Frugal Swim Diaper

Ruth (2), all done swimming and ready for lunch! :)

We've been going swimming at our apartment's pool this summer, and while we were out there today, I snapped a couple pictures so I could share my frugal "swim diaper" alternative.

Thirsties diaper cover

The disposable swim diapers are so pricey, and really they are useful just for containing any solid-type accidents, since they fill with water as soon as the child jumps in the pool, anyway.

Thirsties diaper cover

A Thirsties diaper cover does the job of a "swim diaper" quite nicely! For Ruth (about 30 pounds) I use a size Large, and it's still got room for her to grow. Since the chemicals in the pool water are hard on fabrics, I use the same cover for swimming every time, so as not to put excess wear on all my diaper covers.

Wrap tightly, secure with the velcro, and then put the child's swim suit on top. It's a perfect and very affordable swim diaper option! I've seen cloth swim diapers for sale online, but they were more expensive and not something I already owned. :) Since I already had the Thirsties cover from (thanks to SwagBucks), I didn't even have to invest anything new. The cover usually costs $11 -- about as much as a pack of swim diapers... but will last much longer! :)

Here's a video clip from today's swimming.

A few minutes after the video was taken, I looked back at Moshe and he was fast asleep. :)

Sleeping Moshe

Head over to Jessica's blog for more frugal tips! :)


So she doesn't seem to mind the shiny side of PUL against her skin? I thought that was a no-no for some reason. I do use pocket nappies (unstuffed) as swim diapers though and they work great!

The PUL doesn't seem bothersome at all just for swimming (which for us is usually around 2 hours). I think if I didn't want the PUL against her skin I would just pin on a very thin cloth diaper underneath. :) I can see how an unstuffed pocket diaper would work great! Thanks for adding that idea!! :)

I have bought swim diapers at Target for about $5 each in a couple of sizes. They are PUL on the outside and one layer of terry cloth on the inside. I've used the same ones for all 6 of my children. They were for sale right next to the baby swimsuits in with the baby stuff (not with the clothes; on an end cap at the beginning of the season by the diapers). They still carry them every summer, so that's another alternative as well.


Thanks for letting me know, Brandy! I guess I don't go shopping very often besides Costco! :) That does sound like a great alternative! :)

I don't go shopping very often, either, LOL. We can and have gone many months without shopping, even though I live right by several stores.


Aww, I can't see the video. It says it's either been removed or not visible because of privacy settings. *Looks around for a link to your Facebook page so we can be friends*

Oops! I logged out of Facebook and saw that the video wasn't visible anymore... sorry about that! I changed the settings. :)

Tammy I LOVED the video! How fun to hear your voice and hear the children! I can't believe what a nice pool you have there....definately a "bonus" for an apartment dweller:) I'll bet you make good use of it!
The reusable diaper is a great idea!!

Thanks, Tereza! :) The pool is really nice, and usually warm, too... only problem is sometimes other people trash it :P We like to go in the mornings when no one else is up yet! :)

We use disposables (given to us by my s-i-l) but only toss them when there's been a poop. Otherwise I toss them in the washer with a load of laundry. They can be used many times over and its nice to be able to toss one when it's "used". Plus, I always have a back up or two in case he does poop so I can quickly change him. Another benefit is that there is just enough padding that I can put him in his swim diaper and not worry if he pees. The padding is enough to contain one pee. With my other kids, I'd have to change them right before they went in the water or else they'd pee and it would be on the floor or carseat.

I didn't know the disposable swim diapers would survive the washing machine -- thanks for mentioning that! :) I wish I had known that last year! :P :)

She's so cute how old is she anyway? God bless you I enjoyed reading your blog post thanks also for the recipes :)

Thank you! :) Ruth is 2 1/2! :)

Another great cover is the bummis original. It has mesh and catches anything that might be a little loose. LOL. :) Great Idea!

Thanks for the tip, Tammy! I love the idea. I haven't invested in swimming diapers, so I just end up feeling guilty when we go to the pool in a regular diaper. LOL!

I have added this to my wishlist for later. :)

Tammy, your last name is visible in the video, I don't know if you want that out there or not....

It's okay. :) Thanks for mentioning it though! :)

For baby #1, I just used the cheapo Gerber plastic covers over an old cloth diaper for swimming, too. (I do love those Thirsties covers, too! But I had borrowed them, and didn't want to put them in the pool.)

Then, for baby #2, I picked up some of the inexpensive cloth "swim diapers" (they basically just look like underwear made out of swimsuit material) at a consignment sale for $1 apiece!

Great tip!
Michele :)

we took our daughter (10wks now) in the pool last month and put a GroVia cover over her regular diaper. i was afraid of her baby poo getting in the pool. the diaper soaks up a lot of water though!

Question: Sometimes my homemade bread falls apart. When I slice it (cold or warm), the top falls off each slice. Any solutions?

I use an iplay reusable swim diaper (you can get a "grab bag" print for $7 online).

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