Sunshine in my kitchen: Eliyahu's apple pies

The children enjoying their pies

Last weekend, Eliyahu (5) asked Joshua to help him make pie. So, they did! At one point, Joshua was in the kitchen with Eliyahu, Ruth (3) and Moshe (1), working on the pies. (I escaped to the living room and played Risk with Yehoshua (6)!) I think I got some extra sympathy for my task of cooking with all the kids "helping" after that. ;)

I had sliced apples for with our dinner that night, and Eliyahu used a butter knife to chop up all the leftover slices (with peeling on!). Joshua made pie crust in the food processor (so much easier). They used my mom's Perfect Apple Pie recipe. Apple pie is probably my all-time favorite pie... it's just SO GOOD.

Apple pie!

I has a scoop of homemade peach frozen yogurt on my hot apple pie. Way too good!!! :)

Moshe got stuck...

And while I'm posting about the kids... here is a picture of Moshe I took this week. He opened the oven drawer (the stove/oven was off, of course), climbed inside, and then was asking me to help him get back out. ;) It was so cute to see him stuck in there! :)


theyre sooo cute! (I would like some of that pie, please) Ruth and Moshe both had real dark hair, and then it lightened up like your two older boys. did your two older boys have dark hair at first like your younger two?

Aww, thank you. :) Yes, they all started out with very dark hair, and then it grew in light! :) Ruth hasn't had a hair cut yet, so the ends of her hair are still darker! :)

I want to eat the pie... and your cute kids. :) They are precious.
Homemade Frozen Yogurt is something I am interested in. I didn't find a recipe on your site. Is it coming soon?
:) Thanks

Amber, I will have to ask Joshua about the frozen yogurt recipe! :) I think he might still be working on that recipe (to get it just right!). Our "plan" was to work on ice cream/frozen yogurt recipes now, to have them ready/posted by the time the weather warms up! But we'll see... I'm always a step behind (haha) but when someone asks about something specific, I like to just run for it! So... maybe in he next couple weeks?? :)

I'm excited to see those kids soooooon!!!!!!! :)


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