Park picnics and interview round-up

On our walk to a park

One of the things I love about our neighborhood is the abundance of parks and woodsy trails! There's few things more exciting to the children than getting to explore a new park with trails where "We don't know where it goes!". :)

I usually try to make our walks long enough to be worth all the trouble of getting 4 kids ready to go. Thankfully we have a variety of playtime options within walking distance of our apartment! :)

Sandwich at the park
My sandwich: Turkey, mayo, lettuce, cheese, and tomato

Taking lunch along means we get to play longer, no hungry tummies on the way back home, and the crumbs are on the grass instead of the dining room carpet! Win, win, win!! :)

Clipping the water bottle

With the Ergo baby carrier, my favorite water bottles are even handier to take along on a hike. I am really, really enjoying the Ergo! Along with being very comfy and quick to put on, it has a zipper pocket and D-rings for my water bottles, features my mei tai doesn't have. The mei tai folds up smaller, is also easy to use, and is very comfortable (JUST as comfy as the Ergo in my opinion, until the child is a couple years old).

All in all, I find that I prefer a carrier (Ergo or mei tai) for our walks rather than a stroller -- maybe partly since using our stroller means carrying it up and down the stairs from the apartment. The summer here also isn't too hot, so wearing Moshe keeps him toasty warm on chilly days. :)

Baby Moshe...

Sweet Moshe is 6 months old now! He gets so much love and attention from all of us, I'm convinced he's pampered more than any of the other kids ever were! :) I love this orange striped shirt on the little guy, and I really love the 3 BumGenius diapers that were so generously passed down to us and which are so, SO handy to take along on hikes and picnics! :)

Watching the big trucks outside

Our street was being worked on by some big trucks, and I snapped this picture as the children were all standing on the deck, trying to see what was happening down there. :)

Remember the "5 Questions" game? I thought I'd try to do a round-up of everyone who answered questions from me. I thought I was a question expert but phew! I was pretty tired after brainstorming 5 questions for each person! :)

My posts answering your questions (so far):

Books, music, clothes, menu planning, etc.

My dream house, life stuff, etc.

Schedules, books, favorite foods, etc. 

Weddings, babies, cooking inspiration, hobbies. etc.


People who played along (5 questions from me, answered on their blogs!):










Ruth Anne







Those links all go directly to their interviews! :) Thanks for playing along, ladies. :)


Do you think this one is better then the others on the market? I notice they retail at over 100 new, while some others such as the babybjorn were around 60.

Just wondered if you had an opinion one way or the other. I was also looking at slings, if you have one to suggest :)

And thanks for the link back.

Rena @ ich liess mein herz in deutschland

I have not tried the BabyBjorn carriers, so I can't give an opinion on them vs. the Ergo carriers. I see the Ergo is similar to some others (like Patapum and Beco) but those are still fairly pricey overall.
I really like my mei tai, and it is homemade! I think the link to the pattern is in the comments section of that post. I didn't make the mei tai myself, but if you or someone you know can sew, I don't think it would be too difficult. Fabrics make a difference on mei tais, I've heard, so I'd suggest reading up on which ones work best. Mine has a cotton lining and the rest (straps and outside) is a polyester (I think), and there is thin padding in the shoulder straps.
I know you can buy mei tais for $30 or so, and if they're as comfy as mine is then that's a great deal! :)
I have tried other baby carriers (Infantino is one brand I recall using) and didn't like them very well.
You could also look into making a Moby wrap -- basically a long piece of fabric used to carry a baby. There's lots on info online about that!
I have not had great success with ring slings, personally. They can be made affordably though (I helped make one for my first baby) and I recently saw one at GoodWill for $3.99!
I couldn't get a ring sling to work for an infant (I tried with all 4 of my babies!) but when they were old enough to sit up, I could use it for them (in an upright position) while grocery shopping, etc. and it was quick to put on and off, although it limited my mobility more than the mei tai or Ergo do. :)
I think if you are able to borrow any of these baby carrying options and try them out with your baby, that would be helpful for determining what works best for you! :) Also, some dads like carrying the child when out and about, so if you think your husband might be doing a bit of the carrying, that could influence your choice as well. :)

Seeing your little cuties makes me smile and seeing that scruptuous looking sandwich makes me hungry! You are so blessed!!!

I want a little girl just like Ruth. She is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!

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