The latest clothesline (and Washington weather woes!)

Kids hanging up laundry

I'm all about hanging my laundry outside to dry. Standing in the warm sunshine and pinning clothes or diapers to the line just makes me feel happy inside! :)

I've posted pictures of all my other clotheslines (house and apartment!), so I figured I'd share about the one I made here. This is our first summer in this rental house... if you could call what we've had so far this year a "summer"!

Yes, I am sad that sunny days are so few and far between here. It's a rainy 60 degrees here right now! Does it seem like I'm always complaining about the weather?! I'm excited about tomorrow's forecast of a partly-cloudy 70 degrees and have 2 loads of diapers waiting to be washed and hung out! :)

When the weather is nice, we just soak it up. You would too if June had a whopping 3 days where you saw the sun and didn't need sweatshirts! ;) I'm so glad I'm not stuck indoors or at work on the nice days. The kids and I get to head outside to the yard and play!

Our back yard...

When we moved out of our apartment, I untied my clothesline and brought it with me. I tied up new lines here: A small one across part of the deck and a short one up high for hangers. The rest of the clothes I've just been hanging over the deck railing. I can dry a couple loads at a time this way. This is so much more line-drying space than in our apartment! :)

My clothesline

So, today I will make myself a chai tea latte, toss the laundry in the dryer, and thaw a salmon to grill. I will enjoy this rainy, cold summer day in the Pacific Northwest!


I think we need to switch locales for a while!

I'm in sunny MI (at least it's been super sunny here as of late) and I'm really starting to crave some cooler, cloudy days. Ahhh....I get so much housecleaning/organizing done on those days!

Yet, it's sunny here. So I will deal with sunny. Grilling. Eating outdoors. Dirty & happy children. Weeding in the garden. And yes, even sweating (ugh)....;)

Choosing to be content & happy!

Lori @ "Momma's Hands"
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Yes! I wish! :)

I really DO like cooler, cloudy days... some times. :)

We live in Southwestern BC and it's the same situation here. So far we haven't had any beach days and I've hardly been able to hang my laundry. Will this be the summer that never was?

Will this be the summer that never was?
I hope not, because that was last year! It didn't get nice until September! :)

I agree! Pinning up clothes to dry just fills me up inside with satisfaction. I thought it was weird, but since you share that feeling I don't feel so strange now. :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Our woes are opposite yours. Here in fort worth, tx we have soooo much sun if I were to hang dry clothes I think they might catch on fire!!! It is only 12:30 here and already 101. We have been hitting 106 and it hasn't rained since mid June. And based on the weather-man we still have about 11 days till there might be rain again! But what a blessing to live in a time where we have a/c!!!!! We find our joy in the Lord!

I'll trade weather with you. We have lots of great sunshine and heat for drying that laundry. :-)

Yes, in Central Texas you wouldn't have to hang it out. Just set the basket outside for 5 minutes, and all is dry. We wake up to 80 degrees, and it only goes up from there. I don't think I'd like no sunshine, but I could easily be jealous of cooler temps.

Your weather sounds dreamy right now. We haven't had more than a 1/10 of an inch of rain in over 2 weeks and it's been so hot, the heat index has been around 106..... I guess the grass is always I love the pictures, it always great to see how others are living their day to day lives. Thanks!

So cute! i love a clothes line, too. I have two here on the farm, and a rope I take with me on vacations. I know someone who had a deck like yours. She got an umbrella base, for a patio table. She put an umbrella clothes line in it, and it worked like a charm. You could probably move it from place to place as you change homes, too. Hope you have more sunny days!

Hi Tammy! I love your blog!! I live in Portland and have the same frustration with the loooooong/rainy/sunless winter that is stretching into the summer now. My husband was just commenting that 4 months ago we had the same weather as we are having in the middle of July! I struggle with seasonal depression, so this is very hard and I understand the feeling of being frustrated with the weather. I spend a lot of time praying and trying to focus on the good things in my day and taking an extra extra dose of vitamin D! :)

Do you have a favorite vitamin D supplement?

We do eat lots of salmon... I wonder if that's God's way of helping provide extra Vitamin D to PNWers! :)

It's 110 here in Phoenix and I'm jealous of your weather :)

My husband's company has an office in Seattle and we always joke about relocating there. The weather sounds wonderful to us ;)

Okay, the weather here IS wonderful. Some times. :) I do not like really hot weather (especially without a/c!) so it is not too cold for me... just too dark sometimes. :) I mean, it is awesome that the sun rises before 5am and doesn't set until 9:30 pm. Except on days when it is so cloudy we never even see it, despite it being July! :)

Two years ago, we had an amazing summer though. We had a record of like 100 sunny days in a row! And it was in the 60's and 70's most of that time. Just perfect, perfect weather! I guess it can't always be like that. :D

I just have to say that your backyard looks fabulous. I love all the greenery. I guess it stays pretty green with all the rain, huh? :) I'm in California, and I know what you mean about the summers here in the west. What summer?

Thank you! I love our back yard too. The greenery provides privacy, and I just love seeing green. :) We don't water, and it does stay really green! :)

Your on the wrong side of Wa! lol. Were just over the mountains and its sunny all the time. Over where you are August and Sept are the "summer" months. But it is always lovely and green over there :) Love your clothes line! I need a better one for cloth diapers. I just put them on the table to help with any stains.

Yes. :) My brother lives in Moses Lake. If we don't get some sunshine soon, I may just pack up and drive over there for a sunny weekend!!! :) (Hey, at least sunshine is just a short drive away, right? And they have a/c over there!) :D

I think we should visit you. I'm not a hot summer lover and living in DC is tough. Now this summer I'm 8 months pregnant on top of it! I decided early on when I realized I would be going through this summer with a huge baby bump that I would have to have a good attitude - especially since I also have gestational diabetes AND chocolate is giving me massive heartburn (and I'm normally prone to complaining!). It helps to think about how in 8 weeks it will all change - for the better! You enjoy your cold day for me and I'll think of you when I'm sweating in the sunshine!

Thanks for the encouragement. :) :)

And you're welcome to visit any time! :D

Today's paper says 17 states will have continued temperatures of over 100 degrees, causing much distress for many, including humans, animals and crops, so the cool, green days of the NW would be a blessing for many!
You are fortunate that regulations within your community allow you to hang laundry outside...many do not. I remember my mother always hung clothes but we much preferred the softer feel of clothes from the dryer...not being aware of the cost of operating it, of course.

Hi Tammy! I feel a little silly asking this, but how did you attach your clothesline? Is it attached to the deck at both ends? And an even sillier question--what do you actually use for a clothesline and where could I find one? We don't have anywhere to put a real clothesline in our backyard, but I would like to take advantage of the free sunshine and do more outdoor drying--especially since we are expecting our first little one soon, and I plan on using cloth diapers. I have one of those fold-up drying racks that I use for my husband's jeans, but it doesn't hold much. Also, how do you deal with stiffness when line-drying? I set some towels on the drying rack outside the other day (I had never done this before) and I couldn't believe how rough and scratchy they were when they dried. Is this just a normal part of line-drying, or is there anything I can do to combat this? Sorry for all the questions--I appreciate any feedback you're able to give as you have time!

I bought my white clothesline cord at Walmart about 9 years ago. It was very cheap! I hung some at our first rental in Missouri. Then, our Ohio rental had a nice clothes line, so when we moved to our apartment in WA, I used my leftover clothesline cord to hang a line there. I took it down when we moved, and hung it back up here! :)

Which brings me to HOW it is hung! I tie the clothesline. On the line that is across the deck, it is just tied at both ends. It holds well, and is removable. :) If you don't have anything to tie it to, you can put in a big nail and then tie it to that. Or tie to a tree. (But I am not a fan of hanging clothes under a tree unless necessary!)

Stiffness with drying -- you can add vinegar to the rinse, which works as a natural fabric softener. Or use fabric softener. Or put the dried clothes in the dryer and tumble on the "air dry" setting for ~20 minutes (does use electricity, but not HEAT so is a lot cheaper). Or, tumble wet clothes for 10 minutes before hanging to dry. I actually don't mind the stiff towels... they make my skin feel great! :D But Joshua likes softer towels. Sometimes I use a stiff towel once, and then give it to him to use a few times before washing again. :)

Thank you so much--that was really helpful!

Oh no. Don't let my husband see this post!
He's been wanting to move to the Washington/Oregon side of the U.S. since I met him, and it's increasingly become conversation fodder around here! I'm in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and it has been HOT HOT HOT here. The humidity makes it even worse.

My husband grew up in Louisiana, as well as Texas and Georgia, so he's ready for a big change. I personally think we have, overall, the best of all temperatures and climates in the U.S. here in the great state of VA, and towards the beginning of September things will start cooling down.

However, my husband gets that gleam in his eye when he talks about moving all the way across the country, so I'm just not going to share this post with him for now, ok? ;-D

What is the cool blue thing that you hung your cloth diapers from?

It's this little hanging dryer from Ikea. A friend gave it to me as a gift. The kids love hanging things on it for me! :) It can be used indoors too. I love it for diaper covers or little things! :)

Kudos to you for your dedication. I live in Ohio so in the summer I've thought about line drying but in the winter...out of the question! I would have frozen clothes ;) My friend and started a wash and fold laundry service from our homes and 1 thing we did learn to try and reduce drying time was tossing tennis balls into the dryer. It cuts drying time down while fluffing bulky items at the same time. After reading how dedicated you are to line drying I may actually give it a shot come spring! Thanks for your post!

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