shop there too) and it's very good. It had some sesame seeds in it already, which is where I got the idea of adding a few more to this recipe! :)

This recipe looks so delicious! I love salmon but very rarely (1 x per year) buy it as it is so expensive. I will order salmon if we go out to a restaurant but that is very rare too!!
I definitely want to try this recipe next time I do buy salmon. Maybe for Christmas!
What a blessing that it is affordable for you.

We had this today for Christmas lunch, it was delicious and almost no work at all to put a 'fancy' dinner on the table after church. Even my super picky baby declared it ''Cake!'' and ate an entire fillet himself :)
I used homemade teriaki sauce, I'll look for the link and post it (it was a Jack in the Box copycat recipe, I made a huge batch and froze the leftovers) I haven't tried Costco's yet because I wasn't sure if we'd like it, maybe I'll try that next time now that I hear you like it :)

Wonderful! :) I'd love to have the link for the homemade teriyaki sauce recipe, too. We've made our own in the past, but I wasn't impressed with it (and never tried "fixing" it)! :)

Oh. My. Goodness. That looks amazing! My husband is not a fish lover (he likes the beer-battered catfish his aunt fries.. that's it) but he loves salmon grilled and "glazed" with soy sauce, oil and brown sugar. I think we'll be giving this one a try!

IT WAS THE HIT of my party last night! Thank you...I added ginger, honey and lemon...

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