Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: How to remove excess flour from dough or pastry

Ever roll out your dough or pie crust on a "lightly floured surface" and end up with excess flour on your dough? It's hard to get enough flour to avoid sticking to the counter but not end up with patches of dry flour left on the dough.

Brushing excess flour from dough

Use a pastry brush to brush away the extra flour! A brush with "real" bristles works better than this silicone brush, but that's all I have right now... and it works a lot better than trying to use my fingers!

My kitchen helper
Eliyahu (4) is a cheerful kitchen helper! I love the flour on his nose! :)


How to deal with sticky pizza dough

How to roll dough into circles

What you might want to make with your dough:

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1. Turning impromptu cooking into a recipe (Alea)
2. 10 uses for an icing decorator (Tara)
3. "Summer kitchen" (Esther)
4. Freezing bacon (Gwen)
5. Keeping recipes clean while cooking (Laura)
6. Canning pickled beans
7. Sift whole wheat flour (Barb)
8. Homemade cream soup variations
9. Using up extra breading/flour (Rachel)
10. Tips for homemade tomato sauces (Gina)
11. Perfectly cut brownies (Rebecca)
12. How to cut fresh pineapple


I could have used this tip yesterday, when making scones!

My tip is for creating a recipe from impromptu cooking:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

You know, I've always wondered about that. I usually just leave it and bake the thing as is. :)

My tip this week is 10 uses for an icing decorator.

I posted about my "summer Kitchen". I've been loving it this summer.


Here is my recipe for homemade oatmeal. I explain how easy it is to make from scratch.

This works great if you buy bacon in bulk, or if you only use it every once in a while.
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

I posted on my "summer kitchen". A little late in the year but oh well:)


I always use my hands and it never gets off as much excess flour as I would like. I'll definitely be using this tip from now on!

Also, here's my tip on keeping your recipe out of the counter top mess when baking/cooking.

Tasty refried beans without actually frying them!

This post is from last year, and tells step by step how to can something - the specific recipe is for dilly beans, but it shows how easy canning is!

I can never keep my husband or kids from taking my pastry brushes. The last silicone one got taken outside and I haven't seen it since. I usually grab a nubby little wiping rag. It has to be clean and dry, of course, but the nubbier the better. I use homemade scrubbers made from socks too, and these work great too. Just lightly brush the excess away. And your're done. Debbie

Debbie, that is a great solution! I can totally see how a clean dry dish cloth, scrunched up, would brush off the extra flour! Thanks for mentioning that!! :)

Great tip! In fact, I recently posted a list of four kitchen items I never knew I wanted, and my pastry brush is the very first item.

But my tip is about sifting: when baking quickbreads or muffins with whole wheat flour, sifting makes a big difference:

--Barb @ 1SentenceDiary

How to make Cream of Chicken (or mushroom or celery) soup without MSG or weird chemicals for 1/3 the cost of store brand!

Sorry this is late! I kept trying to load this website, but all I got was an "site has exceeded bandwidth" error message. I just was able to load it now. If it's too late to add my tip, I'll resubmit it next week.

Less waste with breading


Thank you for all the great kitchen tips this week, ladies! :)

Rachel, you're not too late... unfortunately the website has been down a couple times today but Joshua came home from work and fixed the server settings for me so now I'm all set. :)

Stop tempting me with those delicious-looking cinnamon rolls...I just had a healthy smoothie for breakfast- but that looks sooo much better! :)

Your baked goods look so fabulous! Mmmmm...can't wait to start baking cinnamon rolls again with the cooler weather coming.

My kitchen tip today is how to cut brownies flawlessly...check it out at

And don't ask me why I make brownies in the summer but not cinnamon rolls so much...hmm, crazy, eh?

Did you get my comment 3 times? It took me that many times to figure out that you're moderating! So sorry...
Just call me "Spam"! :)

Yes, but that's okay. :) If I see duplicate comments I just approve one of them. :) I should look and see if there is a "waiting to be approved" message for anonymous comments. That would help! :)

I always enjoy your kitchen tips but never shared one of mine. Here is some of my tips to making thick tomato sauce.

Keep up the great work on your blog. I rarely comment but I've learned so much from you!

That ladder loaf is amazing! You make everything look both beautiful and easy! My attempts would not be easy and I think they would end up with the name "crumble" no matter what I baked.

I've got a tip with photos on how to cut fresh pineapple:

great tip! i learned about this about a year ago and it's been amazing!

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