Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Tips for sticky pizza dough (and why I use butter to grease the pans)

Pizza dough is very forgiving.  I don't think I've ever had it not turn out okay!

I even started pizza dough one day and then realized I was out of yeast. I didn't have an alternate dinner plan, so I made the pizza anyway and just pressed the crust really thin. It still turned out quite good! Thin, yes, but good. (Now, I even have an "official" unleavened pizza crust recipe.)

Tip: If you ever find yourself with pizza dough and no yeast, press or roll the dough very thin before adding toppings and baking. Okay, I am probably the only person who runs out of yeast and still makes pizza for dinner... ;)

Sticky pizza dough in my bread machine

I use my bread machine's dough cycle to knead the dough for me. Tip: If you don't have time for the whole dough cycle to complete, you can stop the machine after the kneading is finished and transfer the pizza dough right to the pans.

I usually have 500 things going on at once around here, and so while I try to watch the dough near the end of kneading and see if it needs more flour added, sometimes I forget. And the dough ends up a bit sticky.

Sticky dough still makes great pizza crust. In fact, it's easier to just press onto the pans that way (instead of rolling with a rolling pin, like a stiff dough would require).

A vegetable pizza (which wasn't my favorite): Ranch dressing and minced garlic for the sauce, spinach, zucchini, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and onions (mozzarella cheese was added after this picture was taken)

Tips for dealing with sticky pizza dough:

Use clean hands to butter or grease your pizza pan(s). Then with your oily hands, lift or pour the dough out of the bread machine pan (or stand mixer bowl) onto the pan(s) and press to the sides. Put more oil or butter on your hands if needed while pressing.

Another way to deal with sticky dough can be to wet your hands with water. I know, it sounds like the wrong thing, but it works! If you're pressing out the dough and your hands are sticking to it -- wet your palms with some water to finish.

The finished (baked) vegetable pizza

Why I like to use butter to grease our pizza pans:

I love using butter to grease pizza pans because it's a little salty (we buy salted butter). That salty butter flavor makes the crust soooo good! Sometimes I skip adding any oil to my pizza dough, but I liberally butter the pan. Just don't liberally butter the pan if you're using a perforated pizza pan. Instead of crisping up the crust, that butter will all drip through and start a grease fire in the bottom of your oven. (Yep, I learned that first hand!)

I don't, however, grease the pan if I'm using my silicone baking mats. There's no need to grease them because nothing sticks, and I'm all about taking a shortcut like not greasing a pan if it still wipes clean afterwards! The silicone baking mats actually make very good breads/pizza crust, even if it's not buttery and salty.

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Good morning, Tammy!

Today I am sharing a way to get around buying and throwing away plastic wrap.

Nice pizza tips! We are gluten free and have made GF pizza crusts including one made from flax seeds. We can usually find a way to use any of my kitchen mess ups. One botched bar crust turned into a number of sweet pie crusts. And I still have some left in the fridge (that's how many times it messed up :)!)

Great tip! I prefer the water method if my dough is sticky.......and it's always me doing the pizza crust work. My husband hates working with pizza dough. :-)

My tip for the week is how to keep your honey jar lid from sticking. Thanks Tammy!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Hi Tammy! My kitchen tip this week is a fun way for letting kids get knife practice.

Thanks for hosting - looking forward to reading all the tips this week.


Now I feel like eating pizza! :)
My kitchen tip is how to roast pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack:


Thanks for hosting!

I bet salted butter would be great in the pan :) we often do garlic salt on the crust!

Thanks for linking up my tip today :) Blessings, SnoWhite

That sounds so good!! I love the picture of the pizza, great shot and it looks AMAZING!!! You inspired me to make pizza this week :0)

My tip is Uses for Kitchen Shears

Love your post and pics as always. Thanks for hosting!

Here is my tip. Quick Clean up Tips

Hope my tips aren't re-runs! :-)

You make the prettiest pizzas!!!

I have a tip to make using jelly easy for adults and children.

Your pizza looks scrumptious! I am sharing a tip for freezing cherry tomatoes whole:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

I'm craving pizza now! :-)

My tip for the day is of course related to cleaning....

Hi Tammy!
I'm running late today, but I've been talking about natural sweeteners on the blog and thought I'd address how to use stevia, which is 300x sweeter than sugar and can be daunting and weird to adjust to!

:) Katie

Hi Tammy -

Thanks for the pizza tips. I'm working on pizza crust - for some reason it's not easy for me.

My link this week is about making artisan bread:


Where's the recipe for the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day?

Sorry, Tammy! I had put your link in my muffin tips, rather than the pancake ones... but that's fixed now :)


I shared a few tips for making gluten-free pancakes from scratch!

Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage

Hi Tammy, I'm not sure if my last comment posted or not...

Here's my post to tips for making gluten-free pancakes from scratch!

Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage

Just wanted to let you know that I make your pizza dough every Friday night. I've tried a few others, but so far yours is the best! Thanks for all of the tips!

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