Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Labeling freezer food

When I told Joshua what my kitchen tip was going to be this week, he said "You mean your 'common sense' tip?!" because apparently this is something everyone but me knew! Regardless, it was like a revelation to me this week...

Since we got a chest freezer, I've been freezing an extra lot of things. I often divide up stuff I bought at Costco and freeze portions of it. I freeze cooked beans and rice. And this month we've picked tons of blackberries from our yard and the park down the road!


We've been freezing blackberries on cookie sheets and then transferring to gallon bags after they're frozen, so they stay separated. All of us LOVE the sweet, juicy, SUN-RIPENED berries! Yes, the sun came out for August. August may now be my favorite month after 3 summers in the Pacific Northwest... ;)

But, that's not my tip. My tip is: When labeling a bag of food for the freezer, label the bag before you fill it. It's flat, there's no condensation to worry about, and it's a whole lot easier! (Don't ask me why I just realized that this is how I should be labeling things...) :)

Labeling food for the freezer

I often have extra grilled chicken breast in the freezer, which is perfect for last-minute burritos, quesadillas, pizza, or salads. I really like my Food Saver for sealing cooked meats because they never get freezer burn! Plus, they take up about half the freezer space they otherwise would. When I had only a small(er) apartment freezer/fridge, space-saving was a huge plus. :)

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Good morning, Tammy!
Here is my tip for this week:

Thanks, as always!


I have moments like that all the time - where I think WOW! I should have thought of that before.....and I know everyone else was already doing it. Ha, ha! :-) Great tip!

Here is my tip for the week - Using a Funnel to Separate Eggs

Thanks Tammy!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

That is an awesome tip! Sometimes it is easy to forget that until you fill the bag up. Great tip!

Great idea Tammy!!! It is common sense but also EASY to forget!!

I freeze most of my fruit, as well as chopped chicken, ground meat, cooked meat, etc in freezer containers. I have pint, quart, and 1/2 gallon containers. This allows me to make the most of my freezer space, and it's easier to stack square solid uniform containers than bag after bag.

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 6, ages almost 10 yrs down to almost 1)

My post is about freezer cooking too. I have to agree about labeling bags before you put the items inside. I have forgotten and it makes writing on them not very easy! Thank you for hosting.

-Gretchen @ Extraordinary Ordinary Life

My kitchen tip is actually several tips for cooking in tiny kitchens.
Thanks for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

Katy @ Purposely Frugal

I do freeze berries, but my freezer space is tight when DH gets a deer so I try to can as well. Linking up some tips I learned this past weekend.

I have learned this by experience too, but I still forget sometimes. :)

The tip I would like to share today is about what to do with the left over chicken fat so it doesn't smell in the garbage. There are two different ways to prevent this. I include a recipe with one of my solutions. You can find my tip here:

I hope school is going well for you. My boys started yesterday.


It's time to start making homemade vanilla if you want to use it as cute, personalized Christmas or Hanukkah gifts!
Homemade Vanilla Extract:

Thanks, Tammy!

I posted about freezing green peppers, with two methods depending on the size of your crop.

Haha! Tell Joshua that it may be common sense, but I'd never thought of it! So simple, but such a big help!

I posted about freezing green peppers, with two methods depending on the size of your crop.

Kitchen tip today....I deleted some important files accidentally last week and I had to start from scratch. *sigh* Here is today's post. It's been a while since I posted one. I DO love your blog though Tammy and check it several times a day. LOL!

I know casseroles generally get a bad rap, but I love them! Here are my tips for making casseroles that are truly appetizing:

Tammy, I posted this earlier but was afraid I had pasted in the wrong link- sorry if I did

Here's my canning tip. I use our outdoor grill to heat the large, heavy pots for the hot water bath. I have a glass top stove and rightly or not I worry about the weight on it. I've found that the gas burner of the grill heats far faster than the electric stove top and I can spread my equipment out easier when I set it up properly. Works for me!

I love blueberries and this recipe is just what I am looking for thanks for sharing. I love your blog, I find lots of great recipes here and I love them all. they are both healthy and nutritious yummy yummy yummy, now its time to make those berry pie

Hello Tammy,
I wanted to share my tip about keeping an inventory of groceries that you have on hand.
Thanks so much for allowing me to share !

I have asked so many questions that never get answered.It makes me not want to ask anymore since your so busy.I don't hardly ever either it is over years.

How many chicken breasts do you freeze per package?

Hi, Mrs. Paradis! :)

I think this time I had about 6 leftover chicken breasts and used 3 packages to put the sliced meat into. Each package should be enough for a meal if it's used in something like pizza, burritos, or quesadillas for our family.

You are right, I have been very busy and while I have a list of (good!) excuses half a mile long, it doesn't matter -- in the end, questions left in comments slip through the cracks, and I just don't make the time to manage my email inbox. I'm actually happiest on the days (and lately it has been many days!) when I don't even turn on the computer, but this of course means there are 101 things waiting for my attention when I do make time for online stuff. I appreciate everyone's patience with me!! :)

I hope you have a great week! :)


A while back I read on your blog how you extend real butter and make it soft and spreadable whipping it with olive oil and water. I have been using this method ever since and we love it. Today I decided to do the same thing only use coconut oil instead of olive oil and its great. I am hoping it gives the benefits of using coconut oil too. I just thought I would pass this tid bit along.

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