Homemade granola bars & misc. vacation bits :)

My mom with stuff from her garden

I spied my mom bringing in some kale and asparagus from her garden this week, and I had to take a picture of the overflowing bowl of kale! :) We've been enjoying Turkey Sausage Kale Soup and Asparagus and Onions made with fresh ginger root -- what a treat!

The children LOVE my mom's Energy Bars. My mom created/adapted these bars over the past 10+ years and they're really good! I don't usually make them, so they're a real treat for the kids to get to eat them for breakfast. We ate all my mom had made, so I mixed up another batch with Ruth's help. :)

Ruth helps
Ruth (3) helps...

Energy Bars recipe
The lovely finished granola bars! :)

All of the children have been having loads of fun doing group things and things one-on-one with my parents and their aunts and uncles. And of course, all the different books, toys and games, playing outside, playing music... the possibilities are nearly endless! :)

I raided my sisters' tea stash and we've been drinking lots of tea together. I loved the Two Leaves and a Bud tea they had... so wonderful! My mom's teapot has been in near-constant use and rests under clean kitchen towels, filled with warm tea. :)


what a lovely picture of your mom!

Your mom is beautiful! You look just like her. Looks like everyone is having fun. Enjoy your vacation!

The granola bars look sooo good!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! In reading your blog and looking at your website I truly believe that you are a blessing to your family!!!! You do so many little things with your kids!!! All of the cooking that you let them help you with really makes me miss my own kids growing up. My baby is 18 and we are in our last year of homeschooling her. I hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!!

It makes me happy just seeing/reading you visit with your family. I know you don't get back much according to your blog and I am happy for you! Enjoy all your time during your visit. Your blog helps me bless my family. Some wonderful meals have happened in my small kitchen because of you. :)

Your Mom looks like the sweetest, dearest lady ever! What a sweet picture, and sweet time together making memories. Happy Mother's Day! ~Kelsie Steele

What a great picture of your mom. It's nice to put faces with what is going on. Have a great time!

Thank you all! I will show this post/comments to my mom! :)

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