Perfect New York Cheesecake: CheesecakeMoat review and Chef Rosen's recipe

This cheesecake is amazing. Dense and creamy, with a rich vanilla cream cheese flavor. A crust, plus 5 ingredients. Slow-baked for 3 hours. Easier than -- and yet just as good as -- any of our previous cheesecake recipes. Long-time readers know about our infatuation with cheesecakes, as both Joshua and I have created original cheesecake recipes and regularly bake cheesecakes for all occasions!

When Chef Corky Rosen contacted me and asked if Joshua and I would like to try his invention called a "CheesecakeMoat", I jumped at the opportunity! The CheesecakeMoat was designed to make waterbaths easy, and the photos on their website are stunning! (And watching their video demo of the CheesecakeMoat was pretty impressive, despite the over-emphasized leaky springform pan demo!) I wondered if it was truly that easy to make such a perfect, fantastic-looking cheesecake.

Cheesecake batter and CheesecakeMoat, ready to be baked

Our CheesecakeMoat arrived in the mail, and we got busy testing it. We started with the recipe included and were honestly amazed at the result! The cheesecake was firm and creamy, and picture-perfect -- just like the photos on the CheesecakeMoat website! The crust recipe turned out soggy for us, so in future tests we used one of our own crust recipes, using less butter and pre-baking the crust for a few minutes.

Finished cheesecake

The resulting cheesecake was perfect. And that is not an understatement! Not only were Joshua and I extremely impressed, but our guests were raving over the amazing cheesecake with compliments like "best ever" and "even better than Cheesecake Factory"!

But the real question: Is this amazing cheesecake a result of Chef Rosen's recipe or his invention, the CheesecakeMoat? Time for lots more cheesecake (and guests to help us eat it all!) as we thoroughly tested the recipe with and without the CheesecakeMoat. (And thankfully, I was buying cream cheese at Costco: 3 pounds for $5.35 which makes one huge cheesecake!)

Our conclusion? The recipe is really good. It will make a stellar cheesecake with or without the CheesecakeMoat. But it will make the BEST cheesecake when using the CheesecakeMoat.

Now, you know I am honest in my reviews. In fact, I rarely accept products for review, opting instead to review things we researched, purchased ourselves, and love.

So the real question (#2) is: Would I recommend the CheesecakeMoat?

Here is what I love about the CheesecakeMoat:

Waterbaths made easy! It doesn't really do a true cheesecake waterbath, as there is space (air) between the pans (as shown in my photos), but for the Chef Rosen's recipe, this semi-water-bath seems to be quite sufficient.

(By the way this New York Cheesecake can easily be flavored, colored, or topped however you like and is a good all-around cheesecake base recipe. It's fast and simple to prepare; you just need to be home to take it out of the oven after 3 hours.)

Perfect cheesecake every time. Seriously. Using Chef Rosen's recipe (which I did modify slightly) and his CheesecakeMoat will produce a fabulous cheesecake, even for newbies.

Made in the USA.

Here's what I don't love:

Size for storage. The CheesecakeMoat is fairly big: about 14.5 inches in diameter. If you rarely make cheesecakes and have a small kitchen, this won't be worth the storage space it takes, as it is really a single-purpose item.

The price. Depending on your budget and your love for cheesecake (and your cheesecake-making skills), $30 can be too much.

But, I do want to put that $30 into perspective. The Cheesecake Factory's 10-inch original cheesecake sells for $42. (Go to that link to see what theirs looks like!) For the price of a CheesecakeMoat and the ingredients to make a Slow-Baked New York Cheesecake (I shop at Costco), I can make my own 10-inch New York Cheesecake that is just as good! And then I have the CheesecakeMoat, to continue making great cheesecakes.

Cheesecake after being sliced with dental floss
Every slice: picture-perfect!

I know many of you don't have funds to splurge on Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, even for a special occasion. But we have been asked, many times, to make a cheesecake to sell. We usually decline, but with the superiority of this recipe and the ease of the CheesecakeMoat, I may be accepting more offers!

If you've ever wanted to make a great cheesecake but were afraid to try (or had failures), if you're married to someone who loves a good cheesecake, or you want to make cheesecakes to sell, or you need a gift for a cheesecake-loving friend -- I recommend the CheesecakeMoat! (If you can't afford the CheesecakeMoat, then I still recommend this recipe. YOU CAN make an awesome cheesecake!)

In exchange for reviewing the CheesecakeMoat, Chef Rosen is sponsoring a giveaway of a CheesecakeMoat to one of my readers here! This is your opportunity to win a free CheesecakeMoat and enjoy making cheesecakes like the ones in my photos!

To be entered in the drawing, please log in and then leave a comment on this post saying you'd like to be entered. (No need to leave your email address in the comment, since I can see the one on your account.) The drawing is open today (Monday, July 26) through Friday, July 30 2010. A winner will be randomly selected and posted on Monday, August 2.

Any questions about the CheesecakeMoat? Ask me in a comment! :)

Full Disclosure, as always: I received a CheesecakeMoat for review purposes. I have not and will not receive any other gain, financial or otherwise, from this CheesecakeMoat review or sales. The opinions presented are completely my own. Happy Cheesecake-Making! :)

(And a huge THANK YOU to Chef Rosen for allowing me to test the CheesecakeMoat and for sharing his great recipe!)

Ruth (2) wants cheesecake...

P.S. Remember this picture? :) That's Ruth (2) with a slice of this Slow-Baked New York Cheesecake! :)


Please enter my name for the CheesecakeMoat. :) That cheesecake looks awesome! My cheesecakes turn out good when placed and cooked in a roaster pan with water but I think the results with this would be even better! :)

We love cheesecake, although I don't make it very often. Your cheesecake recipes are our favorites!

I must say I LOVE the picture of Ruth at the end of this post - she looks so excited to eat - even her toes are anticipating the first bite :)
Please enter me in the drawing for the cheesecake moat - my mother-in-law makes yummy cheesecake & I haven't gotten the hang of it yet - will be trying this recipe soon though & looking forward to trying others you have posted as well.

I've been wanting to try a baked cheesecake, but never gotten around to doing so. I'd love to have a cheesecake moat, but doubt I'll be able to warrent buying one since I've never actually made a cheese cake before. The only cheese cake I've made, is the one my Mom always made, that isn't baked...not a REAL cheesecake, but still good. LOL My DH would love it if I would actually get around to trying one. :)

Thanks for the recipe!! :)

My son is always asking for cheesecake but I have never been brave enough to try one. Maybe with the cheesecake moat I would. He would be thrilled if I made one. Enter me to win and he will be very appreciative.

I would love to try out the Cheesecake Moat!

I've made lots of cheesecakes, but never tried a water bath.

I love cheesecake! Please enter me. :-)

Thanks for entering us in the contest!! My family loves all your recipes!!!

My family LOVES cheesecake, and I would love to try the cheesecake pan!

I have never made a cheesecake that looks as beautiful and perfect as the ones you make! I would LOVE to win this, and I have room in my kitchen for it! :)

I'm crazy about cheesecake. Just yesterday, in a desperate craving for chocolate cheesecake in a hurry, I mixed together cream cheese, cocoa, and sugar and ate it with a spoon. LOL! Please enter me. I would share the pan with my mom, who has the world's best Fudge Truffle Cheesecake recipe!

We would love to win this giveaway. :)

Sounds wonderful - thanks for the chance!

we also buy our cream cheese from costco for cheesecake-making. thanks for the recipes!

i'd love to be entered for this. i love cheesecake! yum!

I love cheesecake and would love to try this! Thanks for the recipe!

That cheesecake looks so good!
I would love to be entered into this giveaway.

How do you get your cheesecake to slice so nice and clean?

Thanks for the giveaway Tammy and Chef Corky!

Okay, I re-read the post and it answers my question on how you cut your cheesecake!
Thanks :)

Can I enter too? It looks wonderful!

My account is pending. ;-) Hopefully LoveMyKiddos3 will be approved soon so I can enter the contest for realsies. =)

I have 5 more meme questions for you; are you still taking them?

-Ruth Anne

Sure! I'd love that, Ruth Anne! Email or just leave them in a comment! :)


Please enter me!

Can you tell me if you have ever tried a low carb version? I know you are thinking "yeah, right!" But we are on a strict no sugar diet around here, but cheesecake seems like a naturally low crab dessert. Just that bothersome 1 3/4 cup sugar to deal with...can you tell me if you know of any good ideas to reduce the sugar? I have had success with trading the crust for an almond one, and that worked well. But splenda tastes funny in the cheesecake.

I have never replaced the sugar in the cheesecake batter with an alternative low-carb sweetener. I have done nuts for the crust, which makes it gluten-free, but not sugar-free unfortunately! :)
By the way -- log in (or create an account -- which takes just a minute to do) so I can include your entry in the giveaway! :)

I would love to win this. I like to make cheesecakes, but I mostly make them in the winter time. The cheesecakemoat would make it so much easier!

making a *real* cheesecake has always seemed a bit daunting - though I make a delicious Polish sernik, with 12 eggs. Also a faux cheese cake, with sour cream, whip cream and cream cheese with a graham cracker crust. I would love to learn to make a real one. If not chosen I will still attempt the recipe - as I am up for a challenge! :D

Such an adorable picture of Ruth!!


I would love to try the Cheesecake Moat!

Thanks so much for all your reviews. Thanks for entering me! I'm at aniadlv at hotmail dot com.

I'd love to try out the cheesecake moat!!! It looks kinda cool and easy to use! Also, for anyone wanting to sell cheesecakes, you want to check into your state laws for food licenses. In the state of Ohio if you want to sell any food item that requires refridgeration it requires a food license (which also requires a home inspection of your cooking/fridge area). So...check out the state laws where you're at if you're wanting to sell those items! This is why I stick with cakes! :)


I'd like to be entered into the giveaway. I've been wanting to start experimenting with cheesecakes and this seems to be the perfect way to start.

I have baked cheesecakes before but none with the water bath. I would love to try this method.

Please enter me in the giveaway.


I have never made a cheese cake with a water bath. It looks really good! so how much is the cheesecake when you use ingredients from Costco?

Hmm, let's see. :)

Cream cheese -- let's just say $6 since sometimes it is closer to $5, sometimes closer to $6

Eggs -- $0.70 (8 eggs)

Sugar -- I'd need to weigh it to know :P

Cream -- $0.40

Vanilla -- ? (I used homemade)

Crust -- graham crackers ($0.50), butter ($0.25), sugar (?)

Sooooo.... under $10? :) Btw, we think Costco's pre-made cheesecakes are a pretty good deal... though we prefer to make our own. :)

I have NEVER made cheese cake but hubs LOVES it! He does ask me to try but for some reason I just feel nervous about it!lol I would LOVE to try this! Thanks for the review:)

Please enter me! I love cheesecake and making cheesecake, though my waist line is thankful that I don't indulge too often!

Please enter me for this drawing! I have been wanting to get into baking cheesecakes for a very long time! Using this pan would be a great help for a newbie!

My account is pending & waiting for your approval ~ Username: Risha

**BTW, I am loving this site! Awesome!

Tammy, please enter my name for the cheesecake moat!

Mom to Jace, vasa previa survivor, 3/2/2010

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I would love to try the cheesecake moat. My first successful cheesecake was your recipe!! Thanks again!!

Angela :)

I would love to win this! I often make cheesecake for get togethers! Thanks for the chance!

Momma to 3
*Shay B*

We are not huge cheesecake eaters, although we like it a lot - but my dad LOVES it. I would love to be able to make him a nice one as a special treat.


I've never heard of a cheesecake moat and would love to make a cheesecake using the moat. Thanks!!

Please enter me in your giveaway, too. I am still trying to perfect the cheesecake.

That cheesecake looks absolutely delicious! I don't make cheesecake, but my future daughter in law does. I would love to be entered for this! Thanks so much Tammy!

Ooooo, I would love to win this!!! We LOVE cheesecake. :) Thanks for the giveaway (and the review--I'd never even heard of this product before)!

By the way, have you tried using the cheesecake moat for your other cheesecake recipes? If so, did it seem to enhance or improve them? Could you tell a difference?

You know, I don't think we did! I'm not sure why, now that you mention it! That will have to be the next thing I do... when we're ready to eat cheesecake again :P :)

Please enter me for the giveaway. I would love to win this! Cheesecake is my absolute favorite!

Please enter me!

Yum! :)

The CheesecakeMoat sound fabulous. I would love to try this out. My one and only time making a cheesecake - it did not turn out. But 1/2 of my families fav dessert is cheesecake. I would love to make the Orange dreamcicle cheesecake from your site.

I tried logging in but it wouldn't let me....

Sharon Byrum, SC

What a neat idea! I hope I win. :) :)

Would love to have this to make my daughter's favorite dessert. Great blog!

Here is my official entry for the cheesecakemoat. =)

And here are my 5 questions:

1) Do you have an extra outdoor freezer? How do you store everything in your fridge/freezer?

2) Do you always make a 9x13 pan of food for your family? Do you eat it all at one time, have leftovers or freeze what's left?

3) What is your most used kitchen gadget? Your favorite gadget?

4) Do you use cookbooks or recipe books? How are your recipes filed/stored?

5) What do you do to unwind and relax?

Thank you!!! :0)

This is my entry for the cheesecakemoat. I just love cheesecake. Can't make a lot due to my pan situation for the water bath. This is Perfect!!!

Thank You

I am still pending.

My family loves cheesecake and It would be nice to have a cheesecake moat. I most definitely will have to try this recipe with or without a moat. Thanks.

I would love to have a cheesecake moat. I really enjoy baking and cheesecakes are one of my favorites. Yum!!

P.S. All of yours look sooo good!

Please enter me. Water baths are what scare me away from cheesecakes!

This cheesecake moat looks intriguing! I would love it if you would enter my name for a chance to win.

I love cheesecake but haven't tried to make it myself so this will get me to try!

I would so love to try this!

But I LOVE it! Sign me up! :-)

Cheese cake is my most favorite dessert in the whole's cool, rich, and creamy. It always has some kind of fruit or chocolate on it!!!!! I would love to have this pan in time to make cheesecakes for our annual family reunion in late August!


I would love to have this! My husband and I adore cheesecake!

The cheesecake moat sounds awesome. It would be fun to win!

All your cheesecakes look incredibly amazing, but this one really is quite perfect! And that's an adorable picture of Ruth.

I would love to win this. Your Orange Dreamsicle Cheesecake was a SMASH at a recent potluck!

I would love to be entered as my last one leaked through the foil and wrecked the cheesecake!

Long-time lurker. I've never made cheesecake before although I've been very, very tempted. I just need to buckle down and do it. This would be an awesome help. I'd love to win it!


We eat cheesecake about once a month it's the one dessert that everyone in the family can eat. When I'm looking for a new cheesecake recipe I almost always use one of your recipes.

I need to try your new recipe.

Would love to be entered for the Cheesecakemoat. Sounds like a great recipe, too!

I've been a lurker for some time and have tried several recipes and have had good results. My husband and I are great cheesecake fans!

I'm not a real cheesecake lover, but if I win I promise to make this yummy cheesecake, and if I'm not crazy about it, I know my family will be. Thanks!!

I enjoyed this post! My sister is coming to visit next week and asked specifically for a cheesecake while she's here. I'd love to win the moat. thanks for the links to check out.
debgiro at wildblue dot net

I'd be interested in giving this a try. I could see making cheesecake more often if there were an easy way to avoid the mess of a typical waterbath! But, I'm not likely to pay $30 without trying one out. Will have to try the recipe too.....

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 5, ages 8 1/2 yrs down to 1 1/2 yrs, baby #6 due Sept)

I haven't yet perfected moist cheesecakes like you and Joshua have, so I would *love* something like this! My husband always wants cheesecake but I don't like to make it because it usually comes out dry (he loves it either way lol)

Tiffany, do you think you could be over-baking the cheesecake? Or perhaps your oven in too hot (hotter than the knob says)? Cheesecake can be tricky because you don't *really* know what the texture is going to be until the cheesecake has cooled and been chilled for several hours. We tended to over-bake ours when we first started making cheesecakes, because we were too afraid they would be raw inside!

I'd love to try it out! I adore cheesecakes! :)

I think you would make my husband's day if you chose me to win this giveaway. He's always asking for homemade cheesecake but I have been to scared to try and make it. This might be the nudge I need to give it a shot!



If I am not too late enter me, my husband would be forever grateful to you if I win! Stacy

I made this for a co-workers birthday. It is the BEST plain cheesecake I have ever had! Normally we would spoon some sort of topping on to dress up a plain cheesecake but this one does not need it. Thanks you so much for the recipe :)

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