Sunshine in my kitchen: Maple Oatmeal Scones

I know we just talked about conserving on butter, and these scones are anything but conservative when it comes to the butter. ;) Still, it's a recipe that's been on my "share" list ever since I first made it last year, and if you're in need of a special treat for a special person, these Maple Oatmeal Scones are a sweet place to start! ;)

Okay, so I'm a month late for those of you who make your sweetheart a special meal or treat in February. I have grand intentions, but am usually lagging behind! There's a reason that when I post a "seasonal" recipe it's usually one that's been waiting to be posted since last year... ;)

At any rate, our anniversary is this week (9 years!) and these maple oatmeal scones just beg to be made and enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee while cuddling on the couch after the kids are all in bed. The flavor is reminiscent of an oatmeal pancake with maple syrup. The buttery richness and maple sweetness make it easy to enjoy even half a scone and feel satisfied. Well, for the time being. ;)

Scones are easy to make, and the beautiful end result makes these maple oatmeal scones one of my favorites!

Lemon Scones with Sour Lemon Glaze recipe

My other scone recipes:

Lemon Scones with Sour Lemon Glaze (Joshua's favorite)

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Icing (My favorite!)

Cranberry Almond Scones

If you have a new must-try scones recipe, I'd love to hear about it! Somehow, scones are just fun and relaxing to make. :)


Shalom Tammy,

These look yummy!!!!!

I would need to make these 100% whole wheat instead of using white flour. Have you tried that?

Thanks for the great recipes!

I did make these with whole wheat flour one time, and they were good (just not as light and fluffy).

Lately I've been using more white flour for desserts because I figure I might as well... we're not supposed to eat much desserts anyway, so may as well enjoy them and not consider them "healthy"! ;)

But I think these scones would taste delicious using 100% whole wheat flour! :)

Thank you again for a yummy sounding recipe. I LOVE OATMEAL and in any way, shape or form I can get it.

I've been a bit intimidated by scone recipes in the past since I fail every time I make homemade biscuits... they're either not done or like hockey pucks...grrrrrr. I think I'll try these and if I like them I'll make them for the church bake sale coming up the middle of next month.

Oh, I hope these are a success for you, if you try them! :)

Do you use white flour or whole wheat flour? It is harder to get "light and fluffy" with whole wheat flour, but in either case it's important to have the shortening/butter in crumbles (not completely mixed in!) and to not knead/mix too much! :)

If you have trouble getting them done enough, the I recommend separating them on the sheet ("like cookies", described in the recipe) rather than baking them in a circle! :)

I hope those tips help if you do attempt scones or biscuits in the future! :)

As I type, my children are eating yummy warm lemon scones. My son wanted to do some "baking" this afternoon so we whipped up a double batch of the lemon one's. I will have to try these next time! Thanks for such a great site with wonderful recipes!

Lovely! :) My son Yehoshua helped me make the oatmeal scones in these pictures! :) Yay for boys who like to create in the kitchen! :)

Hi Tammy,
Is there any way that we can easily print your recipes? For example, many websites that have recipes allow you to click on a button which links to a printable recipe. It would make it much easier to print and to read it. Please tell me if there is a way to do this already. Thank you!!

Unfortunately, there is not a printer-friendly version of my recipes online at this time. We used to have a printer-friendly page that was *somewhat* printer friendly, but it was causing problems and we had to disable it. :( Right now the only option is to copy and paste to NotePad (or similar) and then print the document.

However, one of the things we're working on this year is a recipe ebook with all our "Best of" recipes and some new ones too -- which will make it a lot easier for anyone to have printed copies of the recipes! (I know I can't wait to print something like that... I have too many scribbled scraps of paper while the complete/full recipe is on the website!) :)

These look yummy! I wonder if i could add some fresh apple slices or a few glazed pecans on top.?I love oatmeal for breakfast, for that matter lunch and supper too!! I make oatmeal bread sometimes and oatmeal cookies but have not made any other treats. What have i been waiting for!!!

I think glazed pecans would be perfect sprinkled on top of the (wet) icing! :) You could probably add a little bit of finely-chopped apple to the scones, or else add bits of dried apples (I think traditionally scones are supposed to have dried fruit so they're not so sloppy-wet!). :)

I was going to ask about the whole wheat flour thing too. I think I'll try it with some hard white wheat and some soft white wheat. Looks delicious!

It's been awhile since I've visited here and it's been a while since I baked anything. These look so yummy and I'm hoping to find time to try them this weekend. Glad you're still sharing!

Bethanie, hi!! Yes, it has been a while! :) Thanks for leaving a comment... it was good to hear from you! Enjoy your weekend baking! :)

sometimes we have found that store bought wheat ground flour can turn things out like hockey pucks, where if it is fresh ground at home. It doesn't! My sister had this experience!

Can't wait to try this! Must splurge to buy pure maple syrup though first!

I made these for breakfast this morning, and they are absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you for posting the recipe!

YUM! The lemon scones....Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!

i think 1/2 c. butter is a bit too much for this recipe. while baking in the oven the butter was bubbling out from the sconces.wonder what have happen? it did taste buttery when done,still good!

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