Do you cook on the weekend?


Now I know soda is mostly a no-no from the dietary and nutrition standpoint and I do not recommend it; however, if you really have a hankering for a soda on a hot afternoon, i can't replicate cola but I can put together a nice tasting drink:
2 cups seltzer water (not soda water, just plain carbonated water, real inexpensive at Walmart, big stores);
1 cup fruit juice, preferably whole fruit, like juicy juice, cranberry, grape, apple or maybe a combo, like grape-apple is nice. Pour over ice or not if seltzer & juice are cold - makes a refreshing drink, fairly good for you, cheaper than commercial soda and without all the high fructose corn syrup, all the additives and artificial stuff. Also, you don't have to use as much juice and you can dilute it further with a little plain water. Just as refreshing and tasty. Kids will like it too. Use it as popsicles if frozen.

We love making sparkling juices! (Joshua wrote about it here: Homemade Sparkling Grape Juice)
So delicious -- but we haven't tried freezing the sparkling juices. I wonder how different it is from a regular juice popsicle?! :)

Tammy, I have a nice collection of recipes to make popsicles, creamsicles, pudding pops, etc. I have been buying popsicle molds at the dollar store for $1. My grandson LOVES them & he gets to choose which flavor he would like for his next visit. Would you like me to copy, paste & send you the collection? Trish (

Yes! I've been doing this for several years now. It's very refreshing too! I keep several 2 liter bottles in the fridge as it holds the fiz longer. I use a little less juice by putting just a splash of either grapefruit juice, orange juice, or pure cranberry juice. Our granddaugher, Katie loves it:)

sounds good. we may try it at our house. i have many concerns about the chemicals (flavorings, dyes, preservatives,etc) in our food nowdays. just watched the movie "supersize me" where the guy does a study in how long it takes mcdonald's food to rot/mold/etc - it didn't.

This sounds like a great idea. Especially after everything I learned recently about soda. I am going to introduce this to my children and see how they like it!

My daughter's food needs to be "gluten free" (no wheat, oats, rhy and barley). She felt like waffels so I used your easy waffel receipe subsituting with Glutenfree flour. IT WORKED OUT GREAT. Better then the re-packed gluten free waffel mix. I just let the mixture stand for a few minutes to thicken slightly. Made 16 ... there is only 2 left which I am going to freeze for school lunch boxes... Thanks... Do you have any easy glutenfree receipes???

I'm so glad to hear that the gluten-free waffles were a success! :)

Unfortunately a lot of my recipes are not gluten-free.

Some of my salads, beans or Mexican dishes, vegetable recipes, and grilled meats are gluten-free, but I haven't labeled/sorted the recipes for specific allergies or intolerance (gluten, casein, lactose, etc.). You can use the "recipe browser" on the right to look through the different categories! :)

I've been making oatmeal pancakes and we like them very much. Basically, you make your own oatmeal flour and use plain yogurt, eggs, baking soda, etc. The recipe makes quite a lot and I just put them in the refrigerator to reheat or freeze some on a styrofoam tray for later use. Try Googling:

I love to cook and I do spend more time cooking on the weekends. My husband is home then, so I always try to make breakfast at least one morning. Then I make sure we have a more hearty lunch than just what the kids and I have during the week.

We're changing our eating habits, so I've been trying a lot of new recipes lately. I find it easier to try new things in the kitchen when I have my husband around to help w/ our little one.

Weekends are very special. The teenagers are at home most of the time. When they are, we do love to create new recipes. There is time to explore. When they are not at home, ie. with friends, Jim and I love to enjoy our time together. jRaising grandchildren after our children are out of the nest is an experience, let me tell you!!

i am looking forward to reading your entries concerning weekend cooking plans. we are busy and tired during the week and that makes us want to eat out more than we would like. i don't like to eat at restaurants out of necessity. i like it to be a treat or special occasion.

I love Saturday mornings! There is simply something special about them- maybe because my husband is home all day. He goes to work during the week faily early (at 6am). So for Saturdays he usually wakes up early, takes care of our 16-month old and prepares pancakes. I make coffee, set the table and we talk and plan for the weekend and following week. Sunday is church day- and we usually have a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch after church. So ideas are greatly appreciated!

It's pretty hot here in Texas during the summer so I grill several different things and then we heat up what we want throughout the week. I like making burgers, hot dogs, brats, smoked sausage, chicken... Anything! I try to have a variety and make a veggie each evening and dinner is ready!

I like to cook on Friday for the weekend, so I can enjoy it with my hubby and not be stuck in the kitchen. ;) It also prevents us from spontaneously eating out a lot on the weekend, since we don't want to waste the food I made. This is for this season of our life, though. You never know if it will change. ;)

Remember hot pan, cold oil, works in all skillets, especially cast iron. I have used cast iron over 50 years & have very old cast iron from grandmother, mother & mother-in-law & this is the first rule after seasoning new cast iron & old cast iron.

hay im maggie im 9 years old im just checking out your website and i have a queshton you have anything for me to do in my moms kichon do you have any ideas for me to do tomarrow :) :) :) please write back:(



I find cooking my go to when it's too hot/cold to get out doors or I am needing to be artistic ;) - Love to try new recipes on weekends when I can bounch them off my husband -

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