Grilled New York Steakburgers (Our version of "eating out")

Grilled New York Steakburgers
Grilled New York Steakburgers

We've been using our grill more this summer than ever before! Have you noticed how many of my recent recipe additions have been either grilled foods or a salad of some sort?! I'm so thankful for a husband who loves to grill, and a great outdoor gas grill that makes yummy food while keeping the house cool! :)

Joshua created these Grilled New York Steakburgers and they're so good! This is his version of a gourmet sandwich... thick juicy steak and all the trimmings! The tenderized steak is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I'm not a huge fan of burgers, but with fresh tomato slices, lettuce, red onions, and a toasty grilled bun, this is one awesome sandwich!

Grilled New York Steakburgers

If you want to make a special dinner for the man in your life, this is a fabulous one. (Or, get the ingredients ready and let him do the grilling if that's something he likes to do!)

Grilled New York Steakburgers

The New York strip steak isn't cheap, but found on sale it can be an affordable treat, and these steakburgers are way better (in our opinion) than going out to dinner! :) You can also use a cheaper cut of meat if you wish, since it'll get tenderized before grilling. Obviously, the better your meat, the better your sandwich will be! Serve hot off the grill, with a salad and fresh fruit for an easy summer dinner.


I am excited to try it.Looks mouth watering.

Thank you! :) I love burgers with fresh tomato and lettuce... :)

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