Sunshine in my kitchen: Birthday Season!

One of the highlights of Winter -- amid the dark clouds and early sunsets -- is Birthday Season at our house! :) Four birthday celebrations in less than 4 weeks means there's no shortage of festivities (and cake!).

We've never done elaborate parties or expensive gifts* for the children, but we do let them choose a cake with candles. Yehoshua started the tradition of a funny homemade party hat, a banner for the wall, and of course we love to sing "Happy Birthday"! Two versions, even! Twice the fun! :)

Eliyahu turned 5 this past weekend, and chose "Chocolate Cake Birthday". We actually made two chocolate cakes, and took one along to church to share with everyone there.

Eliyahu helps make his chocolate birthday cake

Eliyahu donned one of the chef's hats and helped me make his cake. He declared, "I am good at cracking the eggs now! Any time you need eggs, let me know and I can help." :)

While the cake was in the oven, Eliyahu got to open his gift, which was HUGE! Joshua found this Fisher Price Imaginext ocean set on sale for $20 and it is perfect for Eliyahu's age right now. All of the kids have been playing with it constantly since he opened it! :)

Eliyahu's gift

The next birthdays are in a couple weeks, when Ruth turns 3 and Moshe turns 1. I have a big pumpkin waiting to be cooked and then baked into pumpkin sheet cakes! :)

*This year is admittedly an exception in the gifts department! :)


So was this gift allowed because of the new house space? Looks like a great toy with LOTS of things to do! And all for only $20???Happy Belated Birthday, Eliyahu!

Priscilla Rowan

Well, having more space *does* help when it comes to getting new things! ::blush::

But honestly? For some reason, this year, we actually thought ahead and got birthday gifts for the kids. Maybe I am more on top of things?! I think there has only been 1 or two times (total, of all the kids' birthdays combined) in the past 6+ years when we have actually given them a gift *on* their birthday! :)

And yes... it IS a great toy! Still being played with LOTS. :)

this month we have 2 birthdays/ mine and our youngest son (who will turn 15). They are 2 days apart, so we decide together where we want to eat....this year it's Chili's. I'm gonna try a cake with fondant this year for us. I need practice cause I have plans for another birthday in august.

Happy Birthday Eliyahu! Looks like you have an awesome kitchen helper there Tammy :)

Love the photo of your son with his chef's hat on! Cute.

enjoy the birthdays while theyre young, they will be grown up before you know it! Im sure the kids were happily surprised at that great looking present, I think presents within reason are fine, like I said, they grow up so fast.

What a deal on the toy!!! That same toy is $65 throught Amazon. Way to go Joshua!!!
Happy birthday to Eliyahu.

Your kiddos are so cute! Where on earth did Joshua find this deal!?!? And how is he doing now with his pain levels?

Hope you are well and feeling better!

I must say that I laughed out loud at the egg part! I love that kid :)


Mmmm, that cake looks like it might be my favorite.

Your little ones are so precious, Tammy. Happy Birthday to Eliyahu! Be honest, who was more excited about the gift: Eliyahu upon receiving it OR you having the privilege of watching him open it? That's a fun, addictive part of parenting, and it's definitely a challenge to say "no" to gifts ALL the time! (I'm working on restraining the gift-giving at my house this year.)

Emily ( pearlibuttons)

Oh, Emily, you got me. ;) Gift-giving is a weakness of Joshua's and mine! And not just for our own children... I am always thinking "Oh, so-and-so would like this!" and have had to remind myself that I can't just buy everything for our friends! Or everyone we know would have a Berkey by now! Haha :) Well, not quite... :)

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