Salmon at its finest: Copper River Salmon

Grilled Copper River Salmon

Yes, I'm on the topic of fish again! ;) When we got our last fish order, it included some Copper River Salmon. I had never heard of Copper River Salmon until we moved to WA and Joshua started working for a seafood company 2 years ago. You can find out more about Copper River Salmon here! That link has some great photos and info.

Copper River Salmon fillets

Copper River Salmon is normally quite outside our price range, but we got some at a deep discount with our fish order* and WOW! I already liked Atlantic salmon and considered salmon to be my favorite fish, but Copper River Salmon is just amazing!!

Grilled Copper River Salmon

Copper River Salmon has such a beautiful color and rich flavor! Grilling it is quick and easy, and the result is tender, flaky, juicy salmon. Each bite is savory and I just never want it to end. (Eating slowly makes the 4-ounce fillet very enjoyable!)

Grilled Copper River Salmon

I usually serve grilled fish with rice and a green salad. The meal is light, healthy, and refreshingly delicious.

Leftover salmon can be cubed and used for homemade salmon chowder. Okay, not that you'd have leftovers of Copper River Salmon, but still... ;)

Have you ever tried Copper River Salmon? If so, what did you think? :)

*You can read about how I emptied the freezer in preparation for the order, and see a week's menu of nearly all FISH meals when that was nearly the only meat we had on hand! :)


Hi! I just found your blog about 2 weeks ago and have really enjoyed all of your recipes and tips. I live in Texas in a suburb of Houston. My DH and I love grilling fish, and since we live so close to the coast fresh fish is very easy to come by. In June we were in Dallas and went out for a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant for our 40th birthdays. There special of the day was copper river salmon. DH and I had never heard about it but the guy told us they have it flown in daily and it was only available for 4-6 weeks a year. Needless to say we ordered it. I loved the color and the fish was delicious! DH and I are already making plans to go back next year about the same time so we can have it again. I am so jealous that you live where it is readily available for those 4-6 weeks. My mouth is watering remembering how good it was!


That sounds wonderful! :)

The salmon run started the last weekend of our Alaska vacation (gotta visit grandma!). My brother and his girlfriend ditched work to go fishing. We ended up gorging ourselves on copper river salmon that had been caught less than 36 hours previous. Delish. Of course, now I'm totally spoiled and I can't buy fish at the grocery store. I'll just have to time our next vacation VERY carefully.

Can the general pubic place a fish order? This salmon looks delicious!! Thank you for sharing.

Rita, the fish was an employee-only sale. :( I wish I could share with everyone!! :)

YES! The first time I had it - I lived in Alaska for many years...I knew I would never want steak over the choice of Copper River salmon - ever! :D

I miss it so...they just advertised for chilcoot salmon where I live, which made me laugh - as it is spelled wrong, and it just never tastes as good when you're close(r) to the source -- as you are.

Enjoy - it is such a treat! Do the kids like it?

Indeed, Copper River Salmon is quite a treat!! :)

The kids do like it! :) They have liked all of the fish we've had/tried... but then, Joshua is very good at grilling it for us so it's yummy. :)

We are spoiled, and could probably have salmon every day if we wanted. We get Copper River Reds from a fish wheel, but we stock up the freezer and can Kasilof Reds from a dipnet fishery we can use as Alaskan residents. Anytime you can eat salmon the day you pull it from the water, it tastes amazing. If your fish was frozen well, it will taste pretty good all year long. I can not eat Atlantic salmon-it's just not worth it!

I'm not sure how quickly our Copper River Salmon was processed, but it was frozen in thick vacuum-sealed packets -- one fillet per packet -- so it tastes excellent. I can't imagine getting it fresh!! :)

Looks yummy! ~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

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