Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Frugal potholders tip, kitchen sink sprayer tip, and more!

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I can't decide on a kitchen tip today. Nothing in my photo folder seems ingenious enough to have a whole post dedicated to it. So, here are some random kitchen tips for this week! :)

Homemade pot holders

If you can do basic sewing, homemade potholders are easy to make. My mom came up with the idea of using a few layers of fabric from an old sweatshirt for the filling/padding in the potholders. We've been making them that way now for many years. If you have inexpensive (or hand-me-down) fabric for the outside, "upcycle" an old sweatshirt and you've got the materials needed for potholders! :)

Kitchen sink sprayer tips

I love that the kitchen sink in this rental has a sprayer! Some of my favorite uses for it:

1. Spraying hot water into the sink to make extra-bubbly dish water without using extra dish soap

2. Rinsing dry beans or lentils before cooking them in my crock pot

3. Rinsing wire cooling racks after washing

4. Rinsing/cleaning the sink after tooth-brushing time :)

5. Spraying out my plastic dish-washing brush when stuff gets stuck in it

Rinse out empty chocolate syrup bottle

Empty chocolate syrup bottle? I rinsed it with a little hot water and added it to my morning coffee. :) We don't usually buy chocolate syrup though. It tastes too "fake" to me. :)

Oven circulation tip
Blurry picture of pumpkin dinner rolls :P :)

When baking multiple things in the oven at the same time, stagger the sheets or pans and rotate half way through baking (switch the bottom one to the top and vice versa). Always leave at least an inch of space between the oven walls and the pans (and other pans!) so the air can circulate, and your food will cook more evenly.

Where is Ruth?

And lastly (off-topic), can you find Ruth (3) in this picture? She disappeared one day and I had to check every room a couple times before I finally found her in here! :)

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2. Adding milk and cheese to soups (The Local Cook)
3. Soft and fresh cookies tip (Living So Abundantly)
4. Powdered egg replacer (Adrienne at Whole New Mom)
5. Keep things from boiling/running over (Cheryl at The Bz House That Love Built)
6. Manicotti, noodles, and frozen banana bread tips (The Bz House That Love Built)
7. Homemade chicken stock tips (Jessica at Delicious Obsessions)
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I think little Ruth is on the floor, wrapped in the light pink sheet.....those are her knees that make the little twin mountains!

I had a son who would do the same things......he would get into little nooks and crannies or boxes and play...eventually falling asleep. I had to play where's Waldo a lot with him!

Enjoy! that her, rolled up like a sausage in a blanket at the head of the bed??

I think she's at the headboard of the bed as well. I think I see her hair sticking out near the wall?

Yes! That is her hair. :)

"rolled up like a sausage"

LOL! :)

Lol at the sausage comment, too. That's exactly what she looks like!

Very funny about Ruth! If you hadn't told me there was someone there, I would have never noticed her. :) I have had those times of "losing" the kids.

I love the potholder idea! Your tip about arranging the pans is also helpful. Thanks for the great tips as always.

DH made beer cheese soup, and one of the things I've read about and had an "aha!" moment about was to keep temps low and add milk and cheese slowly to soups, otherwise it may curdle.

Awesome idea with the syrup! ;) I am going to have to try that.

Here is my link:

Good morning, Tammy! I am sharing a recipe for
Powdered Egg Replacer / Egg Substitute. I use it for egg allergies (my son has a life threatening allergy to eggs) and for when I've run out of eggs.

Hope you are well and sorry I haven't been around much - I've been posting things other than tips :-).


If you are near a Trader Joe's I encourage you to give their Midnight Moo choc syrup a try. It is way better than any others we've tried...not fakey choco-chemical tasting at all. :D

Is Ruth the 'pillow' in the photo?

Yes! She tucked herself inside her quilt at the very head of the bed. :)

Hi Tammy ;->
My bet is that Ruth is wearing a pink sleeper and has a pink print thing around parts of her on the floor next to her bed.
Thank-you ever so much for the tip you shared (last week?) about putting butter around the top of boiling potatoes!!! I featured that this week, plus added a couple of tips about how to handle over flows in a oven.
I've been contemplating the idea of making some pot holders myself. Figured I'd cut up a mattress pad and use it, seeings how the one worked so great as the filler, in the quilt I had made our grand daughter. It's easy to pick them up at mission stores.
Hoping you have energy this week my friend -

Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built

Great idea about using a mattress pad, Cheryl! :)

I'm glad the boiling potatoes tip was helpful. :D

Have a great week! :)

I forgot that I actually had two postings to link up this week. 8-/

This second one contains several different tips.
One has nothing to do with the recipe, but rather with the loafs of banana bread sitting on the counter (which I had linked up the making of last week).

The second one is a repeat tip (I've linked it up before) having to do with boiling noodles.

And the third one has to do with "mending" ripped manicotti noodles.'

I "think" that's all... ;-p

Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built

We barely use our credit card (cash only!) but put enough on it to use a forgotten-about credit card rewards points system. We got (for free) a powerful cordless stick vac that has a hand held vac attached to it. Since the vac does not have to be plugged in to use it, and can go anywhere due to not having a cord, I am now able to have my 7 year old vacuum the house each night after dinner! She whizzes through the kitchen for crumbs, under the dining room table and by mud room...and when done, she just sets the vacuum back on the charger base & we're all set! MUCH easier than sweeping, and more floor space gets cleaned.

We had a hand-held vacuum several years ago and it was very handy! We completely wore it out and when we looked into replacing it (it had been a gift to me from Joshua's mom) they were all so expensive, we didn't replace it. :) Our regular vacuum is pretty easy to use though, thankfully! :)

Is there anything better than homemade stock? I don't think so! Here's some handy how-to's, including a recipe to get you started!

Thank you for hosting! :)

I think Ruth is what looks like a pillow at the top of her bed....looks like maybe her hair is closest to the wall.


ruth is at the head of the bed. my nana would get cheap face cloths and give them to us to make her pot holders. I ofthen see them on the mark down shelves and bonus there already the right size!

Good idea! :)

LOL about Ruth! Looks like she is the "pillow" on her bed. :)

I also like to use our sprayer for "Spraying hot water into the sink to make extra-bubbly dish water without using extra dish soap".

I like your pot holder tips, I'll have to remember that!

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

You know, I looked and looked and still can't see her. LOL

I'm a little late, but here's my tip for the week - using spaghetti as a cake tester.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

I agree with some others.. she's at the headboard wrapped in the quilt! Come back and tell us!!

You're right! :) That's her hair by the wall. :) I didn't think she was still small enough to "disappear". :)

I'm a little late, but barely discovered this yesterday. To clean a removable bread machine paddle (the part that kneads the dough), I'd been trying to use an old toothbrush to get all the dough/crumbs out of the hole. MY TIP: Use the nipple brush (the small brush used for baby bottle nipples) to clean the hole in the paddle. Can't believe it took me this long to realize it. I guess because I don't even use it for baby bottle nipples.

Good idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

A little tip you might like to add:

To remove the smell of garlic or onions from your hands rub a tablespoon of salt mixed with a little water and rub for a few seconds then rinse under cold water.

from this link here:

thanks x

I'll have to try that! I wonder if it would work on cutting boards, too? :) Thanks for sharing! :)

I would try the salt on cutting boards, but for hands, just rub your hand on the chrome tap. I have seen oval chrome hand deodorizers about the size of a small bar of soap. I just use my faucet. Works for onion smells too.


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