Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Fruit basket tips

My "green" fruit basket
I took a picture of my fruit basket one day after noticing that it held all GREEN fruit:
Bananas, avocados, and apples! :)

Fruit Basket Tips:

  • Choose a basket or bowl that allows airflow. I use a wooden basket that's rectangular and can hold quite a bit of fruit. :)

  • Place fragile fruit, like bananas, avocados, peaches, etc. on top of heavier fruit like apples.

  • Fruit will ripen faster when stored together in a basket. See this tip for helping bananas (or other fruit) NOT ripen so quickly!

  • To prolong the life of ripe fruit, place in the fridge. In the case of bananas, freeze ripe bananas to use for baking.

  • If you prefer chilled fruit (which we do when it comes to apples, pears, etc.), place a basket or bowl of washed fruit in the fridge. This makes it super easy to grab an already-clean apple or other fruit for a quick snack! :) I love it when I have room for a fruit basket in the fridge!! :)

Stephanie has some great fruit basket tips at her blog, along with a photo of her beautiful fruit basket! :)

Mashed bananas

Bonus tip: When making something that requires mashed bananas, use a potato masher to quickly mash them! :) I found this post from about 3 years ago, with Eliyahu (then nearly 2) mashing the bananas for banana bread. So cute! :)

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I still have yet to try the pineapple idea... but here's another way to keep apples fresh that works for my family:

I never thought to freeze overripe bananas. What a great idea!

My tip is 10 uses for a cookie sheet.

Here's a great way to make perfect, creamy mashed potatoes every time:

You can also use this to make smooth, homemade applesauce too! my canning tips post a couple of weeks ago - I add a "glug" (probably a cup or so?) of vinegar to my water bath canner. Since we have very hard water, this helps the jars come out clean instead of with yucky white film. Also, once the jars have sealed, remove the rings when you write on the lid. This helps keep them from rusting in storage.

I realized that I never linked up this post, and wanted to this week because I've been thinking a lot about budgeting with Christmas coming!

Actually, it's already linked here! :) I remembered reading it back in June. :) Thanks for sharing your great tips! :)

I don't do very well getting squash into our diets, but I'm working on it!

My post is about how to quickly wash a lot of apples if you are canning them or making applesauce or apple butter. It seems to be a fruit theme this week!


APPLES: Did you know that apples emit ethylene gas? It helps/causes other fruits (maybe veggies too?) that are with the apples to ripen faster? I keep my apples separate from my other fruits for this reason.

BANANAS: If we happen to have bananas that get too ripe, I have the children peel them, put them in a freezer bag and smash them up (they love this job!). Then we write on the bag how many bananas are in there and put it in the freezer. When I'm ready to make banana bread, I just take out a bag to thaw. The 'measuring' (counting) and smashing is already done.

Great tip -- I had not thought of actually mashing the bananas in the bag before freezing! :) Thanks for sharing!

Great ideas...I like to keep my fruit in seperate baskets to keep them form going bad. Bananas are the worst for going overripe too soon!

Does the kitchen tip have to be about fruit? If not...well the theme this week on my cooking blog is bread so I have a bread tip.

Nope, kitchen tips don't need to be fruit-themed. :)

Thanks for your tip -- I like that idea!! :)

Hi Tammy! I do the same thing for my banana bread - freezer and masher. It's a perfect combo!

My kitchen tip today is how to make single serve ice cream bowls for the freezer from bulk tubs. Here is the link:

Have a great week!

Danelle Ice (

Hi Tammy! I do the same thing for my banana bread - freezer and masher. It's a perfect combo!

My kitchen tip today is how to make single serve ice cream bowls for the freezer from bulk tubs. Here is the link:

Have a great week!

Danelle Ice (

Hi, Tammy -

I tried your pizza recipe and other tips a couple weeks ago, and it turned out really great. Thanks for sharing your version!

My tip today is one from a few months ago, but I hadn't found you/wasn't checking back with you frequently at that time and didn't link up. It's all about a website that makes coordinating meals for households with new babies, illness, etc., very uncomplicated!

We did a Cub Scout campout this weekend and needed to feed 100 people. We had a kitchen area at the campsite that had a refrigerator and electricity so we pre-grilled the chicken and froze it at home and packed it in the coolers for the ride out there. Once we got there, we put all of the chicken in crock pots which was about 4 hours before serving. I added barbeque sauce to half of the chicken about an hour before serving. Everyone raved about it. It was much easier than trying to grill all of that at the campout. We also served corn and baked beans in the crock pots and green salad on the side.

Excellent tip; thank you, Sydney! :) And wow! Food for 100? Good for you, making your own chicken and everything!! :)

Great tips!

My tip this week is on cooking with the computer.

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