Sunshine in my kitchen: Ants on a log

Eliyahu with lunch supplies for "ants on a log"!

What child doesn't love getting to assemble their own lunch? :)

On days when I don't have leftovers or beans handy for lunch, we turn to PBJs. If I'm also out of bread, then we get to make "Ants on a log". Eliyahu (age 5, above) posed for his picture with our ingredients (all from Costco). :)

ants on a log

Crunchy celery, creamy rich peanut butter, and chewy sweet raisins combine into a fun fingerfood, especially for boys who enjoy imagining that they really are eating insects! ;)

Coming this week: Pumpkins! I have a couple great new pumpkin recipes to share, a kitchen tip on the topic of cooking and using pumpkins, and some photos from our ongoing "birthday season"! :)


adding dried cranberries instead of raisins? super yummy!


I remember making these with my girls when they were little. They now are ages 15 and 17. I had forgotten all about it until I saw your post! :)

Anna :)

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