Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Hamburger bun secrets revealed!

Okay, that title is rather tongue-in-cheek. ;) I don't think I have any secrets when it comes to making hamburger buns! But after I posted pictures of the Mexican black bean burgers, so many of you asked about the buns in the picture! :)

I shaped the hamburger buns like the one-hour dinner rolls (I wrote about this a couple weeks ago) -- and there is a video demo in that recipe of the "kaiser roll" technique.

But since I was going to use the "rolls" for burgers, after I shaped them, I pressed them as flat as possible with my hands. They still rose some in the middle, but they were more of a sandwich bun shape instead of a round-ish dinner roll shape. :)

Then I did the egg wash and sesame seeds which makes them look fancy. :) Of course I chose the nicest, most perfectly-shaped ones for pictures. ;)

Here's my video of the hamburger buns I made:

Some day I will take a video without rambling on forever! It annoys me when my videos are so much longer than necessary. :)

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How to make yogurt from powdered milk

Thanks Tammy!


Wow, those hamburger buns look amazing. I am so glad you shared that because mine taste pretty good but they never look very good. I am going to try your technique!

My tip is about making a list of go-to side dishes:

I think the Kaiser roll shape is more forgiving for appearance's sake... the top of the bun doesn't have to be perfectly flat or symmetric and still looks beautiful! :)

Thanks again for the great tips, Tammy. I am going to be looking at your kefir information today.

I am sharing my super easy recipe for making your own coconut milk. You can save lots of time and money doing in this way. It is a great baking substitute and my kids even like to drink it as it w/ a bit of sweetener added.

Here is my link:

- Adrienne

Sharing a tupperware organizing method :)

I made a frittata for the first time, was surprised at how easy it was and how flexible they are.

Frittatas/tortilla (Spanish name) are a great way to use up leftovers, and are particularly good if you put cooked new potatoes in them. You can cook them on the top of the stove or in the oven, and are eminently adaptable! I often make them when my vegetarian inlaws come for dinner.



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)

Hi Tammy :-)

First off, I didn't get around to linking up last week till Wed., and my links didn't get added in. Could they be added to this week's?

I am looking forward to someday having a computer which will be able to down load your videos and let me listen to your 'rambling on'! ;-)

This week I am linking up a posting about "Soothing Shepard's Pie". In it are some 'bonus tips' about Garlic powder -->

Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built

Oh no! I don't know what happened! But you're right, I totally didn't get yours added in (or the one left after yours)! I'm sorry. :| But I did add all of them today!! :) Thank you for sharing so many great tip posts!! :)

Thanks - and your welcome - my pleasure!!! :-)

Hey Tammy,
Love the video of how you do the hamburger buns. Yummy!
I am wondering if your using a 'splat' type mat on your baking sheet?
Just curious about them. If you are, do use them with other baking?
Thanks for your time!

DeDe, yes! I am using a silicone baking mat on my sheet in the video!

I got two to try and am using them with aluminum baking Sheets I got at Business Costco for cheap. Normally I would not use aluminum, but with the silicone liner, the food never touches the aluminum, so this is the only aluminum I "allow" in my kitchen! ;D

I had never used a silicone mat before but I have FALLEN IN LOVE with them, for real! I'll probably blog about it sometime. But basically it makes it so much easier to clean the baking sheets, and I don't have to grease them at all, and nothing sticks! I've used them to bake rolls, buns, soft pretzels, etc... maybe the best part is that the egg wash I brush on my "fancy" breads like challah or buns? It doesn't stick to the pan! Yay! :)

I wouldn't use them for, say, baking a sheet cake... but I have used them for bread, oven-roasted veggies, etc. :)

I hadn't asked, but I always wondered how it was done---and the video was perfect. I didn't feel that you rambled at all--you explained everything very well and I don't really think you could have made it any shorter.
I've purchased whole wheat hamburger buns and whole wheat kaiser rolls from our grocery bakery, but they're so pricey that it's always a rare treat---how nice to know that we can make them right here at home for a fraction of the cost! :-)

Why, thank you! :)

My post helps get rid of that pool of grease on top of your pizza.

Your hamburger buns look amazing! I don't bake bread at all. I am in awe of people (like you) who make all these delicious looking things!!


Thanks for the tip, Ashley! :)

You should try bread some time! It is very rewarding and fun. Yeast breads are one of my favorite things to make. :)

That is a beautiful roll! Mine never, ever look that nice.

My tips this week are for re-using old flatware.

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks Tammy, for sharing this simple kaiser roll tip with us, and putting it into a video...somehow I think explaining without pictures would have been pretty difficult. I love doing more creative stuff to my foods (6 strand challah, etc.), so this was right up my alley. I can't wait to try it out on my next dinner rolls / burger buns! Too much fun in the kitchen!

Shalom, Pam

Hi Pam! Glad you liked the video. It's the next best thing to living close enough to cook together in the kitchen, right? :) You'll have fun with the kaiser roll shaping technique! I think plain rolls would look boring to me now... :)

Wow, I was wondering how you made those gorgeous burger buns. Thanks for the tip :-) One baked, do they freeze well?

Yes! Cool the buns and then freeze in sealed freezer Ziplock bags. Freeze as soon as they're cool, and they'll be soft and "just like fresh" when you thaw them! :)

Does this post work? Tips For Feeding A Picky Eater

Sure! Thanks! :)

Wow, I wondered, I asked, and you delivered in a hurry. Thanks so much for posting that video on your hamburger buns. I am a visual learner, and that was just what I needed. I love your videos! They show your personality and you seem like such a fun person.

:) You're welcome! I was going to make some bread but then thought I should just make rolls/buns and go ahead and do the video rather than waiting. :) This video was the first one where I set the camera down and had no one else in the room, and I actually liked doing that a lot better! I could relax more... :)

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