Gluten-free Fudgy Black Bean Brownies (from scratch, but so easy they're practially work-free!)

To say that we like these Fudgy Black Bean Brownies is an understatement. Our family, and anyone who has tried them, loves them!

I made several batches to test sugar amounts (and honey substitution), and all were devoured! In fact, I think I made these four times before they lasted long enough for me to get a picture!

I found this recipe on Naturally Knocked Up. Now, my Fudgy Black Bean Brownies are not quite the "Healthy Grain Free Brownies" Donielle shared. ;) I've increased the sugar just a little, because the first time we tried them, they just weren't the sweet, chewy brownies we wanted. I tend toward the approach of having a really good (or bad, depending on how you look at it! ;)) dessert every once in a while rather than healthier desserts regularly. :)

The next best thing to how GOOD these brownies taste is how EASY they are to make!

When I saw that Donielle's recipe said "5 minutes prep" I admit I was doubtful. I basically can't ever make a from-scratch recipe in 5 minutes -- except now I CAN, because these brownies are seriously that quick! If you have all the ingredients ready (e.g. are using a can of beans or have already cooked your beans, or thawed some beans from your freezer) it is truly a 5-minute recipe.

If you ever need a gluten-free dessert, if you love cooking with beans (like I do!), or if you just want a new quick-and-easy brownie recipe, try these Fudgy Black Bean Brownies! You won't be disappointed! :)


Okay, I have made chocolate cake using black beans, so this shouldn't surprise me. I am going to go soak my beans right now.
Let you know how it goes!


is a brownie lover....I will have to try these!

Thanks for a gf baked good recipe that uses relatively inexpensive ingredients and also appeals to gluten-eatin' folk.

Any idea whether this would work with other beans? I've got a bunch of garbanzos / chickpeas that I'd like to use up before making more black beans.

I'm not sure how this exact recipe would be with garbanzo beans instead of black beans. From Google, I see at least a couple people have tried it (and supposedly it was good although their pictures don't look like how mine turn out!). I'd say if you have the ingredients, it's probably worth a try! The recipe just makes an 8x8 dish, so, not too many. :)

Great timing! Just yesterday I made a huge pot of black beans as I just got some cocoa powder from my friend in Beijing (there's none here in my small city)...made them this morning, using oil instead of butter (can't get butter here), and minus the vanilla. I just tried one and they are very good! The texture is a bit different from my favorite fudge brownie recipe, but maybe I over baked them (I just have a tiny counter top oven). I'll leave a comment on the recipe after my husband and son try them. Tomorrow we are having black bean burgers!

This totally works! Weird. lol But healthy...

Anyone know if it is possible to make these without the egg? My sons are both allergic, but I have tried these before and loved them. Just not sure how to substitute for 3 eggs.

I know there are egg substitutes (either commercial, or a ground flaxseed homemade one) but I haven't tried this recipe with any substitutes so I really don't know how it would turn out! Let me know if you do try something, and how it turns out! :)

My grandson is allergic to chicken eggs but we have substituted duck eggs for him and they work great!

I made these for a special Shabbat treat, and as I was adding the ingredients, I realized that they'd be a great recipe to add to our Passover recipe collection since they have no leaven. How cool!

I mixed the batter in my Vitamix (everything except the sugar - I mixed that in, in a bowl) because I was afraid the batter would get too dry to mix in the blender well. I think I must have blended them too long, as they were sorta, well...fluffy.

Since you called them fudgy brownies, my texture must not have been quite right. I will blend the beans alone next time and maybe mix the rest in a bowl. Probably, too, the eggs in the VItamix made them 'fluffy'.

Also, I will bake them a shorter time next time...that will add to the fudgy texture that is to-die-for in brownies.

One more thing...I used canned beans because I was in a rush to get ready for Shabbat. But I feel like the texture would be even better with home-cooked beans.

Thank you for sharing this recipe! The kiddos loved them!

Julie, Wife, Momma of Many, Slacker Blogger

Thanks for this great review, Julie! :) Yes, these brownies are unleavened and Joshua was saying we could make them and frost them for Yehoshua's birthday cake (his birthday falls during the week of unleavened bread this year!). :)

I also am planning to make the homemade "wheat thins" crackers, which are unleavened! :) I made some "yogurt cheese" today and I think it would be perfect for dipping wheat crackers into! :)

Tammy, thank you very much for the black bean brownie recipe.

I made them yesterday using cooked beans not canned.

These were wonderful!! I will never ever make brownies any other way. My husband ate 3 pieces yesterday and another 3 today. He wants me to make a batch for him to take to work.

Seriously, these are the best brownies I have ever eaten in my life and so easy to make.


Barb, that's great to hear!! :)

After seeing this recipe, I was so curious. I had heard of black bean brownies, but I just couldn't picture it. You inspired me to give it a try and they are a hit at our house!


I wonder if white beans, mashed bananas, etc... would make good blondies. Now I gotta try it!

Hi Tammy! I am LOVING these brownies! I even fed them to my husband and father, both super picky eaters and anti-healthy-anything and they couldn't tell the difference! I am a personal trainer and I have been passing this recipe to my clients as well as featuring this recipe on my health and fitness blog I gave you credit and of course. Thank you for sharing such an awesome recipe!

That is wonderful to hear! So glad you're enjoying the brownies and that they passed "the test"! :)

I was a little skeptical of this recipe, but I'm trying to cut back on sugar and was desperate for something desserty. I cut out the chocolate chips and used carob powder instead of cocoa and it was a great success! I ate about half the pan on the night that I made them and the rest in the next couple of days after. My mom tried them and was shocked that they were made with beans. I'd give these a 10/10!

Would you know the nutritional facts by any chance?? These were fabulous! Thanks

After reading all the rave reviews and since I am trying to cook from scratch and make yummy things in a more healthy way, I made these brownies (if you can call them that) exactly as the recipe stated--using honey (local). Blech. I hate to be the bearer of bad news and for everyone that enjoys these--that is awesome. But me and my family thought they were nasty. Just being honest : /

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