Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cooling rack alternatives

If you lack a wire cooling rack for baked goods, brown paper bag or brown cardboard make good substitutes! The brown paper will absorb excess grease and moisture; just spread your baked goods out on it! This works better for light things like muffins or cookies (I haven't tried it with, say, a loaf of bread).

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, cooling :)
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (made with 100% whole wheat flour)

Do you have any more cooling tips to add? Leave them in a comment!

More ways with cooling racks:

Not-soggy grilled cheese sandwiches!

Use to drain meatballs (especially useful for bulk batches of meatballs!)

Allow leftover homemade pizza to cool on racks to avoid soggy crusts

Drizzle icing (like for cinnamon raisin biscuits or pumpkin scones) so it drips off through the cooling rack

Warm tortillas over pot of beans using cooling rack (see second comment on post)

Other uses for grocery bags (paper and plastic)

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1. Storing flour (Laura)
2. Knife tips (Christine)
3. Homemade fromage blanc
4. Non-skid cutting board tip (Linda)
5. Uses for ice cream scoops (Tara)
6. Handy kitchen towels (Beth)


Great idea. I always use a tea towel and they get greasy with some items, this will help with having to wash out that extra oil.

Here's my tip for storing flour.

That is a great idea! Would have never thought of that!

Here's my tip for cleaning and caring for professional kitchen knives

Thanks for hosting! I love learning all the tips.

That's a great idea. It would come in really handy when cooking or baking large batches.

My tip this week is how to stop a runaway cutting board.


Hi Tammy :-)
Re-purposing things just makes you feel so good, doesn't it?!! Think creativly and the most wonderful things/methods get invented! Plus, you usually save either time or money too ;-)

My first link up is for Warm Weather Dessert # 6

The other is for Party Food # 3

hope the heat isn't to unbearable for you this week!

Cheryl B.

Really? I had no idea that you could set them down on something solid. I have a few wire cooling racks, so I've never been without. I might panic if I had to! (That sounds totally silly, I'm aware.) I'm going to file this one, though, just in case.

My tip is 10 uses for an ice cream scoop. :)

Firstly, I will have to try that brown paper trick! Sounds like the perfect solution to the Christmas Cook Craziness.

Secondly, I have a kitchen tip. It involves a bajillion kitchen towels:

My tip is finding a healthy peanut butter, info about oils and a recipe.

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