Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Easy way to wash fresh grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and more

I wish I got more of our fresh fruit from gardens or trees rather than the grocery store. (Like all the strawberries I picked from my mom's garden 2 years ago, or the gallons of blueberries from my grandma's neighbor's bushes!)

But, more often than not, our fresh fruit comes in a plastic box from the grocery store's produce section.

Washing fresh blueberries

Those plastic boxes usually have some holes in the bottom, and so I just open the lid and wash the fruit (grapes, strawberries, blueberries, etc.) right in the box! No extra strainer needed, and it's super quick and easy!

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I also keep and use those same boxes to give cookies away in. You can usually get two nice rows in there. Easy transport and no need to ask for the container back.

You can use the plastic "boxes" that Costco sells apples in to pack away holiday bulbs too. They fit right in there all nice and neat.

those fruit dishes look awesome, Tammy!

I often do the same thing when washing fruits :) Great minds must think alike!

Finding Joy in My Kitchen

We also love frozen grapes! Those blueberry muffins with the streusal topping look especially good.
Here's my link for Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I do the same thing with my plastic boxes. If you have ants/roaches and you don't want to use chemicals because of pets/children, those plastic boxes work great for putting your borax/sugar mixture in too. I put it in the lid and close it up. Keeps pets from getting in and my boys would leave them alone. Would also work great for slug traps in the garden.

Today I posted on maximizing your dish drainer space.

some ideas for keeping it cool in the kitchen with a few recipes....

I like to save those boxes to send with the kids when they go berry picking. I don't have to worry about what they will do with my bowls (and if they'll all make it back!), and they can go straight into the fridge when they come in.

My tip this week is for making frozen lemonade for the kids. Yeah, I like it too!


Here is my tip for keeping little people busy when you are very busy too!

so delicious and good is what your recipes look like I also never thought of the box being its own strainer good tip

here is mine for foods that should never be frozen

I know you can just rinse in those and get a bunch of the dirt off, but I worry about pestisides and that kind of thing to. I started rinsing all my berries in a vinegar/water bath (you can't taste the vinegar and I've frozen/dehydrated/eaten straight the berries). I have been taken them out of these containers, but I just realized if I'd leave them in and dunk it in the bath, then I wouldn't have to chase the fruit. Not a huge deal with strawberries, but blueberries get annoying. The bath is a big bowl of cold water and a splash (maybe 1/4 cup) of vinegar. Maybe it's not necessary, but I feel better thsi way.

I do the same thing... :)

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

Alternative to measuring cups


That's a great idea. Makes it so simple to clean!

My tip is an easy way to Defrost a Freezer.

with gardening and farmer's market and CSA season here, lots of people wonder what to do with only one or two of a certain kind of vegetable. here are 10 ways to use up those veggies.

I discovered that I've been using my vegetable peeler wrong all these years! I posted a video to demonstrate a simple trick to peeling more efficiently:
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

I rinse berries the same way! Cherries and grapes usually come in a bag - with holes in it - so I rinse them in the bag too!

I've been using these methods for over a year now and they work great!

I use the container like you do to wash the fruit and then run it through the salad spinner if we aren't going to eat it right away to get rid of the extra moisture and then return it to the container and put it in the fridge. It's worked really well with strawberries, grapes, blueberries and blackberries I harvested from the garden so far. It also further justifies the recent purchase of the salad spinner. I use it all of the time! :)

Hey Tammy... my name is Karen from
I saw your blog on Susans blog following and I just wanted to tell ya that I really enjoy your blog,, and will be back to visit... and will surely be back for the recipe of those Blueberry streussel muffins.. they look awesome..

Well stop by to say Hi ,one day..

wow... nice seeing your blog... makes my mouth watering to see the pie... i love pie.
tanks for sharing.

I also do this with fruit! My tip is how to peel hard-boiled eggs easily.
Shelley at Authentic Homemade

If you've got little black ants checking out the crumbs in your kitchen, you want this natural remedy:

I'm talking about fruit this week, too. I did a post about great fruits to use in smoothies and what to do if your smoothie is too thick or too thin.

We're having strawberry shortcake tonight :-) Probably as desert ... then again ... maybe as an appetizer while the meat is grilling o;-p

my link up for this week is:

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