New Year's Inspirations

Ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, WA
Ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, WA

I'm not sure how much resolve I have right now, but I am feeling inspired and I'll take that for sure! :) The sun really is shining brightly today, and I have a couple more "sunshine in my kitchen" posts planned for this week. :) I feel a LOT better than I did just 4-6 weeks ago. HalleluYAH!! :)

My younger sister Bonnie came to visit us for 10 days in December, and we enjoyed every minute with her! She flew from cold and snowy Ohio to a cold and rainy Seattle, but the sun did peek out a few times during her visit... and she has a very "sunny" personality so it was as if she had brought sunshine with her! ;)

Bonnie and Moshe
Bonnie and Moshe (11 months)

Having Bonnie here was like having an extra set of hands! We had dinner guests a couple evenings, took a couple days off to go out and do fun stuff (like thrift store shopping and actually going into Seattle), and had a number of days where we just stayed home and hung out. With Bonnie's help, the homeschooling, meals, cleaning, and basically everything went super smoothly and we had a blast. :)

Eliyahu and Ruth drinking kefir

Here is Eliyahu (4) and Ruth (2) drinking some kefir for breakfast, taken the first day Bonnie was here. Since Bonnie arrived late at night, we kept her arrival date a secret from the children (they just knew if was sometime "soon"), and they were surprised and delighted to wake up and find her at our house! :)

Yehoshua with his new violin

Knowing that Yehoshua (6) had wanted a violin for several years, Bonnie and Joshua and I pooled money together to get a 1/4 size violin for Yehoshua to start learning. We got the Franz Hoffmann Prelude violin outfit from Shar Music and it is a really nice Romanian-made violin for the price. I am a big believer in using quality instruments that can and will produce beautiful music, since the point of investing time and money into learning an instrument is to actually make beautiful music. :) Bonnie gave Yehoshua a number of violin lessons during her visit, and I am continuing his lessons now that she's gone.

Moshe during a ferry ride

Bonnie came here thinking that Ruth (2) would be the sweetest thing around, but little Moshe stole her heart! This was the second time Moshe got to meet/spend time with Bonnie, and they really hit it off! It probably helps that Moshe is napping better and generally in a pleasant mood... oh, and the toothy grins and kissable cheeks help too. ;)

Ferry ride!

We took a bus down to Seattle and then did some sightseeing, meeting up with Joshua when he got off work to get a ride back home. Bonnie had never been on a ferry, so we took the Seattle-Bremerton ferry for a fun adventure. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and not too cold for December!

Pike Place Market

We enjoyed exploring at Pike Place Market, listening to live music, eating freshly-cooked doughnuts, sampling apples and pears, and generally just walking, walking, walking and taking in all the sights! :)

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Your children are growing up so quickly. What a blessing! Thank-you for sharing your lovely pictures of Washington. May you have a blessed New Year!
S. Allums

Haven't heard from you in awhile. Thanks for the beautiful Seattle post . . . making me homesick. Glad you had such sweet sister time.


YAY she blogs!
Loved all the seattle adventure pics:) How fun to have your sister visit!
Would love to see your new home too:) and looking forward to all your posts!

I love the little fresh donuts at Pikes, and the Market Spice Tea Shop and the Piroshky delhi next to the original Starbucks. Then there are the views from Pike's. Oh, this makes me miss home!

Hi Tammy, I love your post. It looks like you had a great time! I was wondering what type of baby carrier you use. I need a good one so I can start wearing my baby around the house and walking with the baby. Thanks!

I'm so glad your sister could come and spend some time with you. Sounds like you had a refreshing time too. Enjoyed the pics, look beautiful there! Blessings dear friend!! ~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

that your sister came to visit! Sounds like you had a good time.

What a blessing to have your sister there for a long visit and help with the children.
Mama Bear

to see you posting!!! I didn't want to add another post to your long giveaway entries, but we used to have a industrial size coffee maker that size like your water thing. We used it all the time too.....we drank that much tea. We have downsized, but we probably drink more tea now!!!

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