Kitchen cleaning inspiration (before and after videos)

Clean kitchen

I hate mornings when the kitchen is a disaster and I'm feeling 100% unmotivated to put forth the effort required to get things in order! (How is it possible for a home to require so much maintenance?!)

So if you watched my "kitchen tour" video and wished your kitchen was neat and tidy... this post is for you. :)

I took these videos a week ago, and today I'm feeling this same way. I don't know if it's the cold, drizzly weather, or just feeling worn out, but it sure would be nice to have an uninterrupted hour to clean the house... and then have it stay that way for a couple days. Just for once. :) I love my messy kids and busy life, but sometimes I feel like I'm spinning in circles! :)

So, to motivate myself... I took a video. And then worked really hard for a while... and took another video. :) Consider this your weekly off-topic post! ;)

Are you doing Spring Cleaning this year? (Or maybe Spring has already arrived where you live, and you've already done it!) I'm making note of things that need done and doing little bits here and there.

Shark vacuum

One thing I've done is washed the filters and parts for our vacuum cleaner. If I didn't already love this vacuum, I liked it even more after I washed the screens/filters, let them dry, and put it all back together. It's like brand new! Having a nice vacuum makes it easier to keep the floors clean, for sure. :) (We got our vacuum at Costco last year, and it includes extra hose/pipe/attachments for hard floors and upholstery. LOVE the hard floor attachment for the kitchen!)


Glad to see I am not the only one who's kitchen looks like that at times. It is a never ending battle! And it always feels great when it's all cleaned up. Thanks for posting this! Sometimes it seems like I am the only one with a messy kitchen!

Haha... I could totally get the messy kitchen award at least weekly if not daily! You are not alone! ;)

Thanks for the kind words, Tammy! You are an inspiring lady and I love reading your blog!

I have the exact same vacuum cleaner and you're's great! I love mine too. :-) Although I will say that it has a lot of power and I've vacuumed up some things that I had no idea you could vacuum up. Ha, ha!
~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Stacy, I make sure the kids do a thorough pick-up BEFORE we vacuum. ;)

This was the first time I tried washing all the filters/parts (even the top cylinder part and screen there!) and I was very impressed. Washable vacuum parts make me happy! :)

So fun! Glad you could find the motivation:) Looks like the video did just that for you! It feels so good to have things clean and empty!

Yes! :)

I love your giggle :) You've inspired me to try and make a dent in my mess.

Aw, thanks. :)

Thanks so much Tammy! Both videos were a real day brightener for me!!

Both videos were a real day brightener for me!!
Really?! :) Yay! For cleaned-up messes! :)

It is so nice to see someone who is willing to put real life out there! Recently, I've been struggling with hyperemesis (pregnant with my 5th!) and so my kitchen is a disaster area! But, seeing that others who AREN'T struggling with major illnesses deal with messes like this helps me to relax a bit more. THANKS!!

Umm, yeah. I am not pregnant or feeling unwell... my excuse is more like laziness. ;) Things get crazy when I'm not 100%... but then, I scale back and don't worry about doing as much cooking, cleaning, etc... well, as much as possible. ;)

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates cleaning, especially the kitchen. Someday's it feels like all I do is load and unload the dishwasher and wash dishes!! Your kids are so cute! I really enjoyed a glimpse of your real life! :)

Absolutely... staying on top of all the mess is exhausting! It's never really done... :)

We have the same vacuum cleaner and LOVE it. We've only had ours for maybe 6 months now but it's definitely the best we've ever had.

Love your videos!

I love how well it sweeps... and it is SO easy to empty and clean out! :) (Did you get yours at Costco too?) :)

Hi, Tammy,
I have you on my FB page, and seen you had a before and after video. I loved your video, and yes, that is what a real kitchen looks like before clean up! Your children are really cute, and lost count on how many you have! Seemed like every time you turned the camera, I seen another little one. ;-) I have four children myself, but they are all older now, and two still live at home. You sure have your hands full! May I ask what that blue berry water and milk you had on your counter is for? Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see more!

Okay, this comment really made me smile! :) We have 4 children... so I guess they are all in that first video! :)
The milk on my counter is my kefir. It sits on the counter for 24 hours to culture. :)
The blueberry water on the counter was my water kefir! I haven't really written about that though. :)

I so enjoyed this video series and you are so fun to listen to--very relaxed, easy going and REAL! Thanks for being transparent and showing us fellow moms that we're not alone in fighting clutter, toy messes, and kitchens-needing-a-cleaning every day! And your kids are darling!

I chuckled on the second video when you showed the kitchen table, wondering if you your spoon has the same purpose as the spoon at our house!

Haha... um, perhaps. ;)

I just got done spring cleaning my kitchen cabinets along with my bathrooms. Boy, did it feel great!! I have been meaning to do it, but my Dad helped get me to get it done. He was showing my kitchen to some friends - your cousin. My Dad built my kitchen, so I knew he would show the insides and I knew how much they could use a cleaning. I was so happy to have them all done.


My kitchen looks like that almost daily! It does get clean at least once a day but when you make 3 meals and one snack a day it means you have to clean 4 times a day if you want it to always be clean. You are not alone!! I love how you keep it real. Good job mama!

Katie @

OH, was that first video a DIRTY kitchen?! :)

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