Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Keeping the lid on!

I snapped a quick picture before we headed out the door to a potluck, so I could share this kitchen tip!

When traveling with food, sometimes the lid is a little too loose for comfort. Solve this problem by using rubber bands to secure the lid! (Obviously, if you are transporting a really hot dish this won't work.)

Rubber band holding lid on tight

These rubber bands were actually saved from some asparagus we got earlier this spring. They're big and strong and since we love asparagus (on sale) I have a big handful of rubber bands to use around the house! :)


Transporting cheesecakes made easy

Meal, delivered (ideas/menu for making a meal for others)

Meal, delivered -- Take 2 :)

Water bottles that don't leak

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1. Drying herbs in a paper bag (Alea)
2. Spicing up potatoes (Rachel)
3. 10 things to make in a springform pan (Tara)
4. Mixing quick breads/muffins
5. Dryer sheets to clean pans (Christine)
6. Use for plastic bread bag ties (Michelle)
7. Breading tip (Kolfinna


I mostly transport food in my pyrex containers which have lids with a pretty tight seal. however, I am going to store this idea a way in case I ever have to take a traditional pot with lid to a potluck.

My tip is for drying herbs ina paper bag:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

My problem is I can never get the darn things on. I have no idea what the issue is, but once they come off after initial use, they never go back on.

I think it might be a sign I need to invest in better quality tupperware.

Spicing up potatoes:


I once had a whole 4-quart crockpot of BBQ beans spill in the back of my car. What a nightmare! It didn't have handles, so I couldn't attach the lid. I'll never travel with that crockpot again!

My post this week is 10 things to make in a springform pan.

Have a great week!

Ditto to what Alea said!

My tip for today is about a tip that may or may not work (Using a Dryer Sheet to Clean Dirty Pans)...depending on the severity of the damage on a pan.

Christine @ iDreamofClean

Hi Tammy,

I just posted a tip at:

Have a wonderful day!


I got in late last week and didn't get my link posted, so I'm reposting last weeks. I posted a tip on making your breading last a little longer:

love that idea rubberbands would work great to keep lids on

here is mine for back to school I hope it works if it does not please let me know

That's a great idea for transporting food.

My tip this week is for Storing Fruits & Vegetables


I just might have to employ the rubber band remedy when I send a big pasta salad to work with my husband on Monday for a pot luck his office is having.

Is it too late to add a tip I did this week?

Rebecca in Colorado

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