Real quick, real tasty, real food: Seasoned baked potato wedges

Seasoned baked potato wedges

Side dishes are not something I usually spend much time on, unless I'm planning a fancy meal for guests. Thankfully, these seasoned baked potato wedges fall in the category of easy... and super yummy! :)

I start with fresh potatoes, cut into wedges, toss with oil and seasonings, and bake until crisp. I know I've mentioned how much we like Yukon Gold potatoes, but after having red potatoes again recently I remembered how much we like red potatoes for these wedges! So, so good!

Baking the potatoes takes 35-40 minutes, and while they're in the oven I tidy up the kitchen, set the table, or finish the rest of dinner. Or go change a diaper, load the washer, and get the kids busy doing whatever I had told them to do earlier. ;)

Last week we had some really beautiful sunny days, as you can see in this video! Yehoshua (6) again filmed for me as I wanted to show you just how easy this recipe is!

Of course, in the video I don't really follow my recipe very well! I was in a hurry, and going by memory. (It's terrible how many of my own recipes I don't have printed out, and am too lazy to turn on the computer to get them when needed!)

But, it'll definitely give you a "real" glimpse into how I like to cook. ;) I naturally tend towards just tossing things in, and it's only thanks to this website and Joshua's encouragement that I actually have measured, written down, and developed so many of my kitchen creations into real recipes that turn out consistently good! :)

I LOVE that sunshine!! :) I know "they" say a person shouldn't take food pictures in full sun, and probably not videos either, but I really don't care! I love sunny food pics! And noisy real-kitchen this-is-how-cooking-is-at-my-house videos! ;)

So, that's how EASY this recipe is! If you're like us and LOVE potato wedges/fries but don't want to buy the pre-made frozen versions, then you should try this recipe! :)


Those look soo good, on the food network they said to get the potato's crispy is to preheat the pan so the potato's go onto a hot pan, I haven't made potatos lately so I haven't been able to try this.
I think true cooks, cook that way when my nana cooks she says alittle of this a little of that, want to learn how I make this you need to watch me. She's Italian and thats how they cook anyway. Thats probley why she says she can't bake because you have to measure, shes says my love for baking didn't come from her lol!

Yes, true -- baking requires a lot more measuring! As my friend Melissa said, "Cooking is an art; baking is a science." :)

For pre-heating the pan, are you talking about stove-top cooking, or baking sheets (like for this recipe)? :)

You can cut the potatoes, and then put them on the baking sheet, drizzle oil on top and then season. You can flip them, if desired. This will save a bowl and lid from being dirtied. :-) Oh, I never measure seasonings either.

It would save a bowl, but wouldn't it take more oil to drizzle? :) I guess I think the shaking-bowl method is pretty quick and easy and evenly disperses the oil and seasonings, even if there is a bowl to wash afterwards. :)

That I don't know... I have an oil dispenser bottle, so I use that, but I would think less? But I do agree, either way works!

The potatoes looked so yummy I wanted to jump thru the screen and eat one! raw and everything lol.

Yehoshua is so darling and clever!

This looks really good, Tammy, I think that I will make these tonight. I am letting the family have some Birdseye Chicken Dippers as a treat, and these look like a great accompaniment!



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)

Thank you, Karla! Yehoshua does *really* enjoy taking videos for me. Except I think he would rather be the one demonstrating the techniques and doing all the talking! ;) I told him some day I will take a video of him showing how to cook something. :)

I just made red potato wedges last night to eat with our hamburgers on the grill and then to see this recipe here this morning, is kinda neat. They were SO good! Not as dry as when I use russet potatos. I had a hard time not eating too many!

Yeah, I can really tell a difference between potato types! So we don't always buy the cheapest ones. :P :)

I might try making these tonight. Thanks for the video, sometimes it helps me to see how simple a recipe really is. I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

Oh, you're welcome! :) Lately I have been trying to get a quick video whenever I'm about to do something that is *really* super easy and would maybe be fun to share here! So glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes I get a "mental block" that something is harder than it really is... like making potato wedges or pie crust! ;)

I love this recipe: It's fast, easy, and completely delicious! If I'm especially tired, I'll put the potato wedges in a cheap gallon-sized plastic bag, add the oil and seasonings, and then shake. The red potatoes do seem to taste best, though I've used Idaho with good results (if only red potatoes weren't so expensive here: $5 for a 3# bag!).

Thanks for the feedback, Sara! :) I think pretty much *any* potatoes would be good made into potato wedges, heehee :) But red potatoes take it over the top! :)

Thanks for the bowl shaking idea:) Two other seasoning combinations that my family likes are - olive oil, salt, & rosemary or olive oil, salt, pepper, & garlic powder. You should be very proud of your site - it is wonderful.

Angelia, the olive oil, salt, and rosemary seasoning sounds delicious... especially served with chicken! :)

Made these (on the spicy side) with dinner last night and they were a HUGE hit! In fact so much so, that my son's b-day is today and he requested that I make them with dinner again tonight! I think we have a new family favorite! Thanks so much for sharing all of your WONDERFUL homemaking tips!

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