Weekly Menu Plan (February 6-13, 2011)

Homemade Belgian Waffles recipe
Belgian waffles, which I made on Sunday (and took new pictures to replace the outdated ones with this recipe!)

Here is this week's menu plan! :)


Breakfast -- Belgian waffles (not a very balanced breakfast!)
Lunch -- Grilled chicken breast, cooked carrots, roasted broccoli (made in oven), rice
Dinner -- Bean & rice burritos, apples


Chicken Garlic Pizza (recipe coming!), roasted broccoli, green salad


Saucy Broccoli Chicken Bake, cooked carrots


Brunch (friends coming over) -- Low-fat whole grain waffles, eggs, & bananas
Dinner -- Beef in crock pot, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans


Chicken rice burritos, salad, oven-roasted root veggies

Friday (friends coming over)

Homemade pizza, challah, salad, homemade sparkling grape juice

Saturday (with guests all day)

Breakfast -- Easy baked apple oatmeal, eggs, kefir fruit smoothies
Lunch -- Grilled cod, cooked brown rice, green beans, and carrots
Dinner -- Homemade pizza, green salad

Sunday (guests in the morning)

Whole-grain waffles, scrambled eggs, kefir fruit smoothies

One of last week's dinners: Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Lunches this week:

Beans & rice, PBJs, or leftovers

Breakfasts this week:

Kefir smoothies


Hi Tammy,
I think your waffles look delicious. I had a huge failure with a waffle maker I bought recently, the batter stuck into it. My old waffle maker stopped working, so now I'm looking for a new one (the old one was 15 years old). What waffle maker do you use? It seems to work beautifully with this batter, and I would be eager to get one that comes recommended...
Thanks for your help!

We have a GE brand waffle/sandwich maker that we got at WalMart in 2002. I can't seem to find that same one online. It's a thicker one, but not the thickest I've seen. (Joshua says there is a waffle maker at Costco that makes 1" thick waffles!) It only makes 2 squares at a time (so, rather slow for large crowds) but does work well.

The kind of batter does make a difference, though. I have had horrible disasters with waffle batter sticking everywhere! :P The waffle recipes I have online -- I specifically say if I need to spray the waffle iron with oil first, or if they cook perfectly with no additional oil sprayed on... :)

hmmm...pizza THREE times in one week? My kids (teens) are so wanting to come to YOUR house :) Excellent menu by the way and I need to check out the baked apple oatmeal ... (psst...got sidetracked with the match question!)

Okay, so that does seem a little excessive! ;) But our company on Friday is different from our company on Saturday, and company always loves pizza... :) Also, I am not planning leftovers of the pizzas, so it's really less pizza than it sounds like. ;)

Who says you can't eat it more? = ) Nice menu!

**Chicken noodle soup,Homemade bread,Cheese slices.
**Pan seared Tilapia with tomato caper sauce,Baked potato and veggies.
**Taco Salads.
**Potato Chowder,Carrots with dill dip,Cheese slices.
**Monday was left overs.
**Sunday we will pick what we would like that day.

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