Sunshine in my kitchen: Lemon scones

I haven't done much "just for fun" baking lately, but last week Yehoshua (6) and I made these Lemon Scones with Sour Lemon Glaze. It was a fun project for the two of us, and a nice diversion from the usual school work, laundry, and general housework.

We had fresh lemons that needed used, so while I grated the zest and juiced the lemons, Yehoshua mixed the ingredients for the dough. Scones really are simple to make, and these lemon ones are so soft, flaky, and tangy!

Lemon Scones with Sour Lemon Glaze recipe

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. I'm especially thankful for two things right now:

#1. Moshe (10 months) has been napping during the day without me holding him! (Yay for a bedroom for him with a door that can be closed!) This is such a relief to me, and thankfully he has gotten to this point with training but hardly any crying (and certainly no "crying it out").

Several months ago, I got a used copy of The No-Cry Sleep Solution from, and gleaned a number of gentle ways to encourage better sleeping habits for a baby. But, in our apartment Moshe's bed was in the living room and he was disturbed constantly by the noise and light. This house has 3 bedrooms and I am able to have children napping/resting in 2 bedrooms at one time WHILE still doing things with the ones who are up! I love that! :)

#2. I am doing better overall. God keeps sending bits of sunshine my way and I've been exercising, sleeping enough (but not too much), and eating well -- aside from the chocolate that Joshua has been giving me lately! ;) I don't feel like I'm "back to normal" yet, but then what is normal? Maybe this is it right now... as wearying as it is. But I'm still hoping and praying for the joy, peace, and exuberance I remember having.

I want a "good" day (e.g. a day where I wake up excited about getting out of bed) to be more than an occasional occurrence. How can a day seem dreary for no tangible reason? When nothing is wrong, everything is "right"... and yet something is not right still.

I really am thankful for the changes/improvement in the past month or so, though! Part of my absense in the online world has been due to my perfectionistic tendencies. When I am floundering (or what feels like it to me -- because of my expectations of myself) I want to just give up. I want to change those expectations, because if I wait until I can be a "perfect" blogger, I'll probably never blog again!! :)

So... here's to honest blogging from my little corner of the world. :)


Glad to hear you're doing better! I'm having mostly good days again, so they do come back! Thanks for the sunshine. :-)

Tammy, I found your blog about a year ago and just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Praying that things get better for you, I love, love, love your blog, so please continue what you do, it's perfect to me!!

It's great to have you back. I've missed your posts and I'm glad to hear you are doing better.

Tammy, I'm 35 with 4 children ages 10, 3-soon to be 4yr old triplets and I'm going through the same slump right now! My husband thought it was some form of depression or mid life crisis. I lack the joy , peace and patience. I don't have my personal devotional time anymore which I thirst. I know I have a choice each day I wake up and I confess ou loud "Today, good will happen to me and I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus!" God doesn't want us to give up but to rise up! (that's some of the perfectionist God designed in me also) For me, I'm so consumed with taking care of my family, that I don't get time to do for others which is so rewarding!

Whenever I've made one of your recipes lately, I have been saying a prayer for you (which is quite often). I am glad to hear you are doing better and that you are trusting God through these tough spots.

PS. I am not looking to read a perfect blog or about someone with a perfect life...and I am just thankful so many of your recipes are here so we can go back to look for new ideas while you need this time for your family. :)

Alicia B

I don't post many replies, but I love your blog. I'm willing to guess that none of your readers expect perfection, but I relate all-to-well with the perfection monster from within that can drive a person nutty. ;-)

I am wondering if you have ever made these scones with whole wheat flour? I have some Meyer Lemons and have been looking for lemon recipes, so thank you for posting! Perfect timing!

Yes, I have made the scones with whole wheat flour! They won't be as light and fluffy, but (I used whole wheat pastry flour -- from soft white wheat) still very very good! :)

Thank you so much for answering my question! Cool! I'm gonna try the whole wheat pastry flour! :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. :-) I'm gonna try it with the whole wheat pastry flour since you've tried it already.

i think i know somewhat of what you are going through... i really struggle right after i have a baby. it seems like it takes me months to recover when it takes my friends only weeks, if that.
my baby is 10 months old now and i finally think i'm starting to get back on track.

i appreciate and respect your honesty. i too am a perfectionist and it's hard to feel like you are letting days go to 'waste'. but the important thing to remember is that you are not. small things count and probably matter even more. even as rough as you might feel, you still baked with your sweet son and i'm sure that meant a lot to him.

those scones look divine! i'll have to make those for my husband as he loves all things lemon. my thoughts and prayers are with you! keep up the good "work"! i think you are wonderful! :)

Tammy, I don't comment on your blog very often, but I have been reading for several years, and my heart goes out to you. I went through a period of anxiety/depression, and it was real and awful. As the children were opening their Christmas presents last year, I was fighting back the tears. It was like being in a deep, dark pit. I nestled close to the Lord at that time, and He sustained me, and eventually it lifted. Thank you for sharing. As a blogger, I can certainly relate to wanting to portray a certain image...but I appreciate bloggers telling it like it is. I'm praying for you. -Pam

At the moment we are enjoying beautiful sunshine here... We have had a snow storm the past 2 days with more snow to come yet.

I'lll be remembering to keep you in my prayers. It would be hard to feel down and yet you know you should be feeling happy. ((((hugs)))) May our heavenly Father fill you with joy today! Much love to you too, my dear friend!!

Thank you for posting and it was good to hear from you. Also post when you can, but don't feel pressured, you are doing the most important when caring for your family and yourself. ((hugs))

Homeschoolblogger is down, and I have not heard why, so I'm am here and hoping it is up and running again soon.

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Are you deal with some postpartum depression? You certainly have a lot going on in your life with a new(ish) baby, new home & other little ones.

Thanks for blogging!

~Rebekah from

I understand your blues:) I think as homeschool mothers, with littles ones it tow, it can be a bit overwhelming. My husband told me the other day when I was frustrated to tears that my job is an impossible one. He said I will never be able to get it all done because it is never ending and I have a job of at least three people! I guess that helped to know two things, he understands and that I can not be perfect because it is impossible. I do have an older boy who is FINALLY able to be a true help to me with dishes. I think that has helped my overwhelming feeling a lot. We do not have a dishwasher and we make everything from scratch. With doing three meals a day EVERY day it can be a lot of dishes. Now that I have help it has been a blessing. Keep your head up because before long you will have a little help and that little help is HUGE! Just remember that being a little blue is normal when you have several children and homeschool. Take care of yourself as best you can. Try and spend quality time with the hubs on purpose without kids even if that means before they wake or after they go to bed. (or you could train them to stay in there rooms after dinner or whatever for an hour) You are a wonderful mother and wife and you are doing great!

I am wondering if the rainy Seattle weather may be responsible for some of your doledrums? I know when its cool and rainy here I dont feel as happy as when its sunny outside.
I love your blog and enjoy it so. I have five daughters and know that sometimes things can get overwhelming, but know that this too shall pass. Being tired wears on you too. Oh by the way my youngest is 14 and oldest is 31 so I have been there and am not just guessing.
Take care and know that even though we dont "know" you, we do care.

Glad you are doing better, I can relate although I only have 2 I have been struggling with adjusting to a toddler and baby (6 months) and trying to balance everything.


How good to turn on the computer and have a post from you to read! And thanks for your comments on my xanga:)

Glad to hear you're doing better. It's hard to get used to the new normal and so our feelings aren't always along with us for the ride:):)

Have a wonderful day!

It is nice to check your blog this morning as see you had posted. Thank you for your honesty. I am glad your doing better. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family. Nobody can take care of them and love them like you. So stay in the Bible, keep getting your rest, exercising and eating right. Give that husband of yours a extra tight hug around the neck for the chocolate. It is not the solution, but it sure does help. ;)

My prayers are with you and your family. This time of year gets me in a funk, and I know some family so far away from you, it doesn't help I can only imagine (since I am single and don't have children) that with 4 small children and a husband there is always someone that needs you. Take some time for yourself, even if it's a short excursion to the grocery store without children after Joshua gets home. Spending a little money, even if it's for things you really need, helps me get over the blues.

God Bless!

Kim J

I, too, am feeling this same way and I just can't seem to figure out why. I have 2 little ones and they just seem to suck all the life and energy out of me. I'm so tired of being weary all the time! I feel like such a terrible mother for being worn out all the time. I just can't believe that two little ones could be this draining. There has to be something else. But maybe not.

I'm a first time commenter, but I've subscribed to your blog for at least a year and a half (sorry, I'm such an internet hermit!).

The feelings you describe are very familiar to me. Wanting a good day, and knowing that you've had them so many times before, so why can't you convince your brain that it really is a day worth living to the fullest? The frustration of knowing that this is the day that the Lord has made, therefore rejoice in it, and I want to, really want to, but it just doesn't seem to be working...

Through some nutritional reading I was doing on another subject, I came across a blog called Rebuild from Depression, about nutritional deficiencies and how they are linked to depression, specifically, postpartum depression. I tend to be leary of anything going into the psychological realm of medicine, because there is so much false mumbo jumbo out there, but the more I read about nutrition and the brain, the more it made sense.

I was able to pinpoint two different nutrients that I had almost all the signs of being deficient in: Omega 3s and Iron. Another can be deficient in other nutrients, but I haven't had a need for other supplements. I immediately got some Cod Liver Oil gelcaps for the Omega 3s and Iron tablets.

The Iron helps with my energy, especially after childbirth, but the Cod Liver Oil is what keeps my mind level. When I forget to take it for a few days, I never fail to notice a difference in my moods. I can't tell you enough about the marked difference between taking it and not taking it. Sometimes I'm tempted the think it's a placebo effect, but when my everyone around me can "just tell" when I haven't been taking it, I have a feeling it's the Cod Liver Oil!

I have to be careful when talking about these things sometimes, because it's so easy to come across as believing I have a "cure-all" supplement for depression. That's not it at all. I think you know that the only thing that can make any day worth living is the knowledge and acceptance that there is a Savior.

Here's a link to the blog I referenced and a link to the Cod Liver Oil we buy off of Amazon:

Glad to hear things are looking up! Hang in there, and keep up the beautiful honesty. It is an encouragement to me because I also struggle with perfectionistic tendencies. Many blessings on you and your family!

The scones look fabulous, by the way!

I too can relate to the perfectionism and know what you mean about having perfectly fine times that just feel a bit dull or off for some reason. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to feel better! Hang in there and do take time for yourself!

Thanks for all of the great insights you share. I always enjoy your blog posts! I'm bookmarking this scone recipe - we love breakfasts any time of day.

Amy B.

Tammy! Those scones look delicious! Especially in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. As soon as I saw the pictures, the sun came out! Coincidence? I think not! Those are definitely going on my To-Make list this month. Yum!

Glad you guys are doing better. There's not much as draining as day after day of struggling through the week! It will get better. It just takes time, and patience is a difficult thing to maintain when you're tired!

Hi Tammy...

I am sorry you are having a rough time with things right now.

I, too, moved from "my home town / close-to-my-family situation" to the Seattle Area when my husband wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest. I loved the was beautiful. Exciting. So much to see and do. So many neat and strange people to meet. So neat and different from anywhere else I'd ever lived.


I became very depressed as time progressed. I had been used to being outdoors and having much longer day length time in my previous life. The Seattle weather was so dreary and depressing, and the traffic was so bad, the housing situation was so tough, and I missed my family and former life so, so much. It got worse and worse for me.

Finally, I went to a doctor and he figured out that I had "Seasonal Affective Disorder" (SAD).

First, I tried some medicines, but didn't like the side effects. Then I started using the light box and daylength manipulations. I got better very soon. I still use my light box now, during the winter still helps me feel cheery and chipper.

The truth have had some major life changes.....moving / leaving your family, having another child, dealing with 3 other small children, husband changing jobs, being around new family members, getting a new home (twice), becoming a north westerner and lots of other things that are known by you and Josh. You are entitled to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Please look into the SAD connection and see if you can find yourself. When I went to the doctor, he said that it was a very common thing for people to become SAD when they moved to the Seatlle area from other areas of the country. I struggled to get better and understand why I was feeling so bad...tired, weepy, sad, lonely, withdrawn.....until I started seeing the doctor and using the lights. I also began an outdoor exercise program, to get even more fresh air and sunlight.

I really loved my time in Seattle area......but it took a little while and some big effort to make myself healthy.

I hope you will get to feeling like yourself again....I think I know how you are feeling right now. I have you in my prayers!

your friend,

I thought I'd comment and tell you that you've been on my heart lately. I miss the time I used to have to comment and keep up with you all!

Those lemon scones look yummy and we just happen to have some lemons... ;)

Praying for continued improvement with Moshe's sleep patterns and also for JOY for you!
Perhaps the weather is part of it? I'm not an expert on anything; just a thought I had.
I think of you often! I'll say a prayer for you too when I think of you!

I thought I'd comment and tell you that you've been on my heart lately. I miss the time I used to have to comment and keep up with you all!

Those lemon scones look yummy and we just happen to have some lemons... ;)

Praying for continued improvement with Moshe's sleep patterns and also for JOY for you!
Perhaps the weather is part of it? I'm not an expert on anything; just a thought I had.
I think of you often! I'll say a prayer for you too when I think of you!

I was asked to make cookies for an event yesterday, and my little brother wanted to make scones with me instead! We did make cookies, but since he still wants to do scones, I think we'll try these soon!

I've tried blogging in the past, but am horrible at doing it consistently - and I'm not married, or have any children, so don't have those pressures on my time! So I think you are doing a fabulous job posting as often as you have been, and just the fact that there are so many recipes and blog posts up here in the archives is amazing to me! :-)

So glad you're back and feeling better. Hang in there! I was worried about you. You are a great mom and wife and an inspiration to everyone. I enjoy your blog immensly and look forward to reading it -- hopefully daily. :)

So glad to read that the baby is sleeping better and that you are taking good care of yourself. From reading the comments from the others I can see you have been given much good advice. I would say ditto to the low iron being a possibility for depression. I had a chronic problem for about ten years which caused low iron stores and I could tell when my iron levels were getting low because I lacked zeal for the daily tasks which had brought joy in the past. Fresh air, sunshine, and proper rest can help too.
I truly enjoy reading your blog. Your writings are a blessing to many. Thank you for sharing your heart, thoughts, and recipes with us. We don't expect perfection. Praying you will soon be feeling much better in every way.

Without ever meeting you, and I probably never will, I just wanted you to know you are one of my favorite people. We use so many of your recipes, and your gentle mothering of four sweet little ones is a testament to God's grace. So just know you are a blessing to me and my family who is thousands of miles away, just by being yourself. No perfection needed! Thank you for the bits of yourself you put into this blog, I have been a reader for over 3 years now, and while other blogs have left my reader due to a change in the blogger's convictions, yours have never wavered, and for that I thank you.

So happy that things are starting to look up. I was really concerned about you. I think having more space will be a big help. Try to get some sun as often as you can too. You were probably sleep deprived also. God bless and take care. Dolores

I added this recipe to my recipe box. I love the lemon flavour so will definately try this recipe some time. :)

Actually, it was something you said in your next post, about not being sure you are depressed, just having trouble continuing to fight against the current, that caught me.

I was in the exact same place last year, and sought help through counseling. I actually went for something completely unrelated, and didn't see the doldrums I was just came out of me when I needed it to. It was my counselor, after lots of listening and talking and a couple of months of visits, who suggested that going to my medical doctor and discussing clinical depression might be a good step for me. And for me, medication has helped, but so has counseling--maybe even more-so. Having an objective, outside party to talk to, someone who is trained in the right kind of questions to ask, has been an absolute blessing. I really encourage you to think about seeking out a counselor in your area. Ask for recommendations, call around. If your first visit doesn't go well, try someone else!

I just wanted to put in my two cents. Your blog has been inspiring to me. Take care of yourself, and God bless!

But have always wanted to make some, and these sound like the perfect ones to try. For some reason I've been wanting lemon lately. :)

Glad you are feeling a little better, hope things get back to normal for you and you can be excited about getting up in the morning again.

Oh Tammy, praying for you! I know exactly what you are going through....I have been really stressed, down and frazzled since Thomas' birth. It seems like the more children we have, the harder it is for our hormones to shift back. :o( Hope you start having more good days then bad.

I have been feeling this way since my last baby was born too (#3 for me). She is now 12 months old and I still want to just feel normal and not angry, sad, scared, or otherwise just "out of it". We live below "normal" standards but we are so blessed compared to others around the world. I know how blessed me and my family are but most days I feel so ungrateful when I don't want too. Those around me think I may be depressed. So who knows. I do want you to know that I LOVE your blog because you are so real! You are such an encouragement to me. Hugs!!!

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