Sunshine in my kitchen: My Mom's Pumpkin Pie

My mom is such a great, Godly example to me. Growing up, she always had a healthy (by typical standards) from-scratch meal on the table when dinner time arrived -- despite the many other things filling her day (homeschooling, gardening, laundry, and children!). My mom is one of the hardest workers I know; she makes me feel lazy in comparison! :) I'm grateful for her example and encouragement to me.

In my mom's "spare" time, she would bake yummy things like cinnamon rolls, cakes, or pies. The desserts never lasted long!

My Mom's Pumpkin Pie

This is the pumpkin pie recipe my mom always used growing up. Pumpkin pie is not my favorite pie (apple wins!), but it is one of the easiest pies to make from scratch.

Served with real whipped cream, it is a sweet, spicy dessert that everyone else seems to go crazy over! Growing up, my brothers would fight over the pumpkin pie... now, it's my husband and sons who love, love, LOVE this pie! (Maybe it's a guy thing?!)

Don't skip out on the cream! Real whipped cream takes this from "good" to "super good" and is well worth the few minutes spent whipping the cream. I buy cream in bulk at Costco and then plan a few things to use it -- like these pumpkin pies, some kind of scones, salmon chowder, etc.

My Mom's Pumpkin Pie

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you can use canned coconut milk in place of the cream and it's delicious!

Hi Tammy...

I have a question about your Mom's pie. I see a thin layer of something white between the pumpkin filling and the crust. It is in every picture. What is that layer? I couldn't see anything in the recipe that I thought it I'm asking. Hope you are doing well today!

Hi Debbie! :)

The white layer is actually part of the crust! :) I don't pre-bake the crust, so I think when the filling is poured into the (raw) crust, it makes the top "layer" of the crust stay whiter and not as browned as the bottom. I didn't really notice this until you pointed it out, though! :) And it doesn't affect the taste in my opinion... it is not soggy or anything like that. :)

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