Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Eating fresh berries

Guess what's big, black, sweet and juicy -- and growing along all our favorite walking trails and parks right now? Blackberries! Yay! We picked the first few ripe blackberries last week, and this week there's a bunch more ready. The boys are hoping for some mini blackberry pies soon... :)

One of our first blackberries this year!
The first ripe blackberry by our yard

I know I haven't posted all week. We've been busy with school work and mostly just enjoying the lovely August sunshine here in Washington! Gotta get outside every day before the rainy season is back... :) So, forgive me for re-posting this tip from last year. :)


Okay, so today's Kitchen Tip is more of an eating tip than a cooking tip... :)

Yehoshua picks blackberries
Yehoshua (6) picks berries

Blackberries are getting ripe here, and we're enjoying them on our walks! Blackberries grow wild here and they are huge, juicy, and sweet. As a non-native to the PNW, I find the delicious wild blackberries amazing!

Eliyahu picks berries
Eliyahu (4) reaching for some ripe berries

Whether blackberries or blueberries or another kind of berry, have you ever noticed how each berry has it's own unique flavor?

When I'm eating fresh berries, I think each berry tastes slightly different, and as I eat I think things like "Oh, that was the BEST berry!" or "Eeeks, that one was tart!" or "I think that one was a little too ripe..." (Maybe I over-analyze my food?!)

So, to get the best eating experience, I like to eat fresh berries two or three at a time. Or more if you have a big mouth! ;) When I put several berries in my mouth at once, I get a good blend of flavors and the sweetness and flavor overall is more consistent.

Do any of you eat fresh berries in this way? :)

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Cherry Mulberry Pie (pictured above) -- my favorite for fruit pies! (Apple pie is a close second though.)

My Mom's Mulberry Pie -- I love mulberries! They grow wild on my parents' property in Ohio.

Whole Wheat Strawberry Shortcake -- I request this for my birthday cake :)

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Strawberry Slushie -- Joshua makes these for us on hot days :)

Berry-lovin' kids :)
My berry-lovin' kiddos :)

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Frugal way to make ice cream elegant:


oh yes they grow wild here too! What a cool tip...would never have thought of that!

We have a lot of wild berries growing around here, too. My husband always says Here, try these berries, they're good. Somehow, I always end up with the sour ones! lol Guess I'll have to try your tip!

My tip this week is for a recipe card holder.


We love mixing berries in a dish or in our mouth to blend the flavors! I grow berries in my backyard, so we have lots of opportunites to experiment. :)

My tip for an alternative to using oil cooking spray cans:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

Yum, those look delicious! Here is my tip for making homemade fruit roll ups:

You said you over-analyze your food... I guess I am the same then! especially when it comes to blueberries and cherries (as well as black berries and mulberries) but I like to snack on one or two at a time and then I decide what is looking like the tastiest color/shape/size, and then I separate those out, or like you, pair them with ones that look more sour/tart.
Good tip, though, since you said no one you have asked does this!.


When my boys and I had the day to ourselves when we visited Minneapolis - we found along a walking/running trail a tree filled with *serviceberries* (can't recall proper name...june berry?) and stood there quenching our parched throats. Runners/walkers would smile but go on, and we were just amazed anyone would pass up such sweet, delicious (free) berries!

Also - on Kodiak Island we would come across huge patches of salmonberries - that were huge, and yes, each one had a different flavor, burst or not...we always ate quickly though, as we did not care to share with the bears. :D

We would be the same way as you and the kids...eating all we could -- what a treasure to come across such deliciousness! Your children will remember these times always! :D

That is so funny! I've never analyzed how I eat so I have no idea :-)

Here's my tip for the week:

Christine (iDreamofClean)

In Pennsylvania, we have lots and lots of berries, both wild and cultivated. I love them!

My tip is 10 uses for a mandoline, the cutting tool. :)

when I see posts like this. I love blackberries and so miss that!

LOVE berries!
Today's tip, a bit late, is for homemade mozzarella.

A friend gave me baskets full of black berries, I froze them all. They taste so good in a fruit salad. :)~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

I LOVE berries! :) Some are tart and can wake you up better than a cup of coffee...hehee. That is a blessing to have those berries growing all around you guys! :)

My tip is about cutting pizza with kitchen scissors as opposed to using a pizza cutter.

Here is a post on choosing between Dehydrating, Canning, or Freezing.

Hope your readers enjoy it!

Make your own buttermilk:


Hi, Tammy. I'm so glad you have been able to have a little extra time enjoying your family this week. We don't have berries in our little city yard, but we have many fond memories of picking berries along trails. We usually just eat them right away.:) The weather has cooled off and has become so nice here, I think we need to go hiking this weekend in a good berry spot.

I actually have 2 tips this week (you can tell we have not started school here yet). The first one is filled with several tips for keeping your meals healthy on a budget. You can find it here
My second tip is an unconventional way of preserving tomatoes that you can find here

Thank you for hosting.


My kitchen tip today is about the uses of a toothbrush in the kitchen:

Thanks for hosting!

I grew up eating wild blackberries, but it's been ages since I've been in area where they grow! How fun for your kids! :)

This recipe uses whatever vegetables you have and is fast, frugal, and flexible!

I've got a tip on how to make bread without multiple loaf pans.

Those look so yummy!! When I was a kid I loved visiting my grandma because she had wild blackrasberries and blackberries in her backyard. I loved "hunting" for them :0)

My post is how to make your own Brown Sugar Bacon

My kitchen tip is about writing down leftovers and produce on a white board in my kitchen to remind me of what needs to be eaten.



Thanks for the cool tips!


MMmm! Those waffles with berries look really tasty! Who needs dessert if you eat those for breakfast or dinner!

Today I am sharing a tip on creating new meals from leftovers!

I am just not a fan of blackberries......or raspberries either. The seeds throw me off. :-)

Here is my link for the week: Tips on reusable "trash."

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Just came across your blog and love it as well as this fun idea. Here's the link to my Ten Tips for Cookie Baking Success -

Thanks for letting me participate.

Best Easy Cookie Recipes

Hey Tammy....just wondering if you were able to get my previous comment posted about the bacon? Just wondering if I did something wrong or it doesn't meet specs??

Nope, it's perfect! :) I didn't turn the computer on today until 2:30 pm (PST, eeeks!) to approve comments and add new tips. We started back into our new homeschool year last week, and this year I have three to teach -- 2nd grade, kindergarten, and preschool.

One of these days I'll figure out how to juggle a full school schedule, meals, laundry, yard work, cleaning, AND getting online too!! :)

Hi! really wanted to link up today to your kitchen tips. I left a comment this morning around 9am (see "yummy") and noticed I am still not linked. You were so popular today I am sure you just over looked it. Also made your homemade matzah today! the kids and I loved it. Anyway, here is my link again


I posted a tip on how to make your chocolate chip cookies a bit more moist and chewy. It's a super easy one that makes a big difference!

Here is my post: Surviving without a Microwave:

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