Eat Well, Spend Less series: Covering every facet of grocery budgeting and styles!

Yesterday, I promised a round up of all the posts in the Eat Well, Spend Less series! I've poured over each of these posts and they are well worth your time!

Jessica at Life As Mom writes about Avoiding Expensive Ingredients to Eat Well & Spend Less. Her post is right on! You know from my grocery shopping posts that even though we eat lots of beans and rice (yum!), we also splurge where it matters to us, and good food does matter to us. Go read Jessica's post; I smiled through the whole thing! :)

Carie at Denver Bargains writes about Simple Steps To Get Started Using Coupons. Carrie's post is an approachable guide and that girl knows her stuff! (She'll answer your questions in the comments, too!)

Aimee at Simple Bites shares Homemade Substitutes for Grocery Staples. I love her suggestions, and there's tons of discussion in the comments at her post, too! :)

Mandi at Life Your Way writes about how she is able to Budget for Lots of Fresh Produce. I'm on board with that, for sure! :)

Shaina at Food For My Family has a stellar post about Menus and Meal Planning. Seriously, go read her post and get inspired! I'm not the best menu-planner and I needed to read her advice!! :)

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship outdoes herself again with two posts: When to Splurge, settle, and skip and Cutting the Budget on Whole Foods. She shares what works for them and gives real-food food budgeting encouragement, all without making me feel guilty for those cinnamon rolls I made last week. ;)

Alyssa at Kingdom First Mom writes about Using Coupons on Healthier Foods. Her insights are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to use coupons but not buy as much processed stuff! :)

Katie at Good Life Eats shares about Homemade DIY Pantry Staples. Along with some great ideas, Katie's food photography always amazes me! Her food blog has some of the best food photos, period. (My pics look a little boring after you come back from her blog...) ;)

And my own contribution, where I write about buying in bulk, long term food storage, and even touch on losing weight on a budget. :)


I think one big thing to saving money, eating well and being frugal is to look outside the box! It is alot more work sometimes, but I often get good food for free or really cheap, because I am willing to do a little work. Tonight I was given a gallon of fresh raw milk. Sometimes I take care of someone's garden and get some produce, I will clean up someone's yard in exchange for apples or sort through things for other food. There are more chances like this then you think sometimes!!!

Thank you! I will be checking these out! We just discovered last night that it's cheaper (including the gas it takes to drive there and back) for us to drive about 60 miles round trip to buy groceries than to shop for them in our town.

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