Easy old-fashioned: Plum Pudding Cake (new recipe)

Fresh plums

Are plums still in season? I think I saw some at Costco last week, so maybe they are. At any rate, I've had this recipe waiting to be shared since last Fall when I was on one of my blogging breaks. I just needed to write about it, and tonight I found the words.

I love a good plum. Growing up, my parents had plum trees and occasionally we'd get a bumper crop of plums. My mom always washed, halved, and dried the extras in her dehydrator. Then we'd have the dried plums to eat even through the many (or maybe most?) years when the trees produced hardly anything.

Plums from the grocery store just aren't the same. I've had amazing, super good plums from the store... and some really icky ones too. One of the things I like about buying plums is that you get to eat pretty much everything you're paying for! The pits are small and don't weigh much, so a good sale on plums is a good deal (if they taste good). :)

My friend Leona and I were discussing plums last fall, and she told me about one of their family favorite recipes her mom always made: Plum Pudding Cake.

Pudding cake? I'd never heard of it before. (I know, I'm probably in the minority there!) But, Leona said it was one of their favorites, and very easy to make. I'm always up for trying family favorites, especially easy ones! ;) There's something special about making a recipe when it's "the one Mom always made" -- or one from a friend who feels that way.

As I mentioned yesterday, I tend to be a slow cook. But even making this recipe for the first time went surprisingly quickly for me.

And this plum pudding cake is delicious! I think it's the perfect dessert with fresh plums turned into a juicy "pudding" with some texture, almost like a good pie filling or cobbler should be. If you have a handful of extra plums, or want an easy autumn dessert, Plum Pudding Cake is the one to make! :)

Moshe (1 1/2) visits with his little goat friend at a nearby park.
The children love feeding the goats blackberry leaves,
bits of cedar needles, and dried leaves! :)


I just got 2 (small) bags of plums from our CSA today. Going to try this!

I have some frozen plums in the freezer, I wonder if I could use them in this recipe? I'll have to give it a try later on today. :)

Looks yummy!

~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

I was wondering that same thing as I typed up this post, Tanya! :) Thanks for testing it for me! :D I'm glad you liked the cake! :)

Makes me think of Prune Cake which basically ROCKS!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Well, I tried this recipe using frozen plum halves. I just put it in the oven, smells delicious! Lots of sugar though.... :) I doubled the recipe. ~Tanya - mama to 7 treasures. :)

I am stopping over from the Homeschool Blog Awards – saw your nominations and wanted to check out some new blogs =-) You have a beautiful blog! Love the recipes! If you have an Christmas baking coming up I’d love for you to link it up to my Holiday Baking Linky – http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/2011/11/holiday-traditions-3christmas-cookies.html – I am your newest follower. I’d love for you to follow me back, if you want to!

Have a bag of juicy semi-dried plums. Sounds like this might have tasty potential. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Wish me luck ... Dee

Have a bag of juicy semi-dried plums. Sounds like this might have tasty potential. Wish me luck. Nothing beats a failure, but a try... :-}

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