Mexican food highlights

Ingredients for creamy guacamole
Ingredients for Creamy Guacamole

I love Mexican food! It's definitely my favorite cuisine. I'm sure many of my methods aren't completely authentic, but it's almost always affordable, mostly-healthy, and very yummy!

My top favorite Mexican food is simple cooked pinto beans. Add a little salt and a splash of hot sauce to the tender cooked pintos and it's the perfect, easy, affordable lunch for the children and me!

Cooked Pinto beans

Add some toppings like fresh tomato salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, and diced avocado and those simple beans are simply awesome!

Cooked pinto beans with toppings

I mean, who can resist THAT plate of yumminess?! :)

My #2 favorite Mexican meal is Taco Salad.

Taco Salad

We season our own beef (see the recipe for that info) and the freshly ground cumin really makes my taste buds happy. :)

Joshua used to make our own nacho cheese sauce, too, but our weight loss endeavors have been keeping us from enjoying too many higher-calorie foods like nacho cheese sauce. :P

But, on to the real reason for this post. (No, I wasn't planning to just drool over beans...)

I wanted to mention that I finally went through and categorized all of my recipes for Mexican food! Now with one click, all the Mexican food recipes are right there. And when I get it figured out, there'll be a handy link on my side bar for that category, as well.

Now, to get my cheesecake recipes rounded up... ;)


I just wanted to say you do an excellent job on your food photography! The colors and angles etc are fantastic. I have heard it is hard to take food photos. And have seen some really awful pics of soups and stews etc that sounded like they would be good but that were monotone or purple or just unappetizing looking on other blogs. You should do a post on how to's and tips.


Thank you for the compliment, Karen! :) I have certainly learned a lot about food photography since starting this website... just by experimenting and DOING it. :) A lot of the recipes that have been online for 3-4 years have newer/better photos than my original ones did. ;) It's definitely a learned art -- but at least food holds still for a picture, unlike my children! It's rather sad that I have great food photos but only mediocre photos of my children! :P :)
I do have an older post with some food photography tips, but as I read through it just now, I realized that I've learned new things since then... so it's not as helpful as it could be. Maybe some day I'll write a revision! :)

Hi Tammy,

I have also looked in amazement at your gorgeous food photos. I don't take pictures of food (and don't even cook as much as I'd like) but I would love to hear more about your tips. Learning new things that you've always wondered about is fun, even if you're not doing it yourself!


Pinto beans are so amazing. Definitely my favorite bean. I love those things! I never knew HOW MUCH I loved them until I made them from scratch. So, so easy - yet amazingly more delicious than from the can.

I love your pic of them topped with avocados and whatnot. Delicious!


Mexican food is my favorite. Thanks for putting all the recipes together. I'm sure I'll use them.This fall a friend and I are planning on canning smoked red jalepeno sauce. If we make it I will give you some to try. It's spicy but mixing it with sour cream cuts the heat quite a bit.

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