Giveaway from More Than Alive + Discount code (think vitamins, tea, coffee, and Berkey water filters)

I've written about More Than Alive probably a dozen times. They carry some of my favorite stuff and this week I get to give some of it away to you!

It started a few years ago when we purchased our Royal Berkey water filter, using a 10% discount code from More Than Alive. I had been refilling 12-15 jugs of water at the grocery store each week. (Our tap water in Ohio was horrible!) Having a good water filter AT HOME transformed my weekly shopping trips into something a bit more manageable, and we have loved having a Berkey water filter!

Over 3 years later, we're still using the original black filters, and the Royal size is serving our growing family well. I think we use 3-4 gallons of drinking/cooking water each day now. I've written a lot more about our Berkey water filter here. In fact, I have trouble stopping once I get started about how much we love our Berkey! ;)

Lemon Lover's Tea
Lemon Lover's herbal tea -- a favorite with glazed Lemon Scones!

Then, there's the herb tea blends More Than Alive carries. Their Lemon Lover's Tea is calming and comforting. The Blues Brew is probably my favorite blend, though. Delicious, warming, and refreshing! Our mornings here in western Washington are so chilly, a hot cup of tea or coffee is perfect even in the summer.

Speaking of coffee, I reviewed More Than Alive's Cane Creek Coffee earlier this year. I think their French Roast was my favorite, although Cinnamon Hazelnut or Vanilla are also quite good!

But recently...

The last time I ordered from More Than Alive, I stocked up on my favorite multi-vitamins: SuperMom vitamins.

I had been using an identical vitamin by NOW brand called Special Two with Green Superfoods. In the tablet form, it was the cheapest I had found. But, my source for those (in Ohio) is no more, so buying the SuperMom vitamins using a discount from More Than Alive was my best option. (If you don't have a discount code, ordering them on Amazon is a comparable option.)

When they came in the mail, I compared the two vitamins:

SuperMom vitamins

And the labels:

Yep, they're the same thing! :) I've been using these vitamins for 3 years and really notice a difference if I stop taking them.

The Giveaway:

More Than Alive said I could choose what to give away this week, and so I'm going to let YOU choose what you would like to win! Three winners will receive a pound of Cane Creek Coffee or an herbal tea blend (or two 8-ounce selections). One winner will receive a bottle of SuperMom vitamins! (Four winners total.)

This giveaway is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 17-19, 2011. Four winners will be selected using and announced on Sunday, August 21.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite product is from More Than Alive! If you aren't logged in, make sure you comment includes a way to contact you if you win.

The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter.

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 17-19 ONLY! Discount code: TA5M6

Full disclosure, as usual: I have always maintained that any product review I write will be completely honest. I would never recommend that anyone purchase anything that I wouldn't spend my own hard-earned money on. After we purchased our Berkey, we loved it so much we wanted to review and recommend it to others. More Than Alive asked us to be part of their affiliate program, and we earn a commission on purchases made through the links in this post. Thanks for your support! :)


I would love to win something! I have not tried their tea, but that Lemon lovers sounds so good!!
My favorite product from them, would be the Berkey water filter....we have enjoyed ours, now that we figured out how to use it. I also love their great customer service.

Hello, I don't have a favorite yet. I haven't tried any of the products.
I would love to win a product to try. If I win you can contact me at

super mom vits.

We have a Berkey filter and love it! I would love the Supermom vitamins. Thanks for the giveaway!

Super Mom Vitamins!! Would love to win those.

I started taking these vitamines this summer and felt more energy also. I have not been taking them the last few weeks and have felt sluggish - reminder to take them again. Would love to win a bottle of these.

I would love to try the vitamins!

I have not tried anything by more than alive, but would enjoy trying their coffee or tea. The tea blends you mentioned sound interesting. :)

We're in love with our Royal Berkey too. :-)
More Than Alive has a good selection of essential oils. I love keeping those on hand.

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Michelle wants to win the supermom vits.

I WOULD love to try some of these products.....probably the coffee! It sound amazing! I think I might use the discount too and try their essential oils! :) Thank you!

Niki Blake

I would love to win those vitamens,,, I have never ordered from them before so I cant recomend anything.

Love the recipes on their site!

Would live the coffee or tea! Praying I win Something!!!

Priscilla Rowan


And I haven't ordered anything yet from MTA, but am ordering a Royal Berkey within the next couple I know that will be my favorite product!

Priscilla Rowan

I would love to try the Super Mom Vitamins... Being a busy mom of almost 5 I often and easily forget to take care of my body!

i've never tried anything from more than alive, but i think my husband would love to try their coffee!

We are also Berkey lovers in our home! I scrubbed my filters for the first time recently and while one was pretty much still clean the other was GROSS! I'm so glad I took it apart and got it cleaned out...and that whatever that stuff was is not in our bodies :)

I'd love to try the vitamins. I've never found one that felt like it made a difference. Thanks!

They all sound like great giveaways but with 4 kids and just recovering from a 2 WEEK long virus I feel like I need the vitamins! :) Thank you.

I definitely need some of those Supermom vitamins - like right now! :)

I haven't purchased from More than Alive, but I would love to win the vitamins or the coffee. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

My favorite thing from there is the bulk herbs! I can't narrow it down to just one! I placed an order with them a few months back and was more than pleased with what I recieved. I'd love to one day be able to get one of the water filters, too!


I like their super mom vitamins and would love to win this giveaway!
schroepfer 7 (at) gmail (dot) com

I LOVE SuperMom vitamins and couldn't do without them! If I win, please contact me at:

We love many of the products from More Than Alive!! We love their bulk herbs & almonds and being able to order Beeyoutiful products like their essential oils! We love their teas, too! Thanks!

i order LOTS of stuff from them... i think my fav right now is the bulk powdered stevia. i couldn't get it from my other sources... but More Than Alive had it!! i also love their cinnamon sticks and pieces.

I have never tried any of their products, but would be thrilled to do so! I would have a hard time choosing because I love coffee, tea and good vitamins and would use their essential oils to make soap. :) Thank you for offering this great giveaway!


would probably be the Berkey! I hope to buy one someday.

We loved their cafe americano!

I love their SuperKids vitamins! Next paycheck, I'm hoping to order some Chlorophyll, and also get some SuperDads for my husband.

Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee! :D

I would love to win some Super Mom vitamins!

Also, your coupon code came at the perfect time. I've had "buy a Berkey" on my to-do list for a few months now and just yesterday decided it is time because I nearly gagged when drinking our softened and "filtered" (it's just a Brita pitcher) water!

I have bought herbs from them before and they are great to work with. :)

My favorite product from them would be the Super Mom vitamins. I would love to try them!



Laurasu82 at

your high reviews of their teas really make me want to try some!

I haven't purchased from More Than Alive, but I would like to try the SOS tea for my girls.

Love their Blues tea! Would love to try the coffe next for my husband and college age daughter who love coffee.

I haven't tried anything from this site, but I know I could use some of those supermom vitamins!
I feel sluggish so often.


mpierce0602 AT msn DOT com

I would love to try their Lavender Essential Oil from More Than Alive. I can never have enough Lavender!! :) Thanks Tammy for this opportunity!

Shana E.

The SOS for PMS is a favorite of mine. I buy it by the lb. then break it into smaller packages to give away to women who complain of horrible PMS.

My most desired item is the Berkley water filter. Been wanting that one for awhile. : (

I would love the vitamins!

We just moved to Ohio and the water is a bit scary in the area we live in. Our dark clothing actually bleaches out in spots because of the high concentration of chemicals in the water. (I asked the water company what our kidneys might look like after a while) I haven't used my Berkey in about three years, so I hope it is still good (does it go "bad"??) as I'd love to pull it out again. We have the clear blue one that tends to get scaly and scary looking. I wish we had the gorgeous chrome one ~ silly me.

I would love the vitamins or the teas. I have SuperMoms in the capsule form (not the giant tablets) and I find myself rationing them as if there aren't any more in the world. LOL! My husband is a huge fan of coffees (and SuperDads). So, anything would be a huge blessing :o)

vikingjob at yahoo dot com

This would be such a an awesome giveaway to win! I will have to check out this More than Alive!

Thanks so much!
Momma to 3
Shay B

We love our Berkey!

I haven't used any products from More than Alive, but now would be a good time to start. LOL
Count me in.
accrisanti at yahoo dot com


We Love, Love, Love, the morethanalive superfood blend!!!! I use the chia seeds and either the carob or cacao powder almost on a daily basis!! I have loved every product I have bought so far!! I love their site, so informative!!! I would love to win the super mom Vitamins, everyone needs a Super Mom Right??? you can contact me at Thank you!!!

I think I'd go for the coffee, although I like ice tea too.

I love More Than Alive. I buy most of my herb teas from them and my replacement filters for my Berkey Light.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Have a great day!

Here's my email just in case. LOL!
goofyhappysilly (at) gmail (dot) com

I love all their vitamins - I've bought the Supermom, Superdad, and Superkids. My kids love taking their liquid vitamins! I also like the organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and other bulk herbs. Awesome giveaway!!

i would love to win those supermom vitamins! i'm always on the lookout for ones that will make me feel like supermom. maybe these will do it?

i am more and more interested in your water filter. we have a brita filter in our fridge, but i get the feeling that it doesn't quite get everything bad out, or that i'm either changing the filter too much or not enough.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! I've never purchased anything from More than Alive, but I think their coffee and teas would be good...since I'm a coffee and tea girl!


I've never tried this tea and would love to. I enjoy tea very much and am always looking to try something new. Thanks for a chance to win!

The Berkey is definitely our favorite MoreThanAlive product so far. We continue to be completely thrilled with it - thanks for all the info about it, and the discount codes! :D

Just realized I wasn't logged in, so here's my comment again:

The Berkey is definitely our favorite MoreThanAlive product - we couldn't live without it here n the city! Thanks for all the info about it, and the discount codes!

I see they have a lot of essential oils. My favorite is the lavender essential oil.

I have enjoyed the Berkey water filter from More Than Alive. I also have used the Supermom vitamins and have been very pleased with them. I'd love a chance to win them or some yummy herbal tea!

Hi Tammy, I think my fav would be water filter system. But I have not purchased one yet. Thanks to you and More Than Alive for this giveaway!

I dont have a fav. item but looks like something i might need to try. :)

We love our Berkey, which we bought on your recommendation! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing what works well for you.

Thank you,
Michelle M.
hsmamafl at gmail (dot) com

My husband really likes the coffee. We've never tried the tea, but we love tea so maybe we'll try that next!

We LOVE our Berkey, but it would be great to be able to try some other products from More Than Alive!

I haven't tried anything yet but would love to try the tea. I have a cup every afternoon.

I would love to try some of the tea!

Tammy, I am new to your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your tips and recipes! I love cooking for my family (just my husband and me... we've been married for a little over a year, so no children yet), and I'm constantly looking for new recipes, the healthier the better! I'm planning to try a few of them for our meals in the upcoming week.

God bless!

I would love to win this giveaway. The coffee sands great:) Thank you:)
Barbara Mantell

I would love to try the vitamins!!

Coffee, tea PLEASE enter me.....I already use the Super Mom vitamins and agree with you I can notice a difference if I skip. They are the best.
S. Allums

I would love to try the vitamins

the Supermom vitamins! Thank you, Tammy, for hosting great giveaways - and a great site.

I would love to try out some of their products, I'm currently saving my swagbucks for a berkey water filter (shouldn't take more than 3 years at my current rate). Anyway, I'd love to try any of the products being randomly given husband loves coffee, I like tea and I would just love some vitamins to help with everyday! : )

I would like to be entered into the contest too, please. I will have to check this company out a little better. I thought they only had the water filters. My husband and I are seriously considering purchasing one because of your recommendations.
jspnjohnson (at) msn (dot) com
Thanks for the chance to win.

Please throw my name in the hat!


sarynp at yahoo dot com

I'd like to try the baby buttermilk bath.
gingeroo616 at aol dot com

I would probably pick replacement filters for my Berkey filter...just the blue plastic model, but we still love it, and I like that it sits on a platform.

However, the SuperMom vitamins interest me too! :)

I haven't tried any products from More than Alive, but I wouldn't mind trying the tea and vitamins. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Hi Tammy,
I love your site so much, thank you for making it! I have never purchased from MorethanAlive but the Super Mom vitamins seem to be right up my alley. I don't have any energy lately and would love a way to keep myself healthy and energetic. So I would love to win these vitamins.
Thank you!

Jazmin (

Ohh, I have looked at the vitamins before and been wanting to give them a try! Thanks!

Would love to try the Supermom vitamins! Thanks

My favorite product is my Berkey! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

Angela :)

My favorite product by far is the Berkey. Those filters last forever, and the water tastes so good!

I would love to try the Supermom vitamins. I have thought about it for a long time but have never tried them.

contact at

their coffee is great!

;-) I have been using Kirkland brand - but would love to try these Mama vitamins. Thank you for the opportunity! (forgot my log-in, will work on getting that re-memorized ;-))

elizabeth k

Supermom Vitamins! Thanks

I have been saving to buy a berkey filter and am very interested in the vitamins. psychokitty5 @

I'd love to win the teas or the Supermom vitamins! thanks for the giveaway, Tammy!!

How can I narrow it down to one item from MTA? I've ordered from there for years, and love many of the items. Okay, we have the Crown Berkey, teas, herbs, supplements. Since I waited for many years before we finally bought a water filter, I'll list the Berkey as my favorite item. Good drinking water is foundational!

business83 at frontier dot com

I've not tried any of their products, but would love to try the vitamins if I would win!
Elizabeth - ellenbeth1981 at yahoo dot com
Thanks for your site!

I've never tried this brand but I think probably the super vitamins.

I'd love to have a water filter, and theirs looks wonderful! Thanks!

Davonne Marie @ HighPCS . com (remove spaces)

My favorite item is the Berkey water filter, but I'd love to try the vitamins.

The only thing I've ever tried from there is the Cane Creek Coffee which I LOVED, but I'm now in the process of saving up for a Berkey Water filter :)

I would love to try their tea.. especially the blues tea. calibrook(at)yahoo(dotcom)

Hmmm, my posts aren't showing up. Oh well, coffee is great and iherb has your now foods special two also. :) Please enter me also.

We love the Berkey the most, but I would love to try the Supermom vitamins!! -Amanda Y. (ayyogurt(at)(yahoo)(dotcom)

Tammy do you take a 2 tablet per day dose of supermom? Thanks! Tabitha in Iowa

Yes, I do take 2 tablets per day. :)

We're continuing to save up... we'd love to get a Berkey! :-) I greatly appreciate reading all the comments....

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