Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Saving cut avocado without it turning brown

If you need to save half of an avocado for a later time, here is how to store it to minimize browning:

Saving cut avocado for later

Use the avocado half without the pit, and leave the pit in the other avocado half. Press plastic wrap onto avocado flesh and place in refrigerator. This will minimize browning until you are ready to use the rest of your avocado! :)

See also:

Easily slice or dice an avocado with no mess!

And a few delicious ways to enjoy avocados:

Okay, writing this post just made me way too hungry. I should know better than to write about avocados without having any in the house! At least I have some beans in the fridge... and sour cream! I will survive after all! ;)

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My daughter and I posted a kid's tutorial for making a Shaker Cake. "Shaker,"because you put all the ingredients into a jar and shake them up to mix.

Here is my link:

Thanks for hosting this!

Here's an easy thing to do with stale bread, or bread that didn't quite turn out.

Its been a month since we got rid of our microwave. Here are some tips on heating foods without it. :)

Great tip! How long will the half wrapped avocado last in the fridge? Thanks!

A few days; after a day or two, however, you may have a thin brown layer to remove from the flesh not covered by skin or pit though!

I had guacamole for the first time a few weeks ago. It was very spicy. I think I'll try making my own, so I can adjust it. I also want to try making the pita chips, they look so good. Of course, that means I need to make my own pita bread first. lol I've been wanting to try that anyway. So many recipes, so little time!

Today, I'm sharing how I made homemade granola for the first time.


How long will the avocado half keep like that?

I posted about a kitchen disaster that happened a few days ago that could have been prevented if I had checked to make sure I was turning the correct burner on.....

But I think your readers would be really interested... I posted a review of a Cabela's dehydrator which is similar to an Excalibur but CHEAPER. So far, I love it! There is also a link to a comparison between an Excalibur and a Nesco (the round kind) over at Kitchen Stewardship. So, if you don't feel it fits, don't post it!

Cabela's Dehydrator Review (Lenetta)

None of us here in this house like avocados ... but we do always serve guacamole when we're serving a fajaita bar someplace. Your ight, that stuff does like to turn brown quickly!!! WE have found that keeping the bowl of it inside another bowl with ice in it helps a lot!!

My link up this week:

That post made me hungry!

I absolutely LOVE avacado so I rarely need to save one :-) But, maybe one day!

My tip is on how to defrost a freezer quickly.

great tip here is my tip for before and after measurements dealing with fresh fruit and veggies that we use this time of year

Great tip! Brown avocado is not very appetizing.

My tip this week is for minimizing mold on berries:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

Hi Tammy,

Here is a little post about freezer organization. Thanks!

Did your avocado tip when my son was little and avocados were a staple food for him. Always worked well!


hi Tammy - sorry its taken me all week to get back to you - we were out of town
thanks again for the questions, here are my five for you...
1) my husband really enjoys most of the food i make from your site (i often tell him - "its a tammy recipe" so, he wanted me to ask: what is your husband's favorite recipe?
2) in some pictures you have a head covering on; do you veil regularly? why?
3) do you enjoy traveling? where?
4) how often do you get to visit with your parents?
5) here's the big one: what are your best potty-training tips for boys??

have a great weekend!

saving half of avocado the above recommendation dOES NOT WORK

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