More Than Alive giveaway and discount (think Super Mom vitamins, herbs, Berkey water filters, & more!)

I've been a fan of More Than Alive ever since we purchased our Berkey water filter from them a few years ago. They carry some of my favorite things, have good prices, and ship my orders super quick. (I've written a lot more about our Berkey water filter here. In fact, I have trouble stopping once I get started about how much we love our Berkey!)

And this week I get to give away some of their goodies here! Plus, if you've been waiting to order a Berkey water filter, you can do so this week with 10% off! (See bottom of post for details on the discount.) We bought our Berkey using a 10% off code and we LOVE our Berkey.

I'll tell you what I like to order from More Than Alive, but do check out their website because they carry a lot more than just my favorites. ;)

Hot herbal tea
Hot herbal tea for cool Autumn days...

Herbal tea blends

I love tea -- both "real" tea and herbal teas. I've been drinking lots of herbal tea from More Than Alive this Fall. I have Spring Sensations and Lemon Lover's, and I just ordered more of The Blues Brew, which is my no-sunshine-in-Seattle Winter tea. ;)

The children all love drinking my herbal teas, so I often make an extra cup to share. They're all safe for kids, and I like that they are willing to try new things and explore lots of tastes! And a pound of herbal tea makes a LOT of tea!!

With my last order, I got some chamomile flowers to use for tea for the children. And, some dandelion root (which I haven't used yet). I may experiment with adding a little of both of those to my pregnancy tea blend, too. :)

Pregnancy tea blend

In the past few years, I've drank tons of pregnancy tea and not much SOS for PMS but some day I'll get back to that one. ;) I'm getting ready to mix up another batch of pregnancy tea this week, actually. I ordered some oatstraw to add in with my blend this time, too.

Pregnancy Tea Blend

My current pregnancy tea blend is:

8 parts red raspberry leaf
3 parts alfalfa
3 parts peppermint
3 parts oatstraw
2 parts nettles

("Part" can be whatever measurement you wish to use... a teaspoon or a cup or anything in between!)

I mix the dried herbs together in a big bowl with a whisk, and then put into containers or bags.

To brew, use very hot or boiling water and 1-2 teaspoons of pregnancy tea per cup of water. Brew for 10+ minutes. Drink hot or cold.

Pregnancy tea in the IngenuiTEA

I use my IngenuiTEA to brew my loose herbal teas, because it is so easy to make a couple cups at a time, and doesn't make a mess. Plus, it filters really well so the tea is completely clear. You can see a video of me using the IngenuiTEA back when I got mine about 5 years ago. At the time, I had no idea just how much I would end up using it!! :)

Cane Creek Coffee

More Than Alive also sells coffee, which I reviewed earlier this year. Unfortunately, morning sickness made coffee really unpalatable to me and I haven't dared to drink any since summer! (I've also struggled to enjoy salmon during this pregnancy. Weird!) So for now, I'm just enjoying my selection of herbal teas. :)


I'm still taking my Super Mom vitamins (same as the NOW Special Two with Green Superfoods vitamins), and I also got some mint-flavored chlorophyll to take in the next few months. Nothing like a great-tasting natural supplement to keep my iron levels up! ;)

The Giveaway:

More Than Alive said I could choose what to give away this week, and so I'm going to let YOU choose what you would like to win! Three winners will receive a pound of Cane Creek Coffee or an herbal tea blend of their choice (or two 8-ounce selections).

This giveaway is open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, November 28-30, 2011. Three winners will be selected using and announced on Thursday, December 1, 2011.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite product is from More Than Alive! If you aren't logged in, make sure you comment includes a way to contact you if you win.

The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter. If you've been waiting to order a Berkey water filter, this discount will give you $20+ off your order!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive Monday-Thursday of this week, November 28 - December 1, 2011.

Code: 00009

Full disclosure, as always: When we purchased our Berkey water filter from More Than Alive several years ago, we were so thrilled with it that I signed up as an affiliate with More Than Alive. Purchasing through my links helps support this website! The discount code is valid with or without using my links. :)

I don't review something unless we would spend our own hard-earned money on it, and such is the case with the things we have purchased from More Than Alive. I'm delighted to be able to offer giveaways and discount codes for More Than Alive! :)


My favorite product of theirs is the Berkey, for sure - we're so thankful for ours! :D

My favorite is my Berkey!!!! But it is also the only thing I have tried from MTA so..... Congrats on the newest baby!!

Thank you! :)

I would love a chance to win. I've had my eye on the berkey countertop filter and shower head filter for a while now.

The Berkey Light forever now, but I love their bulk herbs :)

- SG

What a great giveaway! I love essential oils so I guess those would be my favorite!

My favorite is the Supermom vitamins. I definitely notice a difference if I stop taking them. I've never tried their bulk herbs, but I'm going to now after reading more about them.

Chocolate Swiss Almond coffee sounds like it could fast become a favorite of ours! We're coffee drinkers here! lindastoltzfus at gmail dot com

Hard to decide on a favorite. Haven't actually ordered from More Than Alive, but really like Beeyoutiful products. Would love to try the coffee!

Thanks for offering the giveaway to us :)
I think my favorite product would probably be the Berkey or one of the bulk herb blends of tea.

Thanks for this offer. I love the super mom vitamins, but would love to try the Berkey. Thanks again.

I forgot to sign in. Favorite product is the Super Mom vitamins, but would love to try the Berkey. Thanks for the opportunity!!

I like their water filters so much and have a water filter on our list for this years big purchases. But I also like their bulk teas.


I love their teas!!!

I've wanted a Berkey since we lived on acreage with a well. Now, we are back to living in the city, and I actually want one more than ever, with this heavily chlorinated city water!

I love that they offer herbs in 1/4 lb quantities. A pound can be a LOT of herbs, but a 1/4 lb is usually just right for what I need. :) I was just thinking of putting an order in, so the coupon code is perfect timing!

I really like red raspberry tea. And the fact that they charge a flat shipping fee on all orders up to like $99 and it's only $6, I think.

I have never ordered from More Than Alive, so I guess I can't say I have a favorite product. I am interested in trying their coffee or teas and learn more about their products. Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway. I will check out their website.

You have me intrigued with the teas and the IngenuiTEA! I'd like to try their bulk foods and herbs as finances allow. thanks for the giveaway.

I can be reached at kathydavis001 at comcast dot net

I have the tea pot for my loose tea and I love it. I even bought one for each of my sisters and my mom.

Aww, sweet. :) I just gave an IngenuiTEA and some herbal pregnancy tea to my sister-in-law who is expecting (due a month or two before me)! :)

Thank you for hosting the giveaway Lacey Walker

Berkey water filter is my choice.

probably the berkey...i don't own one, but my parents do!

I love many of their products, but I guess my favorite is the bulk foods!

But I'd love to tho!

The Frankincense Essential Oil from More than Alive site would be awesome!

Shana Ericksen :)
(on Facebook and email subscriber)

I love the ingenuiTEA. It's fantastic!

So, did I miss something?? Are you having a baby?? I went back and searched your posts and didn't find anything, but there was a lot in this post that implied it and one person congratulated you. Clarification??

Yes! Next Spring. :) I didn't do a separate announcement post, just mentioned it. :)

Their tea blends are my favorite!

I think I'd like to try their vanilla coffee...or french roast is always good!

But their coffees sound yummy and I love the teapot.

pick one? i like a lot, but I will pick the tea pot. Okay-I also like the berkey. and-I love their teas. And....I could go on

I'm a big fan of More Than Alive. :-) I like their coconut flour and bulk spices.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

I need to work out a new year budget - and definitely begin ordering from this wonderful company. I am right now loving coffee, as I have changed my entire eating plan -- but coffee remains -- so GOTTA have that. I do drink lots of tea too though.

Blessings and a healthy pregnancy to you, Tammy!

elizabeth k

Thank you, Elizabeth! :)

I would love to have a berkey to filter water for my family to use in cooking,and drinking and to put out for out cats. Our city water is really nasty! I've use the brita filters off and on, but they are expensive, and sometimes get moldy before their # of gallons filtered are up. :-(

Berkey! They look like the most needful item for us!

My favorite would be the Berkey!


A berkey would be wonderful to have for my family. It would probably be my favorite thing that they carry

lacelk (at) sbcglobal {dot} net

I have never personally owned anything from More than Alive, but every post you talk about the Berkey water filter has me question how helpful it would be in my home! (out of curiosity, does it lessen/remove fluoride? ) thanks for the chance to win... I would love some tasty coffee or tea! it's *that* time of year on the east coast! :-)


Jamie, the black filters (that come with the Berkey) don't remove fluoride. There are separate filters you can add for that (which we have). Those filters are one of the things you can choose as a free gift when ordering. That's how we got our first set. It made a big taste difference in our city water!! :)

Unfortunately, more than alive no longer offers free gifts with berkey system purchases - as I was just informed by a rather not-so-nice customer service rep over the phone - and they have not done so in a year. They offered to give me a gift if I paid full price instead of the sale price but it just felt kind of icky to me. Really disappointed as that was one of the big reasons why I was going to place an order with their company (and also because you have spoke so highly of them!). :(

You are right! I am so sorry for not keeping up on my research before posting this. I'm pretty sure the free gifts were still being offered last January (2011) but I haven't checked since then to be sure and it's not available on their website any longer.

I'm sorry to hear about your customer service experience, and I apologize for my own part in this misinformation about getting a free gift with a Berkey order.

I emailed More Than Alive and got this reply from Emily:

"We have not offered a free item with a purchase of a system in approximately a year now. You will see the change on our website. I apologize but I do not have an exact date for you. This is just something new we started in 2011 and many of our changes are made in February, so it is possible we did offer in them in January 2011, I do not know for sure.

"We will do our best to make your reader happy. She can call or e-mail her order in if she prefers and I will be happy to put it through for her. She can ask for Emily. We can offer her, her choice of a Berkey system with a free gift of Sport Berkey, PF-2 elements or Waterview spigot. This is an exception. We do not normally do this.

"Thank you for contacting us and letting us know. We value our customers and you and will do everything in our power to keep everyone happy!"

I will change my information to be up-to-date here on my website, and again, please accept my apologies for the misinformation.


I would love a chance to win this! I am interested in getting into more natural products!

that would be my favorite part. I love herbal teas and finding simple things in the kitchen to ease icky feeling symptoms. I'm finding many herbal remedies that do just that :)

Haven't ordered from them yet, but I'd like to try the Chia seeds and a bunch of the different herbs.

Their hazelnut cinnamon coffee. :)

Yes, it is open to Canada! :)

Haven't ordered from them yet, but I'd like to try the Chia seeds and a bunch of the different herbs.

My very, very favorite is the Berkey Water it!!

I haven't tried anything from More than Alive before but I would love to win their Sweet Sleep Tea. I am always on the lookout for a good tea and often enjoy a cup before bed. Thanks for the giveaway Tammy!

We LOVE our Berkey!!!! I'd like to try the tea.


I would love to try their coffee - have ordered from them in the past and love the Berkey

My favorite thing would be the berkeys too...even though I still haven't been able to afford to get one, I hope to one of these days. God willing. :)

My favorite is our Berkey Water filter! But I would love to try so many of the wonderful things they offer.


I'd love to have a Berkey someday!
Herbal Tea or coffee is a tough choice so I'd probably take a sample of both :)

I would love to have a Berkey someday.
I would have a hard time choosing between the coffee and the tea!

And that's what I would choose.
Looks like you snuck an announcement into your post today! Congratulations!
Lisa V.

Thanks, Lisa! ;)

We LOVE the Royal Berkey Water Filter. Haven't ordered anything else from their website, but have definitely tried a lot of their products via other websites. :)

Priscilla Rowan

My favorite is the Berkey water filter. We love ours and I cant imagine not having it!

Angela :)

I would really like to try some of their essential oils! I also thought some of the silk scarves were pretty. :)

alaskawildrose at gmail dot com.

I'd probably choose the Super Mom vitamin, but I might be tempted to choose some speciality teas instead.

As soon as I submit this, I'm placing my order to get the herbs for the pregnancy tea. Can't wait to try it since I've heard so many good things about it. If I won, I'd get some coffee since I don't drink it much and it'd be a nice treat.
knitter82 at yahoo dot com

I love this company - especially the water filter system and their coffees

I think the Daily Nourishment tea looks interesting.

I would LOVE to have a Berkey!

I have never ordered from More than Alive, so I don't really have a favorite. With your coupon code, I may go take a gander at their products. Thanks for the great giveaway! The coffee looks amazing! YUM!


jules_ac00 at yahoo dot com

My favorite is the Berkey water filter. We have one and love it!

I am interested in the hazelnut coffee, it sounds good. I can't wait till wednesday (payday) and check on the 10% off on the Berkley. I also am interested in your little tea brewer. I was on your blog yesterday for probably 8 hours. What a great find.

Hello! I LOVE the coffee from More Than Alive!!!!

I'd love to try the SOS for PMS tea! Also the Sport Berkey portable water filter sounds like a great water bottle for the gym!

maritezg (at) hotmail (dot) com

I would like to try their coffee. I love the supermom vitamins. Have helped me tremendously, even diminishing postpartum depression.

I want the Berkey water filtration system sooo bad. I am currently saving for it. I want to try their bulk spices and their teas... I am waiting to save enough to give them a try....

Great contest. Love their teas but would like to try the Berkey water filter. Thanks, Tammy for the giveaway.

I would love the chance to participate in this giveaway. We recently gave up all of our favorite sugar drinks and we are sticking to only water and tea. It was hard the first few days but now that it is a habit it feels great.
So excited for your family during this special time!

Sorry, wasn't logged in when. I left this comment.

Thank you, Alix! :)

I like the Berkey Light! Thanks for the contest!


Oops! Commented earlier and neglected to log in, so will try again. I haven't actually ordered from MTA before, but I really like Beeyoutiful products. Would love to try the Cane Creek coffee.

I love the Berkey water filters.

I would love to try the Buttermilk Baby Bath.
gingeroo616 at

I have never tried any of their products but if I won I would like to try the tea. Thank you for your blog.
savingiseasy at yahoo dot com

My favorite is the organic black tea from More Than Alive- To make my yummy Kombucha Tea with! Thanks for this nice website! You're a blessing!

we would love to have a berkey filter, but i've also had my eye on some supermom vitamins ever since you mentioned them in a previous post. Thanks for the giveaway!

eckelly at

I have never tried the water filter and would love to do that, but the cinnamon hazelnut coffee sounds delicious too! Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy.


Thank you, Rashel! :)

The vanilla dream body butter! Love shea butter.

I haven't ordered from More than Alive, but I would love some of the coffee!

Jenn L

jbruning04 at yahoo dot com

My favorite would be the Berkey, but their other products are great, too!

I can't decide my favorite...the Berkey or Supermom Vitamins. I haven't tried their herbal teas, but my kids and I both enjoy herbal teas so we'd be glad to try a new one!

Ahhh, I JUST purchased from More Than Alive a few weeks ago. I ordered a bunch of herbs to make my own teas for the winter season. Those are the only things we've tried from More Than Alive.

My favorite is the Berkey himself. LOL. However, I pinched a few pennies and bought the blue, clear, plastic one. What a shame! It now looks crusty and icky in no time (bad water), and I would have loved to "hide" it behind a gorgeous silvery one ~ the Cadillac :o)

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
vikingjob at yahoo dot com

We own a Berkey filter (it's blue, not stainless steel), and it works great. We love it. Even take it camping with us.

Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!


I think my favorite product in theory is the berkley. I don't have one, but really want one. :)

Well, if I have to pick just one product that is my favorite I'd pick our Berkey water filter!!! It's amazing and we use it daily.

I'd like to try the blues brew. I like rain when I have a nice cuppa tea to warm my hands. You can contact me at elvirapembroke at gmail dot com.

If I have to choose only one product, I would love to try the Berkey water filter. But their herbal teas and coffees look amazing too!

would love a new water filter

So happy for you and your family!
Nothing like herbal teas to get you through too!
May the Lord give you strength and health these next several months.

Thank you, Donna! :)

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