Easy-to-chew Biscuit Crust Pizza (new recipe)

While waiting at the orthodontist's office, Joshua flipped through a cook book especially for braces-wearers. The pizza recipe they suggested had a biscuit-like crust rather than a yeast-based crust. Of course! A biscuit pizza crust would be much more tender and easier to chew.

I rarely make anything but yeast-based pizza crusts. My Matza Pizza has no yeast and the crust is not what I would consider "easy to chew". ;) Oh, and I did try making "kefir bread" for pizza crust, which is basically kefir and flour made into a dough. It "rose" about as much as my Matza Pizza, which is to say not at all. :)

My yeast pizza crusts are easy and delicious so that's remained my go-to for pizza... until now.

For this Biscuit Crust Pizza, I used my mom's biscuit recipe which is from a Better Homes and Gardens Homemade Breads cook book. It's a really good staple biscuit recipe!

Making the biscuit crust pizza dough

Ruth (3) got to help make the biscuit dough. It came together so fast. I use my bread machine for yeast pizza crusts and always considered it to be fairly quick, but this biscuit crust seemed really quick.

I wasn't sure how well the crust would do without being pre-baked a little before the toppings were added. But biscuits do bake quickly, and I didn't want a too-dark crust. So, I layered the toppings right over the flat biscuit dough and popped it in the oven.

Seventeen minutes later, the crust was perfect and the top looked pretty good too! We all really enjoyed the biscuit crust. I expected it to fall short of my normal pizza crusts, but it was very good!

I can foresee a lot of Biscuit Crust Pizza in our future. Joshua's teeth haven't really hurt, but they also don't come together right for chewing. Even foods that can be cut small and are soft aren't easy to chew when... you can't really chew. And it probably won't improve for 6 months or so. (We'll see! There's a lot of moving for his teeth to do, but they said we'll start seeing big changes in 6 months.)

Me? I'm just glad we won't have to give up pizza. I probably miss it the most in our family. Not only do I love pizza (I do have 20 different pizza recipes on here, after all!) but it's an easy no-brainer meal to add to the week's menu plan! :)

Have you ever made pizza with a non-yeast crust?


My two kids have been through three orthodontic appliances and a set of braces. I want to encourage you that the changes are amazingly quick, and the kids are also amazing in how they adapt to the appliances. I was heartsick that they had to go through it, but time ended up going by really quickly, and they adjusted to both eating and speaking much more quickly than I would have imagined. I was surprised at the effect it had on my older daughter's face shape. She is done, and her teeth are beautiful and possibly more importantly, function great! My younger daughter still will need braces, but braces are a piece of cake in comparison with the other appliances. You both have my sympathy as you go through this!

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

I am sure Joshua will look very, very different after the braces and jaw surgery, and like you said the most important part (and reason we're doing it) -- functioning well! :) The orthodontist said we will be amazed. :) I guess they told Joshua his case is one of those "feather in your cap" cases for the orthodontist, LOL! :)

Every so often I make a crust from biscuit dough. It's different and how else do we find out new things without trying out something different. I find that the crust can be a little to bland sometime depending on which way the wind is blowing. Sort of like the difference between having a plain buttered biscuit vs. an egg and cheese biscuit, it just depends on what I want at the time.

Well I found reducing the milk by a tablespoon and replacing that tablespoon with olive oil helps. Also a very small amount of garlic and or oregano into the dry mix helps.

I haven't found a recipe made with any type of flour that I don't like. It just sometimes takes a slight little experimenting, most of the times not.

Oh, I like your suggestions for adding some flavor to the crust. Adding herbs and garlic or maybe even some shredded cheddar sounds good to me! :)

It's great for a base for casserole ideas and all. I have a quick one from an Amish cookbook and it reheats well.

I use TVP strips in a white garlic sauce with onion and it came out wonderful!

I understand about easy to chew, I have TMJ and chewy food is awful for my mouth.

So smart! :-) When I was growing up we would make individual biscuit pizzas, but I never thought to make them into one LARGE biscuit. Yum!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

I've never made an entire pizza on a biscuit crust. We do make mini-pizzas using flattened canned biscuits when we need a quick, easy meal and don't really feel like cooking. Glad to hear that it cooked thoroughly without the toppings burning first. That'd be my biggest concern.

Have you ever used the easy 5 minute a day pizza dough recipe? It mixes up with a spoon in about 3 minutes (even my 6 year old can mix it up), it sits out for a couple of hours, then put in the fridge and lasts for 7-10 days. You just pull out a blob when you want it, sit for 5 minutes, shape and back. It is truly the best pizza dough ever (although your DH might not appreciate it because he has braces right now). It is so easy and if you remember to start it in advance you can have enough for 2 Fridays very easily just sitting in the fridge (or in my case outside where it is cool)
I just made it again for lunch and DH said it was the best pizza he had ever tasted, including anything from a restaurant. :)
No, it has no whole wheat (we usually do whole wheat everything), but it is delicious!

sounds interesting....want to look into it further!

I think the original recipe came from the book "Artisan Bead in Five Minutes a Day", but you can also find the recipe on www.mybakingaddiction.com

This blogger says you can keep the dough in the refrigerator for 12 days...but it certainly takes up a lot of space. Of course, the recipe can also be halved.

I actually grew up on pizza crust being made from the shortcake recipe on the Bisquick box, which turn out very biscuit-y. It made enough to fill a whole cookie sheet with it. It is sweet and has a distinct taste, but I like it.

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