The Piggy: A cutting board of memories (and then some!)

Piggy cutting board

Sixty years ago, my grandma was given a hand-made piggy cutting board. (Hers is still in use but quite worn and not pictured here.)

Thirty years ago, my parents were given a copy of the piggy cutting board as a wedding gift, hand-made by two of my dad's younger brothers. (Pictured at top)

When we were in Ohio last month, my dad made a new one and gave it to me to bring home with us! (Pictured at bottom) This may be the only pig that ever enters my kitchen! ;)

A thick, solid maple cutting board, hand-cut by my dad with the help of my boys. What a lovely surprise! And such a fun legacy to see continued! :) And for a pig... it's pretty cute. ;)

Making the cutting board...

Now the hard decision... to use The Piggy, or just keep it on display? I think I'll start using it. Apparently it's built to last... and replaceable! :)

Here's another thing from my childhood: Oatmeal Apple Raisin Muffins. What could be a better breakfast than warm-from-the-oven whole grain muffins?! My mom makes these, and everyone loves them. My children devour them whenever I make them. I can't believe it took me this long to finally put up the recipe! :)

Yehoshua frosting cupcakes with my mom
My mom, frosting cupcakes with Yehoshua :)

One person said they would like to know:

"...what you do to spend time with your mom when you are there? Cooking? Games?"

Mostly we just did normal everyday stuff while we were visiting. My mom helped Yehoshua with his math school work, which was a fun change of pace for him. :) We all pitched in with dishes, cooking, and laundry. My mom took the kids for wagon rides or walks. There were a few things I wanted to do with my mom (like making her homemade egg noodles!) but we didn't get to due to being sick for about 2 weeks of our visit! :)

Whatever my mom was doing, she tried to involve at least one of the kids! :) My dad did the same, in the evenings and on the weekends, when he was home. The boys got to help with lots of projects and work around the farm! Taking 4-wheeler rides on the property was a favorite activity, as was ground hog hunting. :)

Yehoshua, helping on the farm
Yehoshua, pushing the wheel barrow. Outside activities that involved the wheelbarrow were extra fun!


Those muffins look super delicious! I printed it to try very soon. Thanks!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Hi Tammy! You could always just use one side of your cutting board to keep the other side mar-free. My mom had a board that said, "Use this side, save my face" printed on it, and it made a difference. When it hung, the "pretty" side faced out and you couldn't even tell it was used.

Shalom, PamiE

I had to tell you that my mom had a piggy cutting board almost identical to those. I believe that my oldest brother made it in wood shop as a high-schooler and gave it to my mother. I'll have to find out if she still has it. :-)
Those muffins look really yummy--I believe they'd be a hit with my littles too.

I have a cutting board just like that! I can't remember where I got it. It maybe was my grandmother's? I'm a grandmother, too, so that would make it quite old. I have never used the board for cutting, but finally spray-painted it red a year ago as a decoration. So cute.

You can have the exact replica be made intoa trivet for hot plates by any one who does welding. My hubby makes them for people all the time!

I love that cutting board Tammy! It is just precious, and what a great family tradition : )


I see where you get your youthful looks!
Your Momma!


Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies! :) (Now, I wish I could see pictures of YOUR piggy cutting boards!!) :)

Donna, yes! My mom does look very young for being in her late 50's! :)

which is sort of ironic because she never did anything to try to "preserve her youth" like so many women do! :P

I had a pig cutting board too. We only used it to cut meat on. We had other boards for veggies and the like, so as to keep it all separate. It finally broke. I miss that pig.


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