Keeping the house cool: Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Gyros

We're a week into September already! It's a cold, drizzly day here in the Seattle area and our apartment pool is now closed for the year. :( I am not looking forward to the rainy fall and winter ahead, especially since it seems like our whole summer was cold and rainy too! Yesterday Joshua asked me to take a picture of some food and I said "No... it's too dark..." and I realized it was only 2:30pm! Noooooo! Just... NO. That is not allowed to be! :P

Okay enough whining. :) I hope you're living where there's still some warm summer left, because I've still got a couple weeks' worth of grilled foods and salad recipes to post! :)

Starting with... Chicken Souvlaki Gyros!

What is "souvlaki"?! In short, it's Greek seasoned skewered meat cooked on a grill. I used chicken and fresh herbs (from my friend's garden!) and Joshua did the grilling. Served with homemade pita bread and a few fresh toppings, this made a delicious summer gyro-style dinner!

We've made gyros with lamb, but we don't usually have lamb on hand. The chicken souvlaki was a great alternative and added some variety to our summer of grilled fish and various salads. :)

I made a big batch of pita pockets and used them for several different dinners through the week. Pita bread isn't difficult to make, at all, but I try to minimize food prep time. :) Dilly Tuna Melts on Whole Wheat Pita Bread is another favorite easy dinner recipe, and any extra pita breads can be made into pita chips in about 10 minutes' time... so yeah. Pita bread never lasts long at our house! :)

Have you ever had souvlaki or gyros? The first time I had gyros was when we made lamb gyros a few years ago. So different but YUM! :)


Last summer when we moved to TN I noticed that it gets dark about an hour early then it did in New York. After several months it dawned on me that we are on the edge of Central/ Eastern time zones. With us being in Central time. Which is why it gets darker that hour earlier.


Yes! I was thinking of that very thing because in Ohio we were on the west edge of EST. :)

Here in Seattle, we're more north than we were in Ohio, so the difference in daylight between summer and winter is a little more. I love it in the summer, when it's bright at 5:30am... but don't enjoy the winter when the sun rises after 8am and sets shortly after 4pm! :P :)

These look amazing! And your photos are beautiful. Of course I'm wondering if it could be stretched into 6 servings(my family's size) with the addition of chickpeas somewhere.... hmm?

Yes, I think this recipe could make 6 servings! You would need two extra pita breads though. :) And maybe some side dishes, since it wouldn't be quite as filling. :)

Thank you for the compliment on my photos! :) These were fun to make. :)

I studied for a semester in Greece when I was in college, and consequently, I LOVE gyros. I recently got a good deal on some stew meat, so I cooked that up in some herbs, and made "American-style" gyros in hot dog buns. But they would have been good with chicken, too.

A couple of questions:
What herbs did you put on your chicken?
Is that tzatziki on top? Did you make it yourself? If so, what recipe did you use?

Yes! I made the tzatziki sauce myself. :)

This is my chicken souvlaki recipe which has instructions for everything -- the chicken seasonings (lemon and herbs), the tzatziki sauce... and the serving suggestions. :)

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