Sunshine in my kitchen: Papa Murphy's Thai Chicken DeLITE Pizza (new recipe)

Papa Murphy's is my favorite take-out pizza, so is it any wonder that I got excited when I saw an ad for their new Thai Chicken DeLITE pizza? :) I particularly enjoy re-creating Papa Murphy's pizzas; it's become a hobby of mine and I've loved the ones we've made so far.

We used coupons and ordered their new Thai Chicken DeLITE pizza before making our own version. Very delicious, and spicy hot! I loved the sweet chili sauce. (And the excuse to order take-out, a luxury I would have felt guilty about otherwise!) :)

And zucchini on pizza? It was great! I'm almost convinced there isn't anything that can't be put on top of a pizza! (Jessica's Thai Chicken Pizza at Good Cheap Eats includes carrots!)

The only downside to this pizza is that the sweet chili sauce was expensive. And while the whole family liked this pizza, Joshua says it's not one of his favorites (even loaded with grilled chicken).

But, I absolutely loved it and am definitely tucking this recipe for thin-crust Thai chicken pizza away for a time when there's no guys around, just ladies! :) This colorful, sweet, hot and flavorful pizza is as delicious as it looks! :)

Other Papa Murphy's pizzas I've re-created:

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All my pizza recipes can be found here! :) Now, I need to try a pizza from the comments on this post... :)


Sounds like one my family will love!!

Lisa @

did you buy the sweet chili sauce at Costco? Ours carries a pretty big bottle here for maybe 4 dollars? You may have difficulty finding ways to use it up. We make salmon tacos with it as well, mixed with some sour cream and lime juice.

I know you avoid Walmart as much as possible, but look for the sweet chili sauce, Mae Ploy brand, cost is around 1.50. I have found they have the best price. Sweet chili sauce is so versitle; lettuce wraps (my kids favorite), fresh spring rolls and so much more. Great way to use summer veggies. Looking forward to trying this pizza with garden zucchini. Thank you!

What did you use for the chili sauce? Have you tried Mae Ploy? We buy a big bottle at walmart or cash and carry for less than $4 and use it on everything! I like it on chicken nuggets and lumpia and rice and chicken, and in smokies and homemade bbq sauce. any recipe that is sweet and spicy it works in.

i tried this pizza last week and couldn't stop thinking about it. i think i'm obsessed with sweet chili sauce now and want to put it on everything. since i was making this just for myself, i cheated and used a joseph's 'roll-up' flat bread for the crust and added fresh basil after it came out of the oven. so good. i'm going to have to try your other recipes!

Where can you find the sweet chili sauce? I looked at the store earlier and couldn't find it...what section maybe?

My guess is either in the ethnic food section, or with sauces (like soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce perhaps?) but I'm not sure because Joshua picked ours up for me. I haven't made it to a Costco Business Center yet to check theirs out, but that's my plan for next time! I'll just ask an employee if I can't find it...

Thank you so much for figuring out this recipe AND SHARING IT. I made it for dinner tonight and it was great. I will make it again. Probably lots of times.

Great to hear! :) It was my first time to use sweet chili sauce and I think I got addicted!! ;)

1/3 cup water, 2 tbsp dry chicken stock soup powder, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1/3 cup mae Ploy, and 2 tbsp cornstarch. I mix two different brands of Soy sauce. Kikkomans and mushroom sauce equal parts. I loved this sauce.
Found this site for ribs with Mae Ploy

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