Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: How to reach things in high cupboards without getting a stool

Since I'm not very tall (5'4"), many times the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard is too high for me to reach without getting a chair or stool, especially if it's something in the back of the cupboard.

My lazy woman's solution? Get a silicone spatula and use it to grab the item and pull it to the edge of the shelf. I have a shiny/smooth silicone spatula that is especially "sticky" and helps me get just about anything from the back of the cupboard without dragging over a chair. Yay! :)

Do you have any tips for helping short(er) people in the kitchen? I'd love to hear them! :)

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Good morning, Tammy!
Here is a post with 8 of my best kitchen tips:

I'm just about 1/2 inch taller than you....I'll have to think about if I have any tips. Maybe the shoes that I wear - maybe I'll have to post about that! They are super comfy and have about 1 1/2 inch soles. :-).

Good Morning Tammy -

I've always used parchment paper whenever a recipe calls for an ungreased cookie sheet. I want to invest in a silicone baking sheet in the near future. My post also includes one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes. :)

Although I am 5'7", I have used a spatula to reach things too.

Have a great day!


I'm sharing an easy pasta recipe that only requires making the pasta and then putting everything together and baking it. The variations are in the eye of the beholder and your pantry and fridge:

I never thought of using a spatula to move items forward! I hate it when my dh puts stuff up high, especially stuff that I use all the time.

Here is my link about Sneaky Carrots -


That's a great idea! I wish it would work for problem is my cabinets are too deep and I can't reach the stuff in the back. :-)

My tip for the week - save money by buying reusable sandwich bags.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Keeping pancakes warm w/o turning on the oven!

Thanks for hosting, Tammy!

At 5'8" I am a bit taller, but the cabinets in my kitchen are rather tall. Additionally, there is space above the cabinets that is used to store stuff too when the cabinets are overflowing (like cereal boxes or specialty baking pans). I am able to reach most things, except the upper most cabinets and the tops. I have two tips for how I reach things.

I have a couple pair of kitchen tongs, they are perfect for giving me those few extra inches of reach, and in a full cabinet, help to avoid knocking anything else out.

If I actually need to see in the cabinets (say in the back of the cabinets) or need to put several things away, I have a large cooler that sits in the corner of the kitchen, I just slide it over and climb up :)

Thanks for the tip! I'm 5'3" so I have the same problem! :)

My kitchen tips is how I menu plan and make my grocery list.

Great idea! I am the same height as you and have the same problem. I often call in my tall teenage son, but now that he is in school all day I miss my personal tall person.:) I hate having to drag over a chair. Thanks for the idea!

The tip I would like to share today includes several strategies for how to organize the foods you stock up on at the grocery store.


My mother is 5 ft 1 inch. She uses long bbq tongs to get things off of the top shelves of her cabinets. I have tongs with a silicone coating on the tips that work really well.

I think a tongs with silicone coating sounds like a great "grabber"!! :)

Here is my link for kitchen tip tuesday

As for your post that is a great idea! I am 5'8 but my mom is only 5'1. Here solution was to just call me into the kitchen . My husbands grandma is 4'10 and her husband back in the 1960's had her kitchen built to her height. If I cook in it I feel like I need to kneel down on the floor just to use her counter tops. Thanks as always for hosting!

Here is my kitchen tip. Ideas for left over chicken

i am also height challanged. I will have to try the rubber spatula idea....better than always asking my husband !

Although I'm a little taller (5'7"), I live in a house with 10 foot ceilings and my highest shelf is at about 8 feet. I have a large spatula that works wonderfully for reaching the back of the shelf and dragging whatever I need to the edge. It works!
We also keep a collapsible step stool handy---for those times when the spatula just won't work. ;-)

I*m 5'3" and I can barely reach anything in my higher cabinets. My solution is similar to yours bug I use long kitchen tongs!!! -=D

I laughed when I read your post. I've used all kinds of things to grab stuff off the top shelves, including a spatula, spaghetti fork etc. Nice to know I'm not the only one who does those kinds of things! :-)

Thanks for hosting!

I use the long BBQ tongs! LOL

Does it mean we are really short if we need the spatula and the stool? :) Maybe it just means our cabinets are extra tall... ;)

Alicia B

I'm 5'0" tall. I have used my extra long tongs and spatulas, but while I was recovering from knee replacement surgery, my hubby bought me a Featherlight grabber. It reaches my top shelves and pantry. Very worth the price.

My son has a grabber that we got at Toysrus one year and I use that more than he does! Worth the cost!

Tammy here is my fast little tip for making your own bread machine mixes. A great time saver !


I have also used spatulas and tongs to grab stuff. It is so much easier than grabbing a chair. If I get a chair my kids think it is time for them to get one too!! Also using tip toes to wipe off the table after it had already been pushed back into the corner. Hubby offered to help with the back after I got the front, but I told him 'I got it, you tall people don't know what God invented toes for' Just a few secs on my tippy toes to reach the back of the table!

That post made me giggle and then say oh oh, bad things can happen here. Don't worry, in to time at all, one fo the boys will be tall enough to reach everything out of your reach for you. YIKES! Sonny Boy is 6'2" (18 now) but I'll never forget seeing him reach in the cabine above the oven for something and realizing, darn, that kid is tall and LONG LIMBED :) That's when I think that was my first sign that he's grown up :(

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