Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: How to remove smells from jar lids

I love using glass jars in my kitchen! I save any nice glass jars that we get and use them for making kefir (any size batch, I have a jar for it!), drinking or storing drinks in the fridge, storing dry foods, or even as a vase for fresh cut flowers.

But what's the best way to remove smells from the jar lids -- like pickle jar lids? In the past, I submerged the lids in baking soda and let them stay there... sometimes for weeks until the smell disappeared.

I still do use the baking soda to start, but after a week if the lid still smells, I let it rest top-down on my window sill in the sunshine. Direct sunshine finishes removing smells from the lid! I know some people skip the baking soda and just use the sunshine, but we don't always have enough direct sunlight here to do that. :)

Other ways to remove smells from lids? One I've heard but never tried is to place crumpled newspaper inside the jar.

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I've used the baking soda, but didn't think about the sunshine! Thank you! I harness the power of the sun for all sorts of other things (like disinfecting), so I'm glad to know it works for this too. :-)

Here is my post for the week - tip on making oatmeal "to-go."

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents


We love our Whole Wheat Bran Muffins. We eat them every day. I had to do something to cut down on the time it took to make them & clean up since I baked every third day.

My tip is to mix your own "off the shelf, box style mix" of dry ingredients to use in your recipes. I can bake 7 batches of my muffins before I need to measure dry ingredients again. Definitely saves me time.

I've included the recipe for our muffins in this post as well.

I appreciate all the folks who have visited from your blog to read my post on "Basil Loveliness" and hope everyone will enjoy our muffins too.

Here's the URL for my post:

Thanks for hosting,


Thanks for this tip! I've been watching "Hoarders" lately and I'm starting to get a little worried every time I open my glass jar cabinet. Yes, I have an entire cabinet devoted to glass jars. Maybe that's a bit much, but I just can't seem to part with them since I also do kefir, sourdough, and try to avoid storing leftovers in plastic. Great tip on getting the smell out of jar lids!

Anyway, here's my post for my kitchen tip on making perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs:

Thanks!! And I love your blog!

Thanks for your tip. I have a friend who uses pickle jars to give small fresh cut flowers to people. She makes it look so pretty. I need to start doing that.

The tip I would like to share today is 5 ways to successfully add zucchini to a casserole.


Here is my latest tip - The Easiest Way to Preserve Tomatoes:

- Adrienne

Kitchen Tip:
Toasting Corn Tortillas Katie @ Gluten-Free Food Storage

I am so doing this. I've always tried to get the smells out of the lids.

definitely going to try that one! Pickles... leave that strong scent behind!

Here's my tip for today -- how to freeze mushrooms!

Thanks for hosting.

Great tip Tammy! I LOVE using glass jars in my kitchen too, and that is great to know how to get the spell out of the lids!

I would like to share a simple tip about how to make your dish soap last MUCH longer. Using this method, the big containers of dish soap last me forever!

Thanks for doing Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. I always learn something new each time I visit!

(The Purposed Heart)

That's a great tip! I never quite knew how to get the smell out of jars, thanks!

My tip is about keeping produce fresh and using up not so fresh produce.

Katy @ Purposely Frugal

What an awesome tip tammy! thanks for hosting :0)

This tip is from Living So Abundantly. Love your tip btw!

The link for Mindy's tip on stretching dish soap doesn't work. I had to find it through a Google search.

Here's my tip for this week:

Fighting Dishwater Hands


Here's my link:

thanks for hosting this, Tammy! :)

Hi Tammy,

Wasn't sure if my link went through? This is my first time posting using the comment form here. Thanks!

Hi Tammy! A reader just left a comment for me on my blog that the link to my dish soap post was not working in your list of tips. If it's not to much of a problem I was wondering if you would be able to fix it? :-) If not that's fine, but I thought I would just let you know that it's not working.


Mindy - The Purposed Heart

I get the same spaghetti sauce jars and thought they'd make great jars for display, etc. The only problem was the lids. I soaked and soaked them in baking soda and water to no avail. :( I am going to try this. I'll set it out when I make my sun tea--kill two birds with one stone. :) Thank you! Your blog really is an excellent source. :)

I will keep that in mind! Great tip!

I have one along the same lines. How to open tough jars:

I'm not sure if this comment went through last night or not, so I'm reposting! I have a jar opening trick (when you're done opening the jar, you can de-smell the lid. LOL)

Ironic - I was just last week trying to figure out how to get the pickle smell from a lid - so now I know! Thanks for the tip.
My tip is one I found online recently - When using your non-stick spray, first open your dishwasher and spray your pan over the open door. That way, all the overspray goes into your dishwasher and will get cleaned up when you run it and you will not have the spray all over the floors and countertops to deal with.

I'd never thought of sunshine for jar lids! Great idea. There's also another way to get rid of odors, which is to use fat. Here's my blog post about it:

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