Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Shortcut for making burritos

I like to make burritos in large quantities to either freeze individually or serve to large groups or take to potlucks.

Frozen burritos, wrapped in foil, are easy to re-heat in the oven and taste great! I'm not usually that excited about freezer meals, but burritos are our favorite of all the things we've tried freezing pre-made. :)

Making burritos "in bulk" saves a lot of time, since I just cook large batches of the fillings and then fill the 25-40 burritos all at once, on the kitchen table or counter.

Making chicken burriitos

Today's tip? In a large bowl, mix together your filling ingredients, such as beans, cooked meat, rice, shredded cheese, hot sauce, etc. Then, spoon filling onto each torilla and wrap.

Mixing the filling in a bowl is a lot easier than individually sprinkling all the ingredients on each tortilla, and the cheese melts and holds everything together nicely, since it was all tossed together beforehand. :)

Our best Mexican recipes (I love Mexican food!!)

Making chicken burriitos

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I love freezer cooking.!

My tip this week is for making your own breadcrumbs.


How to use a list when lists don't work for you - and save a lot of money in the process:

This is my first kitchen tip Tuesday post! Love your blog Tammy!


My first Kitchen Tip Tuesday on my new blog! :)

I posted about filling muffin tins with a cookie scoop today and another tip last week on swiffering the kitchen floor. :). I'm on my iPod right now but tonight I'll be sure to link them back to you. Thanks!

I do that, too, for burritos. We also do it for calzones and quesadillas. SO much easier than all the layers.

Great tip, and I love Mexican food too! :)

My tip is how to have siblings share a pear with ease and not much waste.

That is a great time saving tip!

I am sharing my mashed potato tips:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

We love Mexican, too. I have a really great recipe for cheese and onion enchiladas, but they are a lot of work. I bet I could make a triple or quadruple batch of them and freeze them, too. Brilliant, Tammy!

My tip for the week is 10 uses for kitchen tongs.

Glad you're back! :)

My tip for today is 3 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen.

Christine (iDreamofClean)

Chicken added to these ones Tammy?

Mrs. Paradis

Yes! The burritos in this picture were chicken, rice, and cheese. :) I've been the queen of easy meals lately! :)

You have been busy moving and unpacking I would be making easy meals too =)

Mrs. Paradis

Ok, here are the specific links, last time I just gave you my blog address -


I guess I don't really think outside of the box on burritos. We usually do the standard bean & cheese and never think to freeze them ahead of time which would be so convenient on those busy days. Those look really good. We will be trying them and freezing some too. My grandson only likes Mexican food and we watch him part-time during the week while our daughter and son-in-law work. I think he'll like those. What's the best way to reheat them out of the freezer?

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