A Cranberry Thanksgiving

We made this delicious whole-berry cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving this year. Simple, and such a fun treat! Cranberry sauce was always my favorite as a child. The bright red color and the tangy sweetness were irresistible! :) Cranberry Thanksgiving came to mind this week, and I'll have to find it at the library to read to the kids. I have such good memories of that book from childhood, as well! :)

I love it when November comes, and so many of my friends and acquaintances write or talk about all the things they're thankful for! :)

This month, I've composed (in my head) many such posts of my own during the day's happy moments. I wasn't able to sit down and actually share them here, though, and I've neglected to be thankful for THAT.

It's easy to be thankful for warm rays of sunshine, mugs of hot chai, white falling snow, or a baby's sweet laughter. Thankfulness even when the day slips away with "update blog" yet undone, as it has happened practically all month, and last month as well? :)

I know you'll forgive me for the lack of inspiration around here lately, and I appreciate that. My many good intentions have continued to slip through the cracks as I've struggled with balancing children and housework. I've struggled (but mostly SNUGGLED!!) with a baby who loves to sleep and nap ONLY in my arms. I've struggled with simply refusing to sit down and try to blog one-handed while holding a sleepy nursling, choosing instead to just take a nap with him, and then feeling guilty of laziness because I wasn't tired -- I was just tired of trying to get him to nap! I've struggled with fears (some real, some probably imaginary) and defeat. I'm realizing again (and again) that I am nothing without Yeshua.

I'm thankful for Joshua's guidance, understanding, and patience with my weaknesses. So many, MANY days he has stepped in to share the load of work that I would normally have taken care of while he was away at work. He hasn't complained, and yet continues to thank me for, well, I guess just for being me! And that's a really awesome, encouraging, NEEDED thing sometimes. :)

I feel like this has been an aimless blog entry... so I'll summarize. I've been mildly overwhelmed and weary for months. I hope and pray that I am on the road to recovery, with God's help. Pray for me if you will.


I will remember you in my prayers. I give you a lot of credit for all that you do. A woman at worship asked for prayers for herself, regarding who she is in Christ rather than what she accomplishes. It could be anyone asking for that prayer. We are sometimes too perforamce driven. Who we are in Christ is what matters.

Praying for strength for you right now Tammy!

And so pretty.....sorry you are having a hard time! ((hugs))

Sorry you are struggling...have been there after a baby and will be praying you find what works to help you feel your best again.


Please know that I'm praying for you. Hugs to you.

I've been there. Overwhelmed is seemingly my long-lost middle name :) You're not alone in your struggles. I'm sure your experience is very different than mine but I know without a doubt that you can and will make it through. This too shall pass. Praying for you.

Tammy, we all have moments like you are having. I frequently find myself feeling just as you do. You will find your strength in Christ's love and the love of your family. I am sure you will be back to your self soon. Just wallow in the love of your sweet family. Sweet little hugs are like medicine to the soul. :)


that you are having a hard time lately Tammy. I can imagine you might be stretched very thin at times. I have four children as well, but mine are 10,8,4, and 2. I know that your two older ones are still very young. Those are very hard years when they are all still so young! As they get older they will be MUCH more help to you and make your daily life much more smooth. :)

I'll keep you in my prayers. ~Kim
Ugh, just realized I didn't log in. (Lifeinlavender)

My bell rang when I had my fourth child Tammy. I'm not sure why. I have six children now and my sixth was no big deal. He(#6) was a very demanding, cry baby nursling who did sleep in my lap many a times while I blogged. I wore him a lot too.

I think my hormones may have changed when I had my fourth. I was 28?, I think when I had him.

It's ok to give yourself a break when you need it. IE: nap once when the babe does, not have a cleaner house, not Blog (lol), not have great meals. Your human and you have alot of littles right now. Your season in life is very demanding right now. I rememeber that time. Its overwhelming some days and THATS OK.

The biggest tip I can give you that really worked for me. Try to get more sleep somehow. Naps! I'm not sure how you want to work it out to get it but, It kept my mind sound doing it.

Wish I was close by, I'd babysit for you once a day for your nap. But, you MOVED! lol

Keep your chin up sweetie, it does get easier as the older ones grow and help more.

In his grace,

I am a mother of 5 and I think that being over-tired and over-whelmed in the first year after a baby is born is perfectly normal. it's a cliche but we women really do like to think we can do it all. Let's face it, "it all" can sometimes just be *too much* and little ones can be exhausting! So take a break, fit a nap in, take time to play and to relax. Things will get better!

Another season of life like all seasons it will end. But your a woman and we seem to pile loads of guilt on ourselves, don't ya think. ;)

I have 2 teens and I am in that season of overwhelmed with life right now. They are a strength to me and have taken on so much. Maybe the reason I am in this season is so they can grow into who they are to become. Hubby and I have become stronger as a couple and they are growing by leaps and bounds.

There are blessings in all things even those hard things.


Those pictures of the fresh cranberries and sauce are gorgeous!

Oh, Tammy--hugs to you!! I'll be praying that God gives you strength, lifts your weariness, and blesses you with encouragement during this time. Having little children is just plain tiring, I know--and I only have three! Please don't worry when you don't get to post here much; we love reading when you are able to post, but we understand this season of life very well, and you are doing a great job putting your family first. :) I don't have the time either to post on my blog as much as I would like . . . sometimes it's frustrating (because I LOVE to chatter :)), but as the kids grow and we are busier with homeschooling, the time just isn't there as often.

I will have to try that cranberry sauce recipe; it looks delish! I'll admit that I'm partial to cranberry sauce from a can (yeah, I know . . . :)), but at least I can now get "natural" stuff that doesn't contain HFCS! Your whole berry version looks wonderful, though; maybe I'll try that for next year. And we enjoy the book "Cranberry Thanksgiving" too. I had never read it when I was a kid, but someone gave us a used copy a few years back, and we now have a tradition of reading it around Thanksgiving time. Last week we made the cranberry bread recipe from the back of the book, as a "school" project. :) It was yummy! We made 4 mini-loaves--3 to give away to our librarians, and 1 to keep. I think I'm going to have to make it again, because that one mini-loaf didn't last very long!!

You're in my thoughts and prayers today!!

You are in my prayers. I have been there too. I have 4 children (8, 5, and 3) and when my last 2 came (twins), the months to follow were so hard. I call that first year with 4 The Tribulation (blessed, awesome, amazing but overwhelming too) It is a season that is very hard to be in the middle of, but keep depending on our amazing God who is so sufficient. It all may seem like more than we can handle sometimes, but it's never too much for Him. Hang in there - it WILL get easier.

hugs for you Tammy! I've been there too. Keep your chin up. We will keep you in our prayers.

Thank you for being honest. I have two boys 21 months and 6 months. I have spent the past 21 months feeling overwhelmed. Sorry you are going through this but it is nice to know I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed for months at a time. I will pray for you.


(((((Tammy))))) I understand and I pray you will have brighter days ahead. Praying for you!!~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

My daughter is only a few weeks younger than your little one, and we have the same problem! It's tough because everyone seems to have an opinion and I feel like a bad mom because she has such trouble sleeping. I feel your pain and I pray for peace, healing and SLEEP for you! I've been letting things go too and struggling with feeling guilty about it. but let the computer stuff be the first thing to go, if you have to. we miss you but your family is the most important thing!

(and about the naps, i've been taking a nap every day. getting interrupted sleep really takes it's toll. just nap when you have the chance, and cuddle up with that sweet little boy!)


I am just a mother of one two year old, but I also work a full time job outside the home. This week I have also been dealing with the struggled of not feeling like I am doing any of my jobs "good enough." The feelings didnt make me work harder they made me mope and cry and just want to go to bed early. I think its a season we all go through on occasion. Praying for you. I just found your blog yesterday (and can't stay off it!) but I must say you are pretty amazing.

I'm praying for you but I also understand. My 6 month old is the same way! Right now we are working with the no-cry sleep solution book's program to see if that helps but at least she is my only one so I can kinda get buy with stopping everything to help her nap/sleep. I can't imagine trying to take care of three others too.

Our library has the Cranberry series of books. They're fun! I hope you find your way to a better place soon. You've helped me to get to one!

I stumbled on here randomly, as I havent visited much lately, as I have been going through the exact same thing. Fears, especially, both real and imagined. I know this will pass, my boy is close to moshes age. The dark days of winter dont help, but I know the earth is resting, as I and my weary spirit need to. I pray that the spring will bring sunshine, joy, and energy for us as we continue on our paths as mothers. God bless you and your family, you really do provide me with inspiration.

I have been trying to cut back on my internet time as it cuts into the rest of my time, so I got behind quite a bit. Moves, crying babies, and especially winter in Seattle are enough to make anybody feel dreary and empty. We used to live about 4 hours from the coast, and whenever we visited my Aunt, we would end up sick and with a case of the blues from the dreary overcast drizzle.
We women try to do everything and sometimes it ends up with us sitting around overwhelmed at having tried to do it all and not succeeded. I told my Mom one day that I was having a horrible time feeling insufficient at everything because she homeschooled us all, sewed, walked 2 hours a day and was fit, took care of the house, had a clean house, homecooked meals 3x a day, smart children and I don't feel like I am getting any of those things done. Then she said to stop comparing myself to her, because I also have to manage the books for a veterinary clinic, do chores for cows, chickens, horse, dogs, cats, and have a garden and she never did all of those things. And to stop worrying about smart children because there is more to homeschooling that sitting and doing schoolwork,it is not the end of the world if I don't provide healthy food all the time, I have permission to throw extra garden produce away and not can, don't worry about making my own bread every day, stop trying to save money by digging our own trenches, working til midnight outside to finish projects rather than paying somebody to do them. . . something has got to give and unfortunately it can end up being your marriage, so do what you can and let yourself let go of things that don't matter. And accept that you can't do it all at this time of your life with a young family (I have 5, 3, 1 and am 3 months pregnant). I feel like I wander around a lot of the day wishing I got things done, have a messy house, and a clingy 18 month old, meals not on the table on time (but a sweet understanding husband), loads of laundry to fold at a time and not enough water in the well to keep up with dishes and laundry and showers, a cow to milk when I am too tired to milk . . . and children who aren't reading yet! (nothing like a dozen homeschool mothers posting that their 4 year olds are reading to make you feel incompetent).
We get as few as 6 days of sunshine each month for 4 months of the winter and taking high vitamin D, vitamin C, and using "happy lights" as my MIL calls them makes a big difference. (lights you use for greenhouses placed here and there). And making sure I have time to go for a walk or just get out of the house for 5 minutes as my children are my darlings, but they follow me from the second they are awake til they go to bed and I sometimes feel like I need just a bit of a mental break from the chatter. ;)
And sadly neglected until the very end of the post, time in the Word, and lots of prayer upholding each other as this is a lot of work physically and mentally and we have to stop feeling like we need to do it all AND do it all well.

Just wanted you to know that frozen cranberries work well too!

Love this cranberry sauce! ...Perfect every time!

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