Pumpkin birthday cake!

This might be unconventional, but nearly every year someone in our house has this pumpkin cake for their birthday! It's an amazing cake: moist and spongey, spicy and sweet, with a creamy homemade frosting spread on top.

If you're starting with fresh pumpkins, this cake will take some time start-to-finish, but if you've already got some canned or frozen pumpkin puree, it's a snap to mix up this cake and frosting!

I made pumpkin cake last year for Ruth's birthday -- and then Moshe was born ON her birthday, so their first shared birthday and cake was pumpkin sheet cake! This year, I used my last pumpkin to again make them some pumpkin birthday cake. :)

Ruth on her birthday!

Ruth's birthday gift was a cupcake decorating set! We visited some friends last fall who had this same toy, and all of our children loved it and played with it nearly the entire time we were visiting them.

Melissa & Doug cupcake play set

So when in December, MoneySavingMom.com posted about some Melissa & Doug toys that were 50% off at Amazon.com and I saw the cupcake set was one of them, we bought it and saved it for Ruth's birthday. She was surprised and extremely excited! :) Nearly a week has passed and the cupcakes are still being used daily by the children. It's so cute to see Ruth presenting a cupcake to her doll and singing "Happy Birthday"! :)

Melissa & Doug shapes clock

Ruth wasn't the only recipient of a 50% off Melissa & Doug toy. ;) Moshe's gift was this shape sorting clock. While Moshe has played with it some, I think it will be most useful as an addition to our preschool "school" supplies. :)

We celebrated the birthdays with a family brunch at our house, ending with cake, songs, and candles! Ruth turned 3 and Moshe turned 1. :)


Happy Birthday Ruth & Moshe.

Happy Birthday Ruth & Moshe !! Your pumpkin birthday cake looks sooo yummy !!

Happy Birthday, Ruth and Moshe! That sheet cake is a birthday classic at our house!

Wishing Ruth and Moshe a blessed year! They are adorable!!

The cupcakes are so much cuter than I thought they would be. I'll be ordering those for a little girl next time I see them on sale...I have all boys, and while my almost 3yo would like it...I think he'd like the clock better -- in a few years.

The cake looks delicious - I will definitely be making it. Everything I have made from your recipes has been wonderful - I must post my reviews (and find my log in ;-))

Happy Birthday to Ruth and Moshe!!! The birthday cake looks absolutely delicious!

That looks so DELICIOUS! Wish it was my birthday. ;-) Happy Birthday to your two little ones! They are all so cute.

we're on the birthday circuit here at our house too! that cakes looks divine! we'll definitely have to give that a try here soon... we've still got two birthdays to go before we're done for the year!

Done for the year?! :) We do have a birthday in July, but everything else (including our anniversary) is Jan-April! :)

Happy birthday, Ruth and Moshe! Today Nathaniel turned 8. How time flies... :) Cake sounds and looks yummy! ~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

How funny! Our little Ruth (almost three) received those cupcakes as a gift as well. And they have not grown old, everyone plays with them around here!

Happy Birthday, Ruth and Moshe!!


Lauren, that is funny! I guess 3 is the age when kids can get all the really cool toys. ;) Someone gave us a small kitchen play set when we moved here, so "kitchen play" is new at our house! :) Many days I think I prefer that to "real" kitchen "play". ;)

happy birthday to your two little ones!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :)

Yes... the cupcake playset is very cute! I am also glad that we had the opportunity to "try it out" at a friend's house. So many toys look fun, but just aren't a favorite for long. :)

I will say the "icing tubes" (dry erase markers) that came with the set aren't washable (to my knowledge) so they are used under close supervision and kept stored up at all other times!

And the muffin papers *are* paper, though thicker than my normal muffin papers. I am guessing they will end up ripped or torn at some point (they've survived fine so far, but Ruth has been very careful!) in which case you could either use the set without the papers, or use silicone muffin "papers" to replace. Just a guess! :)

Oh, and the oven mitt is really cute, too! :)

I made this with my homegrown dehydrated pumpkin powder, decreasing the sugar to just 1 cup, and added some lemon extract to the icing, and it was FANTASTIC!!! Using rehydrated pumpkin powder can make the pumpkin puree a bit grainy, so I blenderized the rehydrated pumpkin, eggs, and oil so was really smooth. I think it made it even better. This is definitely a keeper and a great way to use up pumpkin or orange-colored squash. ... I love your site, being of the same religious persuasion. You are inspiring.

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