Taco Bell's Double Decker Tacos

Double decker tacos

After finishing "high school" (I was home-educated), I worked at a local Taco Bell restaurant for nearly 2 years. I had a lot of fun working there, and really missed the (free) food after Joshua and I married and moved to another state.

But, my kitchen skills are some stiff competition for Taco Bell "food". No, I don't really miss their food any more, as we're spoiled with much healthier and tasty options at home! :)

We've made our own chalupas, which were very tasty, but not healthy and a bit of work. An easier homemade treat is Double Decker Tacos.

Double decker tacos

Here's what you need to make these delicious Double Decker Tacos:

Corn or flour tortillas, hot
Hard taco shells
Refried beans, warmed
Ground beef
Taco seasoning
Sour cream
Lettuce, shredded or finely chopped
Cheddar cheese, shredded
Tomatoes, diced

Lightly cook some corn tortillas on a griddle or in a heavy skillet. (Easy, frugal, and YUM!) Or, use taco-sized flour tortillas, warmed.

Cook some dried pinto beans. Drain, add salt and hot sauce, and mash. Or make some authentic refried beans. Or open a can of refried beans.

Fry some ground beef with onions and season using my taco salad recipe, or your favorite taco seasonings (just DON'T leave out cumin!) or a seasoning packet.

Assemble Double Decker tacos by spreading a thin layer of refried beans over a corn tortilla. Place hard taco shell on tortilla and wrap so beans are between the tortilla and the taco shell.

Layer in taco the seasoned ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, shredded cheese, and diced tomato. Enjoy! :)

You can see my detailed recipe (with measurements for 8 servings) for Double Decker Tacos here. :)

Double decker tacos

What's your favorite food from Taco Bell? My #1 fave is their Cheesy Gordita Crunch, followed by any chalupa. :)


I'm all for the Mexican Pizza--hold the meat and add on some more refried beans! Thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna try it sometime.

I love their chalupas...and now you have me craving one! Bother! :)

Mexican pizza is my fav! I love the chalupas also. Lately we've been getting the cheap triple layer nachos, when we need a quick snack to hold us over :)

I never thought of trying to recreate this dish.

Have you ever posted your chalupa recipes as well.

Being overseas I really miss mexican food. We can not even find decent authentic places it is all altered to the German palate. But in all fairness, so is food in the US and Taco bell is a perfect example.

But I have been really fond of dup recipes lately, helps me feel a little less far away from home.

No, we haven't posted the Chalupas. The recipe needed a little more tweaking and we just never got around to finishing it! (I think the last attempt was several years ago!) Maybe some day... :)

That is definitely my fave, although I've never tried to recreate it at home. These tacos sound yummy--I will definitely be trying them!

I only get to go to Taco Bell about once a year, when we are on vacation in Ohio. (We do have a few of them in NH, but none near us.) Whenever we go there, I usually get the Mexican pizza with an extra soft taco or two. Mmmmm. I know it's not "authentic" Mexican food, but it sure is yummy! :)

Hi Tammy, I worked at Taco Bell from aged 16-19 and am so glad I did. I sure learned a lot from working there and think most people can learn a lot from a first time job. Probably the best thing I learned while working there is how to be efficient. A rule of thumb while working there, group like things together. I do this now through meal planning. If I plan enough ahead, I'll chop enough onions and shred enough cheese for a whole week at a time, much quicker than doing it as I go along.

Of course, my favorite food from there is something I made up! I would put chicken, rice, nacho cheese (Yum), three cheese blend and pico on a tortilla and melt it, then add sour cream. Sounds really healthy, right? :)

How fun! :) Your food creation sounds yummy too. Maybe the best part about working at Taco Bell is getting to make your own food?! It always seemed to taste better! :)

I had lots of fun and interesting experiences at Taco Bell! I liked the fast paced environment... and had some really nice co-workers as well. That always helps! :)

Between the Double Decker Taco Supreme and the Big Beef Burrito Supreme. Mmmmm

I have recreated the DDTS at home and its turned out pretty good, not the same taste as Taco Bell but still really good.

I haven't been able to recreate the BBBS though, store bought tortillas are just not as pliable as the ones you get at Taco Bell and it never holds together right for me.


:D I love fiesta taters! Chalupas are awesome as well :D

My husband used to eat the salad until he read it has his daily intake of sodium, ack! He quit after that.

I have to add my vote to the Mexican pizzas. :-)


My favorite is just the bean burrito or the 7 layer burrito. I rarely if ever eat fast food, but if I do, I usually choose Taco bell or other mexican food!

Cheesy Gordita Crunch! My favorite food while pregnant.

I love the old stand-by bean burrito and tostada. after being discontinued in my area for several years they brought back the tostada a couple of years back, and I was so glad!

We like their 7 layer burritos, because they are vegetarian! (and come with guacamole) But honestly, we like our own "taco bell food" better too. Love your double-decker tacos Tammy. Very creative.

The double decker tacos look great!

I love the chicken burrito with rice. And it's even low cal if you hold the ranch sauce! And less than $1, yay!

I love Taco Bell. Like you, Mexican is my favorite! I like how Taco Bel recently came out with $2 value meals (including drinks!). My husband loves Mexican too. So I might be making these double decker tacos soon! His favorite food there is the crunch wrap. Not that you actually asked about *his* favorite (just my favorite! ;)) but I like to pretend that everyone is interested in my husband. Hehe!

-Amanda Ranta (who really does have a fantabulous husband!)

I may have had a crunch wrap once, but I can't remember! Those came out after I had stopped working at Taco Bell. :) I haven't been there in quite a while; sounds like they still have a few things that are affordable/cheap! :)

Joshua isn't as fond of Mexican food as I am. He goes more for a burger (or any kind of sandwich, really). But he does like how I make my pinto beans so that's a plus -- considering how he used to say he hated all beans! :)

Btw, you can totally talk about your husband's food preferences here! :)

I think this would be a fun topic in general to address. Often times we think only of kids as picky eaters, but I am willing to bet there are countless women with picky hubbys too.

My husband is a stereo typical german. Bland is the norm. If it has any seasoning it is hot. And it need not be any form of spicy seasoning. For every one item he will eat I can name 10 he wont.

He won't try new things, unless it is disguised in the food. Then once he knows he has had it he will eat it again.


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