Celebrating with homemade Sparkling Juice

When we've got something to celebrate, we like to do it with some sparkle. We like wine on occasion, but with 4 young children, we like to include them in the celebration!

In the past, we have gotten sparkling grape juice on sale, and were even given a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a bottle of sparkling cider after the birth of little Moshe! I loved that extra thoughtfulness and fun on such a happy occasion. :)

Joshua decided to make a homemade version of sparkling grape juice and cider, and his version is excellent! I think it tastes just like the bottles of sparkling juice that are sold for at least $2-3 for 750ml (about 25 ounces), only ours is a lot cheaper.

And, a huge plus is that it can be made with 100% juice, for a truly all-natural beverage without extra sugar!

The players? Club Soda (carbonated water) and juice concentrate!

Price breakdown of the homemade sparkling juice:

Club soda: $0.75 for 2 liters (or less, if on sale; you will have some left over)

Frozen juice concentrate: ~$1.25 (depending on the kind and sales)

60 ounces of homemade sparkling juice: $2

60 ounces of commercial sparkling juice: $5-7

Savings: $3-5 for a few minutes of work! :)

You can use any juice concentrate you wish. I like the clear juices best, like grape or apple, rather than orange -- although we've served sparkling orange juice to guests and the children all devoured it! Of course, the quality of juice you use will make a difference, so don't use a can that's been freezer burned or isn't otherwise delicious! ;)

Check out the recipe for measurements and more info on making sparkling grape juice! Your family will love it if you make this for them!! :)

For more frugal tips, visit Jessica's blog! :)


We love sparkling grape juice but don't usually buy it because our big family needs at least 2 bottles just for everyone to have a glass. Definitely going to try making our own after reading this!

Great idea, I don't know we've never tried it with grape or apple... just orange juice, in the past. :)

~Elizabeth in Alaska

Did you like it with orange juice? I thought it was okay, but not great (the kids loved it and Joshua said it was good too).

I guess the sparkling orange juice is NOT like orange soda at all, and just... different. :) I like the grape and apple juices because they taste just like the bottles of sparkling juice we used to buy! :)

For sure be making it this year for the holidays.So much cheaper.Thanks.

Mrs. Paradis

There is an old cookbook called The Complete Guide and Cookbook to Raising Your Child as a Vegetarian and they recommended combining juices with sparkling water to make "sodas". Definitely healthier, and some health food stores sell natural soda for a lot of money that way.

Neat! I am not really a big fan of sodas (the carbonation is sometimes just too much for my stomach!) but I think juice + carbonation would be a great natural soda substitute... without the sugar (which, despite *not* being corn syrup, is still *sugar*!). :)

Hi Tammy,

Didn't sign in again- more laziness than anything; it's Beth. :) These people, Nina and Michael Shandler, wrote that book and a few more that were very ahead of their time. There was one about making healthy, homemade natural mixes that were like the premixed kind in boxes.

Here in Australia we have a "machine" that can carbonate water using a small gas bottle. It's called "Soda stream". We sometimes use it during summer to make nice fizzy cold drinks. (sodastream.com.au). It's probably a world-wide thing :)


We have that in the USA too, but its made using splenda which I myself can not have due to having crohn's. I looked into it and all the mixs use it diet and reg. too bad. I love the sparkling juice idea. my friends mother drinks this since she can't have alcohol and she loves to save money I will be sharing this idea with her thanks.

We mix Juicy Juice 100% juice with Selzer - sometimes plain seltzer and sometimes flavored. It's our version of "soda" :-).

Our special-occasion beverage as kids was orange juice (made up from frozen concentrate with water) plus a little bit of ginger ale. Probably not quite as healthy, but your post reminded me of it. :-)

Bambi, I thought I'd say that we don't use the sodastream mixes - we did buy them initially but didn't like the taste. So we just use it to make fizzy water and then add whatever we want to flavour it!


I used my soda stream with fruit punch from concentrate. It is actually really good, but I had to put the whole thing for me to be able to taste it over the seltzer.. (on the box it says 1 can to 36 oz of water, which is like a liter, right?) I'm not sure how cost effective it is, because the soda stream mixes are like 20 bottles/mix.. then again I got 4 juices for 4.99, so thats four servings for the price of 20 with the soda stream mixes..but i like the fruit punch better, so it may be worth it. without that splenda stuff, too.

We make party punch using ginger ale and equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice. If you really want it to be fance you can put little scoops of rainbow sherbert on it. We call it party punch because that was when my mom would fix it. I know people who put lemon lime soda and hawain punch and that stuff but we like it with just juice and ginger ale. To fix really cheap wine spritzers we mix sprite or whatever version and the cheap boxed wine (blush). Takes the bitter out, has a pretty color, and weakens the wine.

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