My latest Papa Murphy's pizza recreation: Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza

When I wrote about frugal and healthy Friday night pizza, I mentioned wanting to recreate Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza. I had no idea it would be easy to recreate this, so I was pleasantly surprised when the first try was super close to perfect!

This knock-off version of Papa Murphy's Gourmet Garlic Chicken Pizza tastes amazingly just like Papa Murphy's! If you love Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza, you've got to try this homemade version. I am in love! Really. It's so good I can't think of anything to say except that it's REALLY GOOD and you should make it yourself. Soon. :)

What else is there to say? Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza is my favorite of their pizzas. Creamy, crispy, cheesy, and permeated with the fragrant aroma of garlic, homemade pizza doesn't get much better than this. Or easier. Or cheaper, really. (Just don't try to buy tomatoes off-season and without a sale like I did! Oops!)

If you read the recipe notes, you'll notice that Joshua and I have a difference of opinion as to the amount of garlic that should be used in the sauce for this recipe.

I love garlic and enjoyed having a heaping packed tablespoon of garlic in the sauce. YUM! It wasn't too garlicky for me at all. At Joshua's request, I have also made this recipe using 1/2 that amount of garlic, which Joshua says is just perfect and closer to the Papa Murphy's flavor. So, take your pick and tell me what you like! :)

Are you a Papa Murphy's fan like I am? If so, tell me which of their pizzas I should attempt to recreate next! :)


I love their stuffed pizzas!

the chicken bacon garlic is my hubbys favorite so Ill have to try this!

I love their chicken medeterranian delight pizza!

don't have papa murphy's around here. Looks good though!

Oh my goodness, that looks SO delicious!!! We don't have Papa Murphy's here in NH (at least not anywhere near us), but we loved the chicken/bacon/spinach pizza you posted here a while back . . . and this one looks just as good or even better! Can't wait to try it!! Hubby and I both love garlic, so we would probably try the full-garlic-sauce version first! :)

Hi Tammy,
I have always wanted to try the stuffed pizza there. The Chicago looks so good. Add olives for me. Anyway, have you tried to make one before? It reminds me just a bit of calzone. Thanks for the chicken garlic pizza recipe. I will be trying it on Friday night.

I haven't attempted the stuffed pizzas. I think I would need to buy one and see how it tastes, to figure out the crust part, and I need to brainstorm a way to buy a good pork-free one! I keep seeing the ads that show lots of pepperoni inside! ...Which we could do ourselves with turkey pepperoni, but not until I've figured out the crusts and baking and such. :)

I should call them and ask if I can change out the toppings/fillings. :) On their ads, the stuffed pizzas are so beautiful. I think it would be fun to try to make my own! :)

Oh, I hope you love the chicken garlic pizza! :)

I have seen elsewhere, people using cheese sticks rolled into the very outer edge of the crust to make the "stuffed" crust. I have not tried this myself but the finished product looked right. I can't eat cheese right now (my nursing baby is intolerent) so I am drooling over your pizza pictures. Wow it looks good!
Betsy M

Oh, no cheese would be tough for me! Sorry to whet your appetite for something you can't enjoy right now! But a baby to enjoy is better, right? :)

I have done the stuffed crust with cheese sticks, but it actually wasn't our favorite (I guess we just really like regular toppings) even though it's fun to dip the cheese-stuffed crust into hot pizza sauce. :)

The Papa Murphy's stuffed pizzas look like two layers in their ads! Something like a pizza calzone, with fillings in the middle and on top.

It has been years and years since I have had Papa Murphy's pizza and I have to admit, I did not like it! = / I am sure with your taste, it must have gotten better!
I am going to have to try this one!

Thank you, Martha! :)

Joshua says he prefers my homemade crust to Papa Murphy's crust... their crust does tend to get a little dark for our liking. :)

I don't know if their pizzas have changed over the years. I first had Papa Murphy's pizza when we moved here about 2.5 years ago. Joshua has had it when he lived in WA before, though, and said it was his favorite. :)

Tammy, I just stumbled onto your site this evening and so glad I did! I love to cook and I am always searching for new recipes. I am starting to try to prepare / cook more meals ahead or double them and then freeze half. I see you have frozen some meals also. Have you tried to freeze this pizza? If not, would you suggest baking it completely first, letting it cool, then freezing it? Or, possibly only baking it half the time and then freezing it? Thanks for the great recipe!

I have not tried freezing this pizza, but I have frozen pizza in the past. I've not experimented with freezing raw pizza dough, so I can't give specifics on that!

However, what I have done is to make the crust and bake it (for about 5 minutes at 450 degrees) just until it is DONE but not browned (if possible). :)

Then let the crust cool, add toppings, cover tightly, and freeze.

You can then put the frozen pizza straight from the freezer into the oven (unwrap first of course!) and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 425, until toppings are browned. :)

Oh, but I will say -- on this recipe, I don't know what the fresh tomatoes would be like after freezing! Everything else would be okay. :)

Made this last night. Got home and had the dough in the bread machine at 5:30 mixing. Had to add more flour (maybe a cup?) as the bread machine did NOT like the softness of the dough. Ummm...all I can say is heavily BUTTER your hands to handle ... IT is so very worth it! I had everything inhouse to make and wanted to surprise Hubby. Ended up having a friend over too who raved about the recipe. Tammy, you are awesome ... so many of your recipes turn out on the first try! Thanks for sharing .... this is definitely a keeper!

Thank you! So glad it was a success! :)

I made this pizza on Saturday night for my family, and they all loved it! I added a teaspoon of Italian seasoning to the dough, and it tasted and smelled wonderful!! I have never had/heard of Papa Murphy's so I was kinda skeptical to try, but I'm glad I did. Thanks again for a great recipe :)

Wonderful! Thanks for the feedback! :D

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