Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Easy online calorie count calculator for recipes

Reader Sheila sent me a link to this online recipe calorie calculator. Copy and paste your recipe ingredients into the calculator, select the number of servings, and get instant nutrition information and calorie counts!

This is a whole lot easier than manually figuring out the calorie count in a from-scratch recipe! I'll still probably use my food scale quite a bit for accurate portion sizes, but an automatic calorie calculator is a huge time-saver when figuring out the calories in a casserole or dish with many ingredients! :)

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1. Minimizing watermelon mess (Alea)
2. Keeping water bottles cold all day (Tara)
3. Top 10 kitchen gadgets/tools and uses
4. Homemade croutons (Jennifer)
5. Multi-purpose kitchen basket
6. Tips for cooking liver (Shannon)
7. Easy natural cheap summer "popsicles"
8. Frugally stretching a chicken (Michele)
9. Coating a cake pan with cocoa (Lynn)
10. Homemade fruit and veggie wash
11. Substitution for dates in recipes (Kolfinna)
12. Food safety -- dishes with eggs (Annie)
13. Freezing portion-sized meatloaves (Tiffany)


Thanks for the link; I am sure it will come in handy!

My kitchen tip is for minimizing the mess when you cut a watermelon:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

My tip is for keeping bottles of liquid cold all day.

I'm part of a CSA, and one of the things I love is that there is a yahoo group for the members, so we can talk about what we're getting from the farm that week and how to cook it. One of the members shared her list of favorite kitchen gadgets, and she allowed me to post it on my blog. It reminded me I need to replace my vegetable peeler. I've been putting it off, but it really doesn't work well. And having tools that work makes cooking SO much easier and more enjoyable!

I also wanted to let your readers know that I'm celebrating the 4th of July by holding a Cookin' Across America recipe contest! You can find the details here:

Here is the link to my kitchen tip:

That is great about the calorie counter. Do they calculate the carbs also? Thanks so much!

Hi Tammy,

What a great tip. I will definitely be using this calculator.

My contribution is 5 tips for cooking liver that had my husband going back for seconds (

Nourishing Days

That's a great link, thanks. I often don't follow a recipe, just stand there and throw stuff in. lol

My tip this week is for using up strawberries that my fridge decided to freeze, and extra yogurt.


My tip is a quick and easy way to make all natural, super cheap "popsicles" to refresh on hot days.

Great link, Tammy! Thanks!

My tip this week is for frugally making a chicken stretch for several meals:

Michele @ Frugal Granola

Here is my kitchen tip for this week. It is using cocoa to coat a cake pan for a chocolate cake.

What a great idea! I'm going to be using the calorie calculator often! Thanks for sharing.

My tip this week is how to clean fruits and veggies with natural ingredients instead of buying products like FIT.

My tip is for date substitution in recipes

Thanks for the calorie counting link this will come in very handy here is my post for food safety related to egg dishes

Ttip/recipe for make-ahead, easy, freezable meatloaf portions. This is my FAVORITE meatloaf recipe ever! I definitely cannot claim the muffin tin idea, that's from the original recipe.. great idea though!

Fresh, cheap fruity "popsicles":

Calories? What calories? o;-p chuckle, chuckle ....

Thank you SO much for posting that calorie link!! We've just started counting calories and since I do most of my cooking from scratch I was getting overwhelmed trying to figure out calories for things like my cornbread or casseroles. I can't wait to show my husband this site!

I saw this on a kid's program:- when making popsicles in paper cups (or anything where you will be using a stick) -- put a banana in the bottom and poke the stick in, and then the juice. Wa La -- no more tippy stick.

Thanks for the online calorie counter -- I will be using that! I am not budging weight-wise (not been exercising much though) and wondering why my weight is not decreasing...someone said to write EVERY thing down that passes the lips and then understand why you have THOSE hips! ;) I do need to do a better job of monitoring everything I eat, and this will help.


That's a great tip for keeping the popsicle sticks straight! Thanks for sharing! :)

Yes... I find that when I write down everything I'm eating, it's easy to see if I am truly hungry (because I haven't eaten my full allowance of calories) of if I am craving food for other reasons (boredom, irritability, sadness, etc.)! :) Knowing that I've had plenty to eat for the day means if I am hungry I need to either re-evaluate my food choices (go for more apples and fewer French fries, that sort of thing) ;) or just go to bed a little hungry that night. :)

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